Estellise Levesque

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Gridania-transparent.png Estellise Levesque
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Age 26
Marital Status Single
Occupation Conjurer/Healer
Height/Weight 6 fulms, 0 ilms / 165 ponz

Estellise Levesque is the proud daughter to two Conjurers of Gridania, since passed, who works to uphold their ideals through her service to all beings of Eorzea.


Estellise is often found in variations of robes and the like, with occasional casual outfits tossed in to her wardrobe. More often than not, it's practical cowls and the like, with pouches and vials for her various herbs, and her Conjury staff strapped upon her back.

Her hair is done up in a simple, short fashion, with various pins tucked in to keep those soft, jet-black lockes away from her face. Hygiene seems to be one of her strong suits, with pleasant scents often wafting off of her. This isn't entirely surprising, given her knowledge of botany. It's very likely she makes some of the shampoos and soaps she bathes with, all of which carry either pleasantly sweet, or refreshingly earthy scents.

For an Elezen, her ears are somewhat small. Despite this, she has no real shame about it, and often adorns them with small pieces of jewelry here and there, when the mood strikes.

Estelle's single most striking feature is the hue of her eyes, a deep crimson. She does not seem to have any physical possessions that are particularly iconic or constant with her appearance. It's clear that she is far from materialistic.

General Demeanor

Estelle is every bit the saint, to most. Some despise her for this, others praise her. Estelle makes use of her Conjury, and wanders Eorzea, aiding any and all that need it. She's extremely non-confrontational. When she finds it unavoidable however, she attempts to bring a swift end to it with a stern tone. When that fails, she often fidgets and fusses until it ends. She is very friendly until given reason not to be, but decidedly soft spoken.

Combat - Views/Behavior

Estelle's a self-proclaimed pacifist. Combat isn't an option for her in most cases. While capable of wielding the elements, and certainly taking lives if the situation demands it, she fears it more than anything else. In fact, she claims outright that she 'can't' fight. The truth of this statement remains to be confirmed, but either way, it's clear she doesn't belong in an arena of any kind.


Estelle is most often seen nose deep in her little black book. Not a book of addresses, but of plants. An herbalist at heart, she's nearly always scribbling away in her booklet, or simply re-reading her notes to keep them fresh.

When interacting with others, it is rare for her not to make eye contact. That being said, those that spend much time with her can usually quickly denote her nervous tics, which include brushing hair that's hardly amiss, and occasionally nibbling at her lower lip.


  • Helping others.
  • Seeing smiles.
  • All manner of flowers and herbs.
  • Fine food.
  • Selflessness.


  • Aggression.
  • Strong alcohol.
  • Selfishness.
  • Dishonesty.
  • Physical contact with strangers.


  • Reading books, and writing her own.
  • Herbalism.
  • Travelling.
  • Culinary Arts.
  • Conjuring.


Estelle has a deceased mother by the name of Collete, a deceased Father by the name of Isaac, and a Sister by the name of Elise, who yet lives.

Her relationship to her sister is unusual. They love one another dearly, yet follow diametrically opposed paths.

PC Friends

  ( = Romantic Interest, = Sexual Tension, = Platonic Care )

 Jancis Milburga: A lovely woman by any standard, Estelle has come to appreciate Jancis's company more and more as the days go on. They have grown close through their similar interest in Conjury and the helping of others, and often spend time chit chatting when they find breaks in their day to do so. To date, she is one of the closer friends Estelle has made.

Other Acquaintances

Dhemgeim Shyrdoenwyn: The First Mate of the Coral Sea. Estelle met Dhemgeim when she was hosting a martial training event for the Free Company, and offered her healing services in the event that any of the students were injured. She has made attempts to show Dhemgeim her good will, and has given minor aid when one of Dhemgeim's dear friends was injured, however their relationship is decidedly at arm's length for now, for reasons Estelle herself does not seem to understand. Even so, she continues to show the utmost respect towards the woman, whilst giving her space.


NPC Rumors

  • (Gridania local only) "The Levesque girl? Estelle? Of course. Always helping folks, that one."
  • "Ah yes, the offspring of the 'Conjury Couple'. A real spitfire when she was younger. She certainly has mellowed."
  • (La Noscea area) "Eh? Th' flower girl? Aye, seen her about. Runs out, snatches up greens, n' stuffs 'em in sick folk. Works though, I guess."

PC Rumors

None at this time, to her knowledge.

Open for outside participation; feel free to add to.


Estellise was born in to a comfortable household, to say the least. Her parents did well for themselves, with their exceptional mastery of Conjury, and made more than their share of coin travelling Eorzea during their younger years, putting their gifts to use. Estelle herself was quite the trouble maker, as a little girl. She had a temper like no other, and rarely behaved for her parents.

There were some exceptions, mind you. Estelle was always enthralled when cooking with her Mother, and it was through this that they shared a proper bond, and Collete was able to get through to the stubborn little girl she was trying to raise. Time passed however, and Estelle began to settle down, unlike what might be the norm for teenagers. She began to respect the work her Mother and Father did, and it was not until their sacrifice, and passing, that she came to fully appreciate the arts they passed on to her.

She went on to do as they had done in their younger years, travelling from place to place, and simply 'helping'. Anyone, anyone she could find. With the inheritence she had from her family, she was able to afford doing these things for free, until eventually her reputation as a Giver allowed her to sustain herself on the returned generosity of those she aided. Growing up in Gridania, she came to admire the Padjal a great deal, and has since become quite the little activist, for the re-legalization of white magic.

Current Events / Achievements

  • Not All Things Black & White: Estelle is endeavoring to one day have a hearing with the Padjal, and even the leaders of Eorzea's great nations, to begin the legalization, regulation, and teaching of White Magic in limited amounts, that the world might once again benefit from its blessings. It is her hope, that through the close watch of the Padjal, and continued close watch of the Guard Forces of the various nations, that small groups of White Mages might be trained to benefit the people.

Aged Events