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❝ I am surrendering myself to gravity and the unknown.
Catch me, heal me, lift me back up to the sun.❞

πŸŒžπŸŒ› ~ β˜… ~ 🌜🌞

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The Weaver of Fate's Fortune β˜…

Glass-circle.png The Weaver of Fate's Fortune β˜…
 Esva Kagon
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 23
Height 4'5"
Job/Class(s) Astrologian; Rogue
Patron Deity Althyk, the Keeper
Server Balmung

'You have one hundred ways to fight against those that wrong you... and this is what you choose?'

Esva Kagon is one of the many refugees of Doma that have traveled to Eorzea to escape the reign of the Garlemald empire. Born to the tribe of the Kagon in the deserts of Othard, the girl has had an extremely tough time adapting to the lifestyles of this new, foreign land she must call home. (IN PROGRESS)


Appearance & Personality β˜…

Glass-circle.png Appearance & Personality β˜…

Basic Information

Basic Information

Esva 'normal wear' is nothing more than a fancy set of 'Eorzean robes' that are dyed a soft brown color to match a light set of knee-high socks and brown boots. The robes themselves were a gift from a friend who offered to 'make her appear more Eorzean' and in turn help her fit in better. Her hair is a light blondish shade with near-black highlights that normally rests near the mid of her back with a set of wispy bangs across her forehead that add to her innocent appearance. Her eyes are a striking yellow color with bright reflective limbal rings that appear enhance her ability to see in the dark. Having lived most of her life at night, her eyes are adapted to better see in low-light condition. Skin was very pale due to having little contact with the sun. Her lips were stained a dark brown against her soft facial features and smooth skin.
'The things that are most wrong here are what summoned me.'

Scars & Markings:
She has no major scarring that can be seen unless she was to remove her clothes. Most of her body is covered in faint burn scars, her arms and hands holding the most noticeable. This is due to an 'adventure' her and Ryu partook in to learn more information and in turn nearly lost their lives. She is extremely self-conscious about these scars and will not speak about them when asked, often times changing the subject completely to avoid any questions.

Of all the words used to describe Esva, naive would be the most fitting. She has an aura of innocence that constantly seems to surround her and cannot shake no matter how much she tries. Often times referring to common things and ideas in Eorzea as 'magic' and 'gifts of Nhama' (her goddess), Esva has even gone so far to pray to the aetheryte stone for safe passage prior to using and referring to a normal shower head as 'Forever rains.' She also tends to be shy in large group setting and will often remain hidden behind her allies unless spoken to. Yet, once her shell is broken, she is as social as the best. Due to recent events, sadly her once pleasant demeanor and attitude has taken a drastic turn after a change of alliances and she now finds herself fearful of outsiders and the unknown.

Esva always has and always will have a good heart. Although many situations have come her way where one may question her true nature, deep down she cares strongly about her allies. Yet, her emotions tend to get the better of her in dire situations where her reactions may be questionable to one with a clear head. She does tend to react hasty without much given thought due to her emotional drive and has broken bounds with those she once cared about because of this. From having to defend her allies on two separate sides, to going out on missions with them, Esva tries her hardest to see the good in everyone. And, hopefully they can also see the good in her.

Religion for Esva takes roots back from her times in the deserts of Othard. As a Kagon, she is a follower of the teachings of 'Nhama', her tribe's chief deity and goddess of the Moon. The Kagon have a strong belief system that to be out during daylight is to succumb to the will of Nhama's enemy, goddess of the Sun Azim. Because of this belief system, the Kagon have adapted a nocturnal life style. Living one's life during moon light hours has become extremely difficult now that she is in Eorzea and has caused her to stop her nocturnal practices in order to fit in with this new society. Esva consistently refers to Nhama within her speech patterns without going into much detail about her goddess unless asked.


  • The Desert
  • Nighttime
  • Talks about Nhama or Fate
  • Her friends
  • Sweets (Chocolate)
  • Most other Xaela tribes
  • The Stars


  • Cold Weather
  • Swimming
  • The Eorzean Language
  • When people make fun of how she words things/says
  • Not understanding how things work
  • Books (She cannot read)
  • Loud noises/bright lights
  • Being called a 'leader'


  • Drink: Tea
  • Food: Sweet bread
  • Color: Blue
  • Place: Anywhere Warm



Guess what..? COMING SOON

Allies & Acquaintances β˜…

Glass-circle.png Allies & Acquaintances β˜…
β™₯ Romantic Attraction – β™₯ Attraction – β™₯ Platonic Love – β™₯ Family – βœ” Business – βœ– Deceased – ● Positive – ● Negative – ● Neutral – β‰ˆ Unsure

Ryu Katsuragi ( β™₯● ) -
Her fiance; Ryu and Esva met when she and Ari first came to Ul'dah. He had agreed to help guide the two Kagon sisters through the city in exchange for a daily meal. Slowly over time, their relationship evolved into something strange. Time and time again, Ryu and Esva were thrown into situations where it seemed everyone was trying to drive them apart. From joining a warband lead by a Dotharl, nearly avoiding capture by Garleans, fighting off Ishgard knights, and repairing a collapsed group of allies, the two slowly formed an extremely close bond. Esva views Ryu as her greatest ally and someone who will always have her best interests at heart, no matter what anyone else might things. Ryu has always been there protecting Esva from afar, keeping her safe at the cost of even his own life. No matter what may happen between the two of them, Esva is head over heels in love with the sarcastic Doman man.
Ari Kagon ( β™₯● ) -
Coming soon!

History β˜…

Glass-circle.png History β˜…
In progress!

Recent Events

Recent Events

In progress

OOC Information β˜…

Glass-circle.png OOC Information β˜…
All information posted is to be considered information Out of Character unless stated otherwise.

I am a heavy roleplayer on the server of Balmung and spend most of my time online in character, so feel free to approach whenever! Most of my roleplay is done with story-driven arcs involving a large group of characters. So if you are looking to get involved in something crazy, fast-paced, and not always on the winning side, send me a tell and I will see what I can do to work you in!

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