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A cursed man, if your concept of man is fairly loose. Topping at 7'7" this large roegadyn beast appears to have escaped from a freak show of the likes of The Fractal Continuum in the fabled Azys Lla.

He's got barn door broad shoulders and muscular arms that are almost too big even for a male of his species. Fairly large hands that resemble beast paws with very sharp claws. Strong bull like legs capped with heavy hooves. His whole body appears to be sealed in what seem to be faded out intricate Allagan scriptings and glyphs.

Fortunately for him his face might not be so hideous, he has blonde long hair and a bushy beard, piercing golden eyes that shimmer under the right lighting conditions and a perpetual frown. He doesn't look a day over 40 but the beard and thick mustache that hide most of his facial features give him a stern angry resting face that seems to scare most patrons away.


He's comes across as the strong silent type. Always a keen businessman, he's the chairman of Parzival Heavy Industries, a large magitek manufacturer. And while extensively recognized as a philanthropist of sorts he would never qualify as a charitable man as he rarely gives handouts. It seems he's always able to find something of value that can be capitalized in all business dealings.

He's the owner of multiple venues across Eorzea, the most known is the "The Golden Oni", a quiet inn long loved by locals, who appreciate its fun friendly warmth, variety and value that it offers. But when he's not tending to his multiple business he spends his time recluded deep inside his workshop behind closed doors where he spends many a night restoring ancient allag technology.


The origins

Roughly 5000 years ago he was made, for he was not born like a regular man. The scientific term for his kind is an "Allag Chimera", a splice between vilekin beasts, human flesh and massive amounts of hyperdense aether. Originally named "Experimental Project Aegeus" he was pieced together in an Azys Lla laboratorium from the limbs of synthetic voidsent by godless Allagan aetherochemists around the end of the Third Astral Era.

Records claim he was assambled in secret as the first of his kind and created as a proof of concept. A weapon and a warrior to protect Allagan Citizens and to be a voidgate keeper against emperor Xande's insane plan to unleash the darkness into this realm.

Hybrids were considered abhorrent in nature by most of the Allagan Aetherochemical Community, so he was created in secret as an improvement over the naga and empuse projects. They were mere copies of void flesh cultured in this realm, but the Aegeus project was much more, they were half synthetic voidkin and half human for what better way was there to defeat your enemy than to absorb all it's strengths.

The experiment proved extremely successful if somewhat displeasing to the eyes, for the parts used in his making were selected to fit its purpose, ox-like legs with hooves and powerful beast arms with sharp claws. The end result was a highly intelligent human/beast soldier, with the ferocity of the voidkin, the intelligence and resourcefulness of an Allag and practical immortality if enough aether was provided for it's regeneration.

However before the aetherochemists were able to mass produce Aegeus Warriors for the upcoming rebellion against Xande's rule, the great calamity struck the empire. The Syrcus tower fell and with it most of the Allagan empire was destroyed, thus the abhorrent Aegeus Warriors initiative was discarded. As the Allagan empire fell into disarray the knowledge was lost and forgotten, and project Aegeus was left shelved in stasis for millenia.

Later on, nearing the end of the Fifth Astral Era, the laboratorium machines that kept watch over the star detected a significant disturbance in the sea of aether and the early signs of void gates opening around the world. As per the allag protocols the machines started the rekindling procedures and the devices that kept him in stasis were shutdown. He awoke to a barren Azys Lla where he found the floating continent had been abandoned for millenia.

After realizing his allagan masters were gone forever he started working on the restoration of Azys Lla when powerful disturbance in the sea of aether were detected. He left Azys Lla to investigate and followed the disturbances to its origin in Aldenard.

The Magi War

He arrived at Eorzea right before the dawn of the Mhach and Amdapori conflict. Attracted by the stench of the Mhach dealings with the void magics he reached Yafaem Saltmoor first, where he attempted to persuade the Mhach to stop from meddling with the void, whom in their arrogance would not listen. When he learned about the elementals flood prophecy and the construction of the Void Ark Ethan decided to flee Yafaem Saltmoor as he realized the Mhach's thirst for power was beyond hope.

He then reached out to the Amdapori and the Nymians who finally listened to his plea. He eventually became an ambassador of peace between the warring nations, and fought long and hard to try and keep the peace and stop the calamity from occurring. However, mankind's thirst for power gave way to ever-escalating tensions between the nations which reached a boiling point and an all-out war.

