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Evaleigh De'loncre

"Live to Serve"
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

I tell you my life's story and you offer your condolences but please Ser, do not weep for me for it is through suffering we learn to appreciate the moments of fleeting happiness as they come to us. I am the sum of my experiences, I am exactly who the Twelve intended me to be and I shall walk in the light of their guidance and protection until the sun Thal's gates open wide and they welcome me back into the aetherstream. It is not to say that I welcome death, far from it as each and every life is precious but I accept the natural order and balance to all things and understand there is an inevitability to all creation to eventually be destroyed. For every Astral there is an Umbral and unto this world what is created will be destroyed and from that destruction begin again.

I believe that to every man and woman there is a divine purpose regardless of whether or not they accept this truth into their hearts and find peace from it. To live is to suffer and to accept this as fact is to know true peace in spirit. We all may falter, it is our nature to do so, but at our core we all play our parts to weave this tapestry of life. To those whom come to me in need I offer succor freely, without question or judgement.


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ISTJ: ~Responsible Realist~ The kind of woman who enjoys solving problems but prefers to keep things grounded in the world of realism. While Evaleigh is a personal perfectionist she is very forgiving of the imperfections in others and tries to help people realize their own dreams and potential. She works well in organized environments and has no problems with 'law & order' often a stickler for following rules and embracing the paperwork of things.

Evaleigh is a very reserved individual who develops very strong loyalty bonds to those few individuals that she becomes close to but these bonds are rare to form in any real capacity. In her own words she's a woman who can care for a great many people but she rarely learns to love them.

Beliefs: ~Devout~ It may seem a contradiction to claim to be a realist and a deeply religious woman however following the Calamity Evaleigh truly believes that she saw and felt the Twelve move the heavens and heard their calling. She completely believes in the teachings she preaches but she also understands not everyone may of had her same experiences. She will speak about her religious faith with all the conviction in the world and even try and offer up logical explanations to support her beliefs.

Concept: Evaleigh is a modified Original Character made for a free-form roleplay and adapted to fit the FFXIV world. Her base concept is a freed slave who was given a new lease on a life she never actually wanted freed from a world where she was actually quite content. She draws a sense of usefulness and pride from helping others.

Habits: Evaleigh is a very different person depending on the circumstances she finds herself in and she tends to be a very private individual as well as a creature of almost obsessive routine. She tends to go for a run every morning before dawn to help maintain her figure, she is a vegetarian who prefers to eat alone and enjoys tea. She will often spend hours in meditation and prayer reflecting upon the world. In spite her rather modest demeanor she is vain enough to hide her scars whenever plausible and finds showing these markings to be a little obscene.

Notable Features

Notable Features

Common Appearance: Fine winter-blonde locks frame the round face of the petite midlander her soft appearance often presenting a warm, welcoming smile. Her pale skin do little to hide her rosy cheeks or just how often an ill-timed blush can betray the woman's embaressment or private thoughts when pressed. She often dresses in a reserved, conservative fashion rare to ever show off more than her upper shoulders or let her scars be visible in public. She is a classical beauty that can at a glance be seen as more innocent or younger than she truly is but her deep blue eyes hold a wisdom of a woman fully grown.

Scars & Markings: A very pale symbol of a flame resides on the side of her face but is often so pale it goes unnoticed by all but the most observant and fewer still understand its meaning. On the rare occasions she removes her gloves there are distinct, odd markings on her palms as though they had once been punctured and healed. (All other scars/markings she keeps hidden beneath clothing)

Hidden Markings: A crescent-shaped scar lines her abdomen. Her left flank sports the branding of a flame while the right flank there is a carved symbol of a rose where the skin had been carefully carved to leave artistic scarring.

Voice: A melodic, soft-spoken soprano at times a little breathy even sultry she knows how to use her voice to help provoke an emotional response to calm her patients or command attention.

Clothing: Long skirts and dresses at times with embellishments she has a refined taste in fashion that sometimes leads people to mistake her for aristocracy. She often wears symbols of Nymeia or the Twelve in general in the form of charm bracelets and necklaces. She also has a pair of beautiful rose-gold earrings given to her from her late husband.




