Eva Llewellyn

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Eva Llewellyn

“Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense..."

Gridania-transparent.png Eva Llewellyn
The Far-Seeing Shaper
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Birthdate 23rd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon, 1520
Bondmate Guillaume Sylvestre



Height: 6'5"

Hair Colour: Red with copper highlights.

Complexion: Smooth albastar.

Build: Willowy and seemingly frail, however she is just very thin.

Distinctive Marks

There is a small beauty mark beneath the outer corner of her right eye.


Eva has a fondness for sundresses, however they're not always practical, so she will wear robes over them when necessary.


The woman is a very studeous Arcanist, with a natural aptitude for the form of magic. Although she takes the study of such magic seriously, it is much like an artform to her, performing her spells more like painting or dancing then casting. Many find this approach odd, as she is incredibly reliant upon Arcanium to survive, however her mentor chose to embrace her expression and encourage it.

She is versed in Conjury, though only in its relation to Arcanium, as many from Gridania often start learning such magic first before branching out to other methods. She seems rather hesitant to continue any further studies, however, and avoids the Fane.


Turcaide - an Emerald Carbuncle.

Órbhuí - a Topaz Carbuncle.

Ghrian - an Eos Fairy.

Ghealach - a Selene Fairy.

Faobhae - an Ifrit-Egi.

Talamh - a Titan-Egi.

Gaoithe - a Garuda-Egi.


Appearances in Fiction


Motivations: Eva is driven by Creation, using her knowledge of Arcanium to not only make the standard constructs, but to create art with storytelling - she uses Arcanium to make aetheric illusions of her narrations. Because of her reliance upon Arcanium and her passion for it being an artform, she strives for an Understanding of magic and is driven to learn more and press the boundaries of the school. Although her life may seem like it was largely disrupted by what happened when she was thirteen, Eva is a Gridanian, and strives for Balance/Peace within herself and her surroundings, making her seem quite serene. This also tends to lead her toward Beneficence, as she wants others to be at peace as well.

Disposition: The woman is calm and even-tempered, and highly curious.

Outlook: Despite what some may think of the path of her life, Eva is a very hopeful and trusting soul.

Sexuality: Unconcerned.



Favorite Foods:

Favorite Drinks:

Favorite Colors:

Hobbies: Eva has a number of hobbies, though most of them she doesn't let people know about. She enjoys dancing with Guillaume, and is very shy about doing so publicly; however, if it's raining in the Shroud and they're alone, chances are they'll be dancing together.

Though she rarely performs publicly, she has a very beautiful soprano singing voice. Eva has trained with bards, but is a troubadour herself, as she has never learned to use a bow and has no ability with archery. Guillaume can sometimes coax her into singing for others, but the majority of the time she only sings for him and her summons.

There are a number of artistic pursuits that Eva has come to enjoy, all related to her expansion of the use of Arcanium. She writes poetry, riddles, and stories along with apparently having learned calligraphy and painting. She loves storytelling and blending these visual arts with her Arcanium, however she only seems to do so after being convinced by Guillaume to tell a tale; it's almost as if she has stage fright.

Personality Traits: She is honest and responsible, if a little pragmatic at times, though she can be a bit impractical when Guillaume is involved. In some ways, she is a contradiction, as she is very focused, deliberate, and thoughtful when she is engaged in anything involving studying her art; however, she is otherwise somewhat capricious and impulsive, especially when Guillaume begins to make suggestions. On her own, she will often be overly-cautious, however with Guillaume's gentle persuasion, Eva will become more daring and even a bit reckless. For the more part, Eva is very open-minded and adaptable, though there are some things that she will be relentless about - her pursuit of her artform, the traditions of the Shroud, the protection of the weak, and Guillaume's interests. She is incredibly empathic, likely due to being so in-tune with her own emotions, which makes her very supportive and altruistic, almost to a fault; Guillaume often has to draw the line for Eva, to keep her from harming herself in her attempts to care for others - including himself. While she was torn away from her family at a young age, her brief upbringing in a noble Gridanian household makes Eva very cultured and courteous, while her travels with Guillaume and her intense passion for her art have made her somewhat charming; something keeps her modest, as she is reluctant to show many of her talents, often having to be coaxed by the man she travels with before revealing them. The woman is more of a listener than a talker, though she will speak her mind when needed, and give advice when asked. While Eva is not precisely shy, she usually is not the first to speak, and tends to observe in large groups rather than be the one leading the party - she leaves that to Guillaume. Although she seems to be something of an open-book with her heart on her sleeve, there are moments when she will seem incredible cryptic and evasive, as if some topics are just not open for discussion. Eva may be rather down-to-earth and hold to many of the Gridanian traditions, however there are aspects of her views that are rather shocking, and her time with Guillaume has made her quite a freethinker.

Misc. Quirks: Eva seems extremely tied to her summons, so much so that they move almost in tandem, frequently seeming to look at things almost in unison or moving towards something almost in unison. This is often unsettling to even seasoned Arcanists, and even more so to common folk who don't understand Arcanists well.