During the great Magi war he was forced to reveal his true nature to the Amdapori and was key in sealing Diabolos and Ferdiad in the city and the keep. However, he was powerless to stop the Mhach attack on the Nymians when they unleashed a vile dark creature named Bitoso to curse the nation and turn them all into tonberries.

Eventually the war ended when the elementals unleashed the great flood over the world, he tried to save as many as he could but in sadly all those great magic faring civilizations inevitably vanished just like the mighty Allagan Empire did.

The Long Slumber

Empires rise, and empires fall. After his half successful mission to prevent the spilling of darkness over the world and the bitter loss of countless lives lost in the great flood, he decided to stay among mankind to keep watch of the historical developments. In time the knowledge of aetheric manipulation was lost, and forgotten again.

The few centuries he spent with mankind made him grow bitter and wary of mankind, he became fully aware that people will go to any lengths and do just about anything to acquire that which their hearts covet, which he used to his tactical advantage.

So he became a lone wolf. He faked his own death and reappeared again as his estrangled legitimate child or some other familiar all grown up to reclaim his fortune, in what he came to call "Lifetime Iterations". After multiple iterations, he's amassed quite a fortune which he keeps hidden in undisclosed locations all over the star as as was quick to realize that its best not to draw too much attention to himself. He also learned not to grow attached to the precious lightkin as their existence is very fragile and their time on this star is too limited. He tends to keep everyone at arm's length. After having loved and lost many times over the course of his life and being betrayed by the people he considered his dearest friends he figured he rather not expose himself unnecessarily to the pains of loss and abandonment thus portrays an aloof and detached personality.

He ultimately returned to Azys Lla when the world settled down and went back into a deep slumber.

The Great Calamity

He remained in deep sleep for millennia until once again he was awoken by his trusty machinery. All the alarms in his nursery compound went wild when they received the dreaded signal, the machinery of the lesser moon Dalamud was set in motion. At first, he was rejoiced at the thought that his Allagan Masters would have returned and had been using the moon's power to revitalize the lost empire, but alas, that was not the case. The allagan machinery of the lesser moon was being tricked by a forged beacon sent by something or someone else, and it had been plucked from the skies set to crash on the star.

So once again he traveled back to Aldenard to asses the situation and if possible to try and stop it. And how the world had changed so much in such little time, dragons and mankind were locked in an endless war, an empire of magicless people rose from nothing and was now defiling the allagan empire's technology. Mankind had evolved in many ways and become more ruthless in many others. He was again a stranger in a strange land.

Blending in proved simple, he joined the fight against a force known as the Garlean Empire, the magicless people that harnessed the power of magitek technology, a stripped down version of allag technology, to advance their cause. He set on to assist the brave heroes who finally destroyed the transmitter the Garlean Empire was using to control the lesser moon. however, the empire's machinations could not be stopped and the lesser moon fell upon the land. As Bahamut broke free from its eternal captivity it unleashed his wrath over the world and changed the face of the realm forever. And when all hope was lost, right before his eyes he witnessed the miracle. In the midst of the chaos, Bahamut was enveloped in a blinding white light and abruptly disappeared from the skies to never been seen again as chunks of his corrupted aether plummeted all over the land.

In the aftermath of the calamity the Crystal Tower rose again from deep beneath the earth and that could only mean one thing. The threat of the allagan covenant with the Cloud of Darkness remained in effect, and the tower could continue amassing energy to open the void gate and unleash the cloud of darkness upon Eorzea. So as long as the crystal tower stands the threat of the void in this world remains.

He's decided to stay in the realm for the time being as many unforeseen forces are at play. In this latest Lifetime Iteration, Ethan is the chairman of a magitek manufacturer. While he spends the majority of his time deep in his workshop crafting all kinds of special requests or restoring old allagan artifacts and keeping an ever watchful eye on disturbances of the aether.

And as usual he takes advantage of mankind's appetite for power and glory by exploiting it to his advantage, providing people with their heart's desire the most for a hefty price. Through his "secret" tradings of rare goods and other hot commodities he's able to acquire the vast amounts of aether he requires to survive, and the information he needs to lead his Secret Order of "The Keepers of the Ninth Gate", in his unyielding mission: To be the ever watchful gatekeeper, to keep darkness at bay, to guard and protect the thin veil that separates life from oblivion..


Ethan can be considered a somewhat Lawful Neutral individual.

