Exantraux Alsalind

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 Exantra Alsalind
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 26


Exantraux is a short elezen by average standards, his immediate feature being his icy stare that accompanies his piercing green eyes. His hair is extremely unkempt, a slight brush backwards enough to satisfy the man, but it's a look that he's quite fond of due to the fortuitous attractiveness he feels it presents. He has allowed facial hair to grow, a feature that he takes more effort to keep maintained and looking neat.

Exantraux was born into a poor family, his parents having been cast out of Ishgard a couple of years before his birth and only just settling to the east of Gridania months before. His father, a former Dragoon, was a stubborn and wishful individual, and he held dreams of molding his next of kin into the very same that could rival the Azure himself, but such sentiments only proved to be vicarious and fleeting. These outlandish and asinine ways of thinking only stunted the way Exantraux was allowed to grow during his childhood, and this continued into his teenage and adult life.

Circumstances passed, and he found soon found himself alone and without support. With only his lance to his name, Exantraux has been recently getting by completing jobs as a hired hand such as escorting and pest control. During his downtime, he will often make the trip to Coerthas, taking the opportunities that arise to hone his ability to fight. He is also a keen drinker, and in the right mood, conversationalist. Exantraux will regularly find himself visiting the many bars around the land in the pursuit of finding the most powerful of beverages, sharing his views and opinions on any subject that crosses his mind to anyone unfortunate enough to be in ear shot. Having adopted his father's militaristic and expansive way of thinking, this often transcends into the realms of brazen hopes and desires, and is determined to one day rid the need to ever complete these boring tasks and pursue his own dreams of becoming the land's best wielder of the lance, with or without the power of the Dragoon.


Exantraux's introverted lifestyle and bold personality generally leads him to live a solitary lifestyle. Having been left to fend for himself years ago, he has long since had a companion to his name. One recent incident has forced him to take the effort to hunt down a certain miqo'te that caught his interest in the wrong way, but what that will hold in the future is anyone's guess.

Other Notes

This is a relatively new character I've decided to undertake after getting bored with my original miqo'te. I'm quite open with any roleplaying ventures, so feel free to throw some my way if you think I'd be a good fit. I'm most active during GMT evenings. This character is also no representative of how I conduct myself outside of roleplaying. I hope, at least. The jury is still out on the drinking.