Esukhal Dataq

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Esukhal Dataq
Private Investigator

Alias... Khal
Birth Name... Esukhal
Age... 37
Gender... Male
Race... Au Ra
Clan... Dataq (Xaela)
Orientation... Straight
Marital... Single
Deity... Nhaama, the Dusk Mother
Tends to be drunk, or drinking, no matter the time of day.
An audacious flirt, though often more inclined to the chase than the capture.
Business comes first. But if business and pleasure can be mixed, all the better.
Sarcastic and cynical- the world's a dark place, and he's here to make money in it.
Mysteries exist to be solved, problems are meant to be fixed, and sometimes the process of doing so hurts. But nothing worth doing was ever easy, now was it?
No dark and mysterious past here. No way, no how. Just a regular guy makin' his way in the world, trying to earn some coin in the process.
"Once he fancied himself an adventurer. Now he thinks he's so fancy because he put on a suit and 'solves mysteries'. What sorta mysteries has he solved recently, anyway?" Momodi
"He's got some nice digs and some swell clothes- nicer than most adventurers can afford. Not sure where he came by that! Boy was a bum in a saddle when he rode out of here." Altani Dataq
Open for all jobs, unsavory or otherwise, so long as the gil is real. Need dirt on someone? Khal's your guy. Looking to solve a mystery? Khal will look into it. Need a problem fixed? Khal will manage for you.
Runs The Agency, a freelance FC that represents talent of all sorts. Acting, dancing, murder, music, singing, The Agency covers it all. Currently quartered in Shirogane, planning to move to The Goblet should the right space open up.
Wiki made by D'lyhhia Lhuil. Base layout taken from Atreus del Alumet, with slight alterations.

"There's enough wrong with the world that I oughta stand to make something out of fixing it a bit."