Eylili Eyli

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Eylili Eyli


Biographical Information
Birth Name Eylili Eyli
Guardian Nophica, the Matron
Birthplace East Shroud, the Black Shroud, Gridania
Born 1555
Nameday 17th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Physical Attributes
Hair Jet black
Eyes Amber
Height 2'10"
Career Information
Occupation The Bismarck
Rank Waitress
Out-of-Character Information
Time Zone GMT-5
Server Mateus
Job Culinarian


Mountain's Edge Orchard sits in a cozy corner between the Hedgetree and the Honey Yard of the East Shroud, just north of their expanse of chestnut trees. The owners - a humble Plainsfolk couple - are pleased to declare themselves as Gridania's second largest supplier of nuts for culinary recipes and medicinal extracts. Albeit, their true pride and joy rests in the presence of their seven daughters; a set of quadruplets, a pair of twins, and between those, Eylili.

Regardless, it was without question that the girls were born during a difficult time. While the Garleans ceased their advance on Eorzea, supposedly due to the summoning of the First Primal, this only further enabled the Ixali Beastmen to terrorize the populace in the Black Shroud. As the girls were raised, unfortunately witnesses to the ravishing of wildlife and pillaging of settlements around them, they were taught to respect but stay away from the lifestyle of a warrior. Without debate, Eylili would heed her parents' warnings, as she herself was intimidated by even non-violent conflict.

Still, the young Lalafell could not feel satisfied with her lot in life. Animal husbandry was illegal in the city-state of Gridania, for fear that it would disturb the balance of nature. Disgruntled at the implications that pastoralism defied the goddess Nophica's will, Eylili disregarded the validity of the "pious" politicians' words. Therefor, upon stumbling across an orphaned chick, dampended by rain and covered in slugs, Eylili considered her secret adoption of the baby bird a duty, assigned to her by none other than the Matron Herself.

For four years, Eylili would only expand upon her quest, feeding wild chickens and taking in abandoned or sick chicks to carefully nurse them back to health. It was during this time she discovered her love of baking as she prepared chestnut bread samples to advertise her family's business, remebering to smuggle some to