Positive: While he will not lie, he will certainly withhold information if he needs to. Believes that those who seek to rule others are, by nature, corrupt. Considers public service in a leadership role an honor. Obeys all personal contracts and promises. Will Support the legal procedures and systems of all nations although he will grumble at their primitiveness. Believes hard work will pay off in the end. He'll never fight dirty and will allow the enemy to attack first and pick up his weapon if disarmed. Will rather take prisoners than kill them. And has mankind and all of hydaelyn's lightkin creatures in his best interest.
Negative:Ethan will use his wealth to destroy others who oppose him, and if that fails he'll use physical force to make them bend their knee. Will appear arrogant as he condescendingly views most people as primitive uncivilized creatures unworthy of the Allagan heritage. He considers himself above the flawed laws of primitive societies because he views Allagan Laws as superior, but supports the legal procedures of the nations, without regard to his own discomfort. Is not concerned with those less fortunate. Will rarely aid the weak for free. Is not trusted by the community due to his physical form and has many enemies because of it. He's known to go berserk when wounded or aether-starved for too long.
Traits and tendencies: Methodic, Organized, open-minded, calm, disagreeable, cautious, patient, reserved, leader, empathetic, noble, jaded, slow to anger and easy to forgive but hard to forget. In between optimistic and pessimistic, he hopes for the best but always prepares for the worst. In between traditional and modern, he embraces cultural changes but holds on to certain traditions. Hard-working, cultured, and fiercely loyal with those who earn it. Relentlessly vicious with those who cross him.
Beliefs: Believes in ghosts and spirits, gods and kamis. Believes in an aetherial afterlife. Believes in reincarnation. Not into organized religion but very philosophical. And he adheres to some of his original ancient Allagan directives: To protect the innocent. To prevent darkness from spilling chaos and disorder. To assist allies in need. To not betray allies. To not lie. To honor all oaths and contracts. To preserve the allagan empire. To uphold the allagan law. To honor legitimate allagan authority.
Orientation: Pansexual
Sexuality and Romantic Inclination:clear preference for intellectual and warrior casts and potential mates that show some form of strength and resilience. Sex favorable to the right individual who is not disgusted by his chimeric appearance. Very experienced sexually. Also very self-assured and quite the flirt. Romance neutral, tends to shy away from romantic liaisons as most inevitably he'll outlast his romantic interests and is prone to suffer abandonment issues, but is known to fall in love from time to time.
Known Habits: Never smokes, never consumes narcotics, never consumes traditional medicines, very indulgent with food, splurges spending to excess, seldom ever gambles, known to barter rare goods for large amounts of crystalized aether. Is known to walk about most market places with an Allagan Acompaniment node delivering crafts and making deals.


Good Deals. He likes to make deals, thats how he gets the upper hand, early on he realized everyone has a price.
Particular Scents. He likes the smell of the sea breeze, tree bark, aether and grilled meat.
Tools and weapons. He'll collect tools and weapons of all kinds.
Milk. Any kind, from aldgoat to steppe milk. Gotta get your protein!


Corrupted Aether. It makes him sick to his stomach.
Voidkin. Suffice to say he's able to smell them from miles away.
Certain Jobs. He loaths Black mages and Summoners, but really any job that has the potential to weaken the veil between realms and open voidgates.
Useless gifts. He likes things to have a purpose or a function otherwise he sees it as a waste of resources.


Reading. He'll spend hours on end reviweing Allagan tomestones.
Repairing things. If it's broken he'll fix it, he prefers to fix things than to replace them.


Engineered Echo. Immune to being tempered. Able to see fluctuations in the aether flow.
Surprisingly Nimble for his size and strength. Being big and strong is kind of expected for a roegadyn, but he's swift and lethal when he moves. Quite unusual considering he's build like a boulder.
Highly Resourceful. He has a talent for acquiring knowledge and developing physical skills on demand.


Horrible Dad humor. He has horrible puns, just horrible..
Terrible singer. He'll make you go deaf.
Always the barter. He'll never run refuse a deal.
Aether Starvation. He can get sick if he's unable to absorb aether frequently to keep his physical form from decaying.


Complete the mission - He's fixated with his original mission, seal the voidgates and protect the lightkin.
Restore the Allagan Empire - He still is hopefull that his Allagan masters are somewhere out there in the world in hiding.