Though very, very few people know of it, Eva talks in her sleep sometimes - she has even begun casting spells in her sleep. Guillaume has to sometimes silence her for her own safety, and praises the Twelve that she doesn't also sleepwalk.



Eva was born into one of the Houses of Gridania, however her connection to them was severed when she was very young. She will not speak of them, unless someone notes her social graces; she is incredibly well mannered, knows which silverware is used first at the Bismark, understands law beyond its basics, and carries herself in a manner that Guillaume tends to call "far too classy for her own good".


Guillaume Sylvestre - a gentleman whom she states saved her from being lost in the woods, however most who meet the pair cannot fathom why Eva would allow a former poacher to travel with her.

Éan - an apple green feathered chocobo.


Goals and Ambitions




Eva the Lost

Early Life

The noble houses of Gridania have long been steeped in the ancient art of noblesse oblige, wrapped up in the social games of politics, and while none would ever admit it, they participate in the arts of manipulation and espionage - puppetry, blackmail, abuse, and murder are not uncommon, though they are all well hidden and shocking when they are discovered, the blame shifted to various parties such as the Ixali or the poachers or the wild ones of the woods.

The family of which Eva was born into was no different. Patrons to the various organisations around Gridania, the house was dedicated to the traditions of the Shroud, loyalist and unwilling of the slow progression of acceptance of outsiders. When Eva was born, they were ecstatic, but as the months past and they realised she could not see the world around her, they grew melencholy and fell into despair - their daughter was broken, and would be of less value when it came time to arrange a marriage; she would be a burden upon the house, requiring a constant servant to care for her, a caretaker rather than traditional maids, someone to be her eyes.

Despite her handicap, Eva showed a keen intelligence at an early age, which took the edge off of her parents concerns. Tutors were hired, and she began schooling earlier than her sisters, though some were frustrated by having to read everything aloud to the young Elezen. Shorty after, Ambroise Thibault was hired to be her caretaker and personal servant alongside a handmaiden, Ségolène Roudsseau, alleviating the frustrations of her tutors and the general maid staff.

Ambroise was the model caretaker, both very adoring of Eva but also very pragmatic in his guidance while Ségolène doted upon the girl endlessly. The pair taught Eva the traditions of Gridania, the etiquette her family expected of her, with Ambroise emphasising manners and being well behaved at all times; Ségolène focused upon teaching Eva to be a proper lady, and as she grew older, she began to teach the girl about courtship.

But all of these things were halted shortly after Eva's thirteenth birthday.

Ségolène and Ambroise often took Eva into the Shroud for picnics, teaching her about the forest through touch and sound while they enjoyed their meal, telling her the history of the areas they picnicked in. This time, however, the pair had other plans for their outing - without warning, they lead the young girl to a small cabin, and locked her within before vanishing. Panicked, Eva pounded upon the door for several hours, screaming for the pair and then just screaming for help, but they did not return.

Instead, an unfamiliar voice answered her, beseeching her to step away from the door so he might break it down.

The Kidnapping

The door was broken down by an Elezen boy who was not much older than she - he was barely seventeen himself, a Duskwight outcast who was already becoming scarred from life in the forest. As the door splintered apart, a shard of wood snapped away, slashing across the lower part of his right cheek, drawing blood from a deep cut; the boy was unconcerned when he saw the smaller girl groping away from the door. It did not take Guillaume Sylvestre all that long to realise that she could not see the table and chairs that she was trying to avoid, nor could she see the things that should be there but were not - there was no kitchen to speak of, and the sleeping area was just a small mat with no pillow or blanket. He doubted there was any food anywhere for her to eat, and suspected there was no water for her to drink as well.

At first, Eva was terrified of the young man, despite his attempts to keep his voice soothing. She thought he had been sent to kill her, as she had been left alone, locked in the cabin, and her caretakers had not returned when she had cried out for them. In her flight from the door, she had not felt much more than chairs and what might be a table yet, and as she moved away from the unfamiliar voice, she did not find anything else before finding the next wall. He was speaking softly, telling her that he was not going to hurt her, but she did not recognise his voice or the sound of his footsteps, and she had overheard the servants speak of terrible things that had happened to people in other noble houses - they had gone missing, only to turn up dead several days to weeks later.

It took Bramble Bill about an hour or so to convince the girl he wasn't going to kill her, and that he just wanted to help her. He put his bow and quiver of arrows along with his hunting knife down on the table, and let her feel them all before sitting down in one of the chairs. He talked gently to Eva, and convinced her to even feel him over to see if he had any more weapons on his person. When she found that he did not, she fell against him, weeping; Guillaume was a bit startled by the girl's sudden change of heart, but he pulled her into a soft embrace and let her cry for a long moment before telling her staying in the cabin was not safe, and that he would take her somewhere that was. Eva agreed to go with him, and the poacher gathered up his weapons before leading the girl out of the wooden prison and into the Black Shroud, his hand tightly gripping hers.


The Present, and the Future


Allies, Enemies, and Fools

Dramatis personæ

Guillaume Sylvestre - a Duskwight Elezen, an ex-poacher who saved Eva from being lost in the woods and killed. This is a PC character.

Behind the Scenes (OOC Information)

Played by What Famous Person: Emma Watson

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