Estelle Dusoir

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 Estelle Dusoir
(Image is just a placeholder until I actually create her in the game.)
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 17
Guardian Deity Halone, the Fury
Occupation Professional Hunter, Adventurer
Primary Disipline Lancer
Secondary Disiplines Pugilist, Archer
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Basic Info

Estelle is a Wildwood Elezen who currently works as an adventurer, but has previously made her living as a hunter. She's particularly proficient at fighting with a spear, but she's also rather formidable with her bare hands or a bow. She lives and hunts in the Twelveswood and occasionally visits Gridania for trade, although she does not consider herself a citizen of the city-state. In fact, she doesn't really pledge allegiance to anyone or anything in particular, and usually only looks out for herself. At the start of ARR, she decides to temporarily give up her reclusive lifestyle to become a full-time adventurer, primarily to gather the knowledge and resources necessary for her to locate her brother.

Estelle has been living alone in the Twelveswood for about 11 years altogether, and the experience has molded her into a talented and formidable hunter. Her acute hearing, excellent reflexes, and outstanding levels of patience and determination are some of many aspects that make her a gifted hunter.

Although she prefers to live alone, Estelle often visits the Sylphs from time to time. She was found wandering the wood by them shortly after she ran away from home, and they were quite taken with her as a potential playmate. At first, all they did was play pranks on her and tease her with magic, but eventually they started warming up to her.

Over time, it was discovered that Estelle could understand their native tongue, although no one had any idea that this was thanks to the power of the Echo which she possessed. After discovering this, the Sylphs became quite taken with her. From them she picked up many things including (but not limited to): how to listen to and live with the forest, many different types of dances, an appreciation for milkweed, their peculiar way of speaking, and many of the forests secrets. Nowadays she never stays with them for long, as she still prefers to live alone and has grown quite tired of their constant pranks. It was from them that her fear and distrust of magic and magic users originated from.

Being an Elezen of shorter stature is more advantageous than one would think for a hunter like Estelle, as it makes it more difficult for her to be spotted by predator and prey alike. Her diet consists of whatever she can gather in the forest, and as such usually includes meat, nuts, berries, and milkweed.

Spending most of her time either alone in the forest or with the Sylphs has had a negative impact on Estelles' social skills and manners. She is constantly covered in dirt and sweat (and occasionally blood). She is stubborn, blunt, and brutally honest. She can't eat anything without getting it all over her face and clothes, and never uses utensils. She often completely ignores people or even physically pushes them away if they engage in any social interaction that she feels doesn't benefit her. She doesn't take kindly to lying and mind games, and isn't afraid to call people out on their bullshit.

Estelle is a follower of Halone the Fury, but she isn't quite as devoted as most of her other followers are. Her mother closely followed the teachings of the Fury, and as such Estelle and her brother were raised to revere her as well. Nowadays, her devotion mostly comes from habit and respect for her departed mother. It's been a long time since she's actually believed the gods paid any attention to the realm of mortals, much less had any inclination to answer the prayers of their followers. Estelle believes that if you want something to be done, you should rely on yourself and not on the benevolence of deaf gods.


A Somewhat Brief Timeline (WIP):

(Some notes for context: Eveline and René Dusoir are Estelle and Aldreux's mother and father, respectively. They lived in a small community in the northern region of the Twelveswood while they were married. Eveline was a Chocobo raiser and a Wildwood Elezen, and René was an adventurer and a Duskwight Elezen. Estelle inherited her excellent hearing, eye colour, and surname from her father, and everything else from her mother.)

(Age 0) Estelle is born, and her brother Aldreux has recently turned 11. René, their father, is killed during a Garlean ambush while on a simple errand quest. Aldreux swears he will become an adventurer like his father was and help take care of the family.

(Age 1~6) Aldreux is a fantastic older brother to Estelle. He helps look after the family, and teaches Estelle the basics of fighting, hunting, and gathering once he feels she is old enough. Estelle seems to have a natural talent for stealth, hunting with a spear, tracking prey, and hiding from predators. Her brother is fiercely proud of how quickly she picks up the skills, and they are rarely ever apart. While Estelle is still young, their mother begins falling ill, and her health gradually deteriorates as time passes. Aldreux (17), has been training as an adventurer for the past few years and feels he is ready to go and make a name for himself. He promises Eveline and Estelle that he will send every gil he makes to them, and will be back with a cure as soon as he finds one. Estelle is scared to see her brother go, but she believes he will be successful and that he will come back soon

(Age 6) Six months pass, and there is not a single word or gil from Aldreux. Eveline dies in her sleep, and having no other family to turn to, Estelle flees into the forest to search of her brother. She winds up getting lost, and decides to hide in a ditch for the night. She covers herself in mud and bushes to keep her safe from predators and falls asleep.