  • Philosophy & Relgion
  • History
  • Stories and Books
  • Helping Others
  • Tea (Gridanian preferred)
  • Children
  • Music
  • Long Walks
  • Intelligent Conversation
  • Consent / Freedom of Choice


  • Irrational / Emotional Situations
  • Compliments about her appearance
  • Being touched unexpectedly
  • Misogyny
  • Abuse of Magic
  • Wanton killing
  • Memory magic


  • Color: Peacock Blue
  • Drink: Tea
  • Place: Nymeia's Stone in La Noscea
  • Cultural events
  • Travelling


Glass-sword.png Abilities


  1. Observant - Trained from a relatively young age to keep her eyes and ears open even when she is not intending to be she often is very observant of what is around her.
  2. Intuitive - An experienced, logical woman she can often deduce outcomes based on what she has observed. She can be very tactical when she puts her mind to it.
  3. Jack of Useless Traits - Trained in many areas in her youth Evaleigh has a lot of mostly useless knowledge such as the ability to play multiple instruments with passing skill, a knowledge of various bits of history and even the ability to shoot a bow and arrow as long as the target is stationary.
  4. True Faith - Her religious beliefs are unwavering and her belief in the Twelve allow her to lean upon her faith both as a sense of strength for pushing beyond the usual source of willpower as well as to help overcome difficult and traumatic events.
  5. Natural Healer - A conjurer of many decades of experience Evaleigh has a talent for healing.
  6. Gift of Gab - A charismatic orator she has a natural talent for negotiating and speaking with others. She can often convince people to her way of things.


  1. Perfectionist - Evaleigh holds herself to an impossible standard and when she falls sort of this she often ends up in a downward spiral.
  2. Secretive - Reserved and deeply personal it takes a lot for Evaleigh to trust someone and even when she does she still tends to keep secrets and hold her cards very close to her chest. For the most part this isn't an issue until the matters become personal and it leads her to not warn people of what is in store.
  3. Dark Past - In a past life Evaleigh committed some acts and had alliances that would be frowned upon if known. These past connections can at times come back to haunt her.
  4. Lightweight - Very rare does she drink anything alcoholic that the petite woman cannot hold her liquor. A couple glasses of wine might as well be a keg.
  5. Pacifist - With an unwavering code Evaleigh will not personally seek to harm out others. Depending on the situation this can even include self-defense choosing instead to be harmed herself rather than hurt others.
  6. Masochist - A very rarely disclosed trait but in times of great stress and personal failure Evaleigh has been known to self-harm in penance.



Common Rumors

  • "She's a very good healer, she'll even do it for free."
  • "She delivered my twin girls! If we have another baby, I want her for my midwife."
  • "I've seen her preaching to the refugees and sharing food with them."
  • "She was married to Pyralis Cevas"
  • "If you need to get something done, she knows a lot of people."
  • "She performed my marriage ceremony! It was beautiful. She was willing to travel unlike the people at the Sanctum."

Rare Rumors

  • "Her husband was a no-good rake. I hear he used to chase loose women and gamble their money away"
  • "I heard she bribed some Brass Blades to get a friend out of trouble."
  • "I heard she once healed an injured poacher. You'd think a woman who spent that much time studying in Gridania wouldn't heal the enemy."
  • "I hear the scars she got on her hands was from a fight with a black mage. Have to question a woman who would ever be caught with that sort."

PC Rumors

  • Add one? :D


Glass-hourglass.png History
OOC: If you take knowledge of Evaleigh's past from this without her telling you IC I will blacklist you. She is a very private individual and doesn't usually open up about her history.

Childhood: A child of La Noscea born to a pair of farmhands before marauders came. Her parents lost in the conflict she was taken as part of the haul though her life might have been a truly tragic story if an ambitious woman had not spotted the young girl and rescued her from the den of slaves and taken into the aristocrat's household. In time Evaleigh would take the surname of the woman who rescued her, Rhianna De'loncre, though the relationship between her and her surrogate mother was a strange one. From a young age Evaleigh proved herself to be resourceful, quit-witted and eager to please though her personal sense of ethics at times came in conflict with her mistress' wishes. It was in Rhianna's service she was taught all she needed to know in order to be a respectful, well-rounded woman as well as having shown promise as a healer she was given private conjury lessons.