Family Married Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Unsure
Character's Thoughts:
Trust Vertu
Character's Thoughts: A most peculiar young man. He's atuned with Ethan's aether pattern so he can clearly see his horns and wings. He seems to explain it due to being exposed to massives amounts of aether. He also mentioned he spoke with voidsent for years which confused Ethan. He later explains it due to some relics he picked up in the past- but his answers just leads into more questions. Ethan disclosed his true Identity to him to gain his trust, as there is no point in hiding what he already has seen. And also because he needs to dig in deeper into the explanation as how Trust can see him clearly, as his explanation was vague and unconvincing.
Notes: Not a voidsent himself, does not smell like one. However still debating on what are the true intentions of Trust, while he doesn't consider him a threat he's still wary of him. Also Ethan is curious to know more about Trust's step-father who he claims to be of Allagan origin.


He's the sole heir and owner the Parzival Heavy Industries, a magitek manufacturer. He's also owner of multiple venues across Eorzea one of the most popular being "The Golden Oni" a hot springs inn. With too much time free on his hands when he's not tending the bar of his inn, he pursues the business of crafting and he's been dubbed "A god of the hand".
If you require hard to get items, rare goods or hot commodities he's your man, but you better be prepared to pay his price. It won't be cheap, but he'll almost always be willing to strike a deal in aether, as he seems to have no real interest in gil.
Any and all Allagan technology catches his ear, he'll pretend he does not know much about it, but he's more than versed in it. If you got tome stones to trade he'll want them all.
Also he seems pretty keen of rumors regarding voidgates or voidkin appearing in the world.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"It is rumored that he's filthy rich, rivaling the monetarists in Ul'dah."
"I'm telling you, he's like a fabled genie in a bottle. He'll grant your your wishes provided you're willing to pay the price!"
"I've heard he never refuses a barter and he always accepts aether crystals."
"He looks angry, but he's actually a gentle beast."
"He collects enough aether crystals to easily summon a primal."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I'm sure I've seen his face in an old painting, and he hasn't aged a day."
"He's notoriously difficult to wound, rarely anyone has seen him bleed."
"Listen to me, he's not cursed, he's really a monster underneath!"
"I heard he ripped a voidsent head off with his own bare hands."
"You should hear him tell ancient battle stories, makes you feel he was there."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!!!
"I saw him suck aether from clusters, leaving behind unaspected crystals."
"Last time he was wounded in combat his wounds seeped aether vapors!."
"I swear I wasn't drunk, I saw him turn into a fiery demon, wings and all. "
"Rumor has it he's really an old Allagan soldier. "
"You didn't hear it from me but I think he's a half-breed voidsent. "


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
Older RPer, interested in anything really. Romance, adventure, random conversations. Long story arcs or short tales. If your story is fun I'll stick around to see it through.
Personal RP Limits
I will play 'Comedic RP, Serious RP, dark RP, epic RP, ERP, Extreme ERP, slice of life. I like most moods and themes.
I won't play Monologues, you need to do 50% of the job. Also character deaths and unnecesary combats. I will not indulge into you wanting to kill my character only because you have a voidkin grudge.
Don't be a dick, unless you want me to be one to you.


Potential Plot Hooks
Working on this.
Ethan is god of the hand. If you require hard to get items, rare goods or hot commodities he's your man, but you better be prepared to pay the price.
Almost always be willing to strike a deal in aether, as he has no real interest in gil.
Some people even think he's aiding beast tribes to summon their primals for his proclivity to gather aether.
He will be most interested in rumors regarding voidgates or voidkin appearing in the world.
Allagan technology, he'll pretend he does not know much about it, but he's more than versed on it. Any information you have on the subject will grant you his attention for a while
Character Lore Adherence
I´m pretty flexible. If it's not been explicitly forbidden or already became canon you can fill all the blanks you want. I'm willing to listen to your story even if it bends the lore a bit or a lot, provided your story is compelling and consistent. And by consistent I mean don't disregard lore just to disregard lore: it´s not fun if you mix lore from WoW or Star Wars in Final Fantasy and kill someone with your lightsaber.

Ethan Parzival 01.jpg
Name - Ethan Parzival
Race - Hellsguard Roegadyn / Voidkin hybrid
Age - 5143 (looks around 40 years old).
Name Day - 11th sun, 6 Astral Moon, end of the 3rd Astral Era.
Deity - Godless, but with affinity for Rhalgar.

Alias: Aegeus Prime / Demon Ox / Demon Daddy
Citizenship: Allagan
Occupation: Entrepreneur / Philanthropist / Renown Engineer
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Deep golden
Complexion: Very large
Piercings: Various. Ears, nipples, prince albert.
Marks or tattoos: Visible black allagan runes on his face and faded runes all over his body.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Key Items: Various Crafting tools and multiple soulstones
Favorite Food: Grilled trout
Favorite Drink: Plain water
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