(Age 6~16) For the next 10 years, Estelle fends for herself in the Twelveswood, occasionally living with the Sylphs for as long as she can stand it. She relies primarily on her extraordinary hearing and the skills her big brother taught her to survive. She is constantly on the move, and never stays in one place for longer than a week. She becomes excellent at hunting, earning her the nickname Gliding one from the Slyphs in recognition of fast, quiet, graceful way she glides through the forests.

(Age 12 [The Calamity]) The Calamity passes without impacting Estelle too much, as far as she knows. She recalls the devastation it wrought on the land and the forest on that day, but she was hidden in a dark, unknown part of the Twelveswood as the battle was happening. She's only heard stray bits of information from traders and Sylphs, but the details of the event are still unknown to her. All she knows for sure is that ever since that day, the beasts of the forest have grown stronger and more numerous, and she has had to keep on her toes every day ever since.

(Age 17) Now, 5 years after the summoning of Bahamut, Estelle has decided to go out into the world and find out what happened to her brother all those years ago. Even if there is only a slim chance that he is still alive, she will stop at nothing until she is either able to see him again, or at the very least lay his body to rest.


GOOD TRAITS: Patient, determined, honest, and confident in her hunting abilities. Has an incredibly strong will. Fantastic at hunting and gathering. When she finds a goal to focus on, she sticks with it until the end. Very focused and persistent. Incredibly loyal to anyone who somehow manages to get close to her. Never backs down from a fight. Not afraid to speak her mind. Uninterested in wealth, fame, power, and knowledge (unless it concerns the whereabouts of her brother).

NOT-SO-GOOD TRAITS: Stubborn, unsociable, not easy to get along with, holds people at a distance, usually follows no law or rules above her own, doesn't care about politics/the state of the world/laws, not very book smart, can't read or write, despises magic and refuses to use it in any capcity, evasive, doesn't open up to anyone, willing to break the law if it gets in the way of her goal (but never breaks the law just for the heck of it), only relies on herself to get things done, not a team player.


Hunting something big, tough, and new. Challenging prey. Eating a big, hearty meal. Honing her combat abilities. Running silently through the forest as fast and as far as she can. Discovering secret areas. A good, hard workout/fight. Being by herself.


Loud people, obnoxious people, braggarts, people who try to force her into social situations, pointless small talk, magic and magic users, being touched by people she doesn't know or like, liars, manipulators, large crowds, relying on others.


• To track down any and all information regarding the fate of her brother, Aldreux.

• To become an adventurer. Mostly to help gather the resources and knowledge she needs to find her brother, but also to give her the opportunity to further hone her fighting skills. It also gives her an excuse to finally travel Eorzea, which is something she's always secretly dreamed of doing.


Has social anxiety, is afraid of magic and magic users, and of losing people who become close to her (yet another reason she avoids getting too close to people).


Currently not affiliated with anyone.

Secrets and Rumours

(Disclaimer: A lot of these rumours are greatly exaggerated.)

Easily Overheard Rumors:

"I hear the poor girl never talks to anyone, belches like a pig, and smells like a swamp. It's no wonder she hasn't got any friends."

"Say what you will about the girl and her manners; anyone who can hear the twitch of a rodents nose a malm away or wrestle a bear to the ground with her bare hands has nothin' but admiration and respect from me."

"I heard that someone saw her catching fish with her bare hands in a stream a few days ago, and while she still had the fish in her hands, she just reached over and took a HUGE bite out of it! While it was still raw and wriggling and alive! How can anyone possibly live like that?!"

Difficult To Overhear Rumours:

"Have you seen the way she just stares at posters and the like? She always has this look that's equal parts baffled and annoyed. One would think someone would've taught the poor thing how to read..."

Impossible to Know (you'd have to be her best friend to know this):

Estelle's unsociable behaviour doesn't just stem from her lack of social skills; Estelle is actually legitimately afraid of getting stuck in social situations with people she doesn't know. Being around strangers makes her anxious enough, but being forced to talk to them makes her really self conscious and stressed out. She's quite embarrassed about the dialect she picked up from the Slyph's, and often has to try to force herself to speak "normally", but she often slips up. She especially hates it when they try to talk about things she doesn't know, and all she really knows is hunting, fighting, and living off the land, so there is quite a lot that she isn't knowledgeable about. It makes her feel incredibly stupid when she can't respond or doesn't know what someone's talking about, so she often just clams up and forces herself out of the conversation. Whenever she pushes someone aside or pretends to ignore them in order to get out of social interaction, it's less about her being rude or arrogant and more about her being embarrassed and just wanting to get back to the forest so she can be by herself for a while.