Before the Calamity: During a time when Evaleigh was coming of age and becoming more of a fully-figured beauty and less an awkward youth Rhianna's envy would begin to shrine through. When Evaleigh caught the eye of Rhianna's husband envy turned into malice. Over the next few years Rhianna's cold, calculating cunning sought to do more than hurt Evaleigh she orchestrated a complete destruction of Evaleigh's identity and will. The young Evaleigh not realizing the wrath she'd earned blindly and willingly gave Rhianna everything she asked of her until it all culminated in Evaleigh agreeing to bear Rhianna the heir she could not give birth to herself. With the blonde's child in hand Evaleigh was cast out from the only life she knew into a world she'd never even seen.

After the Calamity: Evaleigh wandered lost and on the verge of death through the hills of Coerthas when the calamity hit. It may of only been a fever-dream but she truly believes she heard the Twelve and it gave her a new purpose for life. To this day she doesn't know how she ended up in Gridania being mended by the Padjal of the Conjurer's Guild but after her recovery she stayed in Gridania for a time. For anyone researching into Evaleigh's past tales of the blonde only go as far back as her arrival in Gridania and her claims she has no memory of her past before she was set upon her new goal in life becoming a Priestess of the Twelve.

Realm Reborn Her travels across Eorzea providing healing for those in need as well as bringing the world of the Twelve to all of Eorzea's citizens far and wide she would often hire escorts and companions to travel with her. One of these companions was the skeptic Pyralis Cevas who spent a good deal of time debating religion with Evaleigh and arguing against the existence of these deities. In time he grew to have feelings for the priestess but it wasn't until one fateful night when he called upon her on his death bed and she took him in and nursed him back to health that she began to feel the same way in return. For the first time since she was cast out of her childhood home did she feel the stirrings of love. Pyralis Cevas did not come without his own demons though and their relationship was overshadowed by his old enemies. The two eventually became married but the honeymoon was short lived for in spite rescuing his mother Celeste from near-certain death the old Ishgardian heretic refused to accept Evaleigh believing her little more than a low-born whore and a barren one at that.

With the disappearance of Leveworks' Director, Evaleigh took up the mantle becoming more than just a healer but even this new title wasn't enough for Celeste. She continued to plot against Evaleigh until one day Pyralis left a cryptic note upon her desk and was never seen again.

Heavensward Over the next several moons after Pyralis' disappearance reports came of the great atrocities her husband had committed. Terrible crimes that went against every principal the two stood for and causing a great emotional turmoil in the priestess warring her love for the man he was with the truth of the creature he was becoming. In the end he died in a great distant land working for his mother Celeste and reportedly slain by a group of heroes. His mother stripped of her powers faded into obscurity and Evaleigh held a funeral and mourned for her late husband.

Evaleigh never fully recovered from the loss. She is not a woman quick to affection and even less now. Rumors stir that Pyralis was not dead at all and she used her contacts to discover his memory of their life had been wiped from his mind. She believes he is truly happier without her and so has made a choice not to tamper any further with his new world. He is at peace even if she never will be.


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OOC Information

Glass-heartlock.png OOC Information

Hard Limits

Hard Limits
I am a very laid-back and easy going player. Who I am is very different from who my character is. I am always willing to listen to ideas and conceive new plots. I won't judge you even if your thing isn't my cup of tea. Respect me and I'll respect you. That said there are some things that are hard limits and I will not budge on.
  • Other-world canon / inter-dimensional travel
  • Absurd / Cartoon-like (e.g. Falling off a cliff and creating a giant crater but you're okay! It's ACME)
  • Blatant disregard for FFXIV's lore
  • Changing my character to fit your plot
  • Nullification / Maiming to the point of disability. (I don't mind my character getting hurt but do not remove limbs)
  • Death & Rebirth
  • Fantasia (Lore Devs said Fantasia is not a lore item. I have 0 interest in any plot that involves race changing)
  • Non-Canon RP

Hooks & RP Favorites

Hooks & RP Favorites
It's safe to bet if it's not in my list of hard limits I will at least consider it. I love dark, mature content as much as I love light-hearted humor and fun. If you want to be villainous toward my character feel free as long as you're willing to also accept the consequences. If you want a reason to play with Evaleigh here are some ways we could come across one another.
  • Need a healer / midwife, she's part of several healer networks.
  • Meet her on the road travelling anywhere in Eorzea
  • Need a healer / contact that won't asks questions
  • Like tea / stories

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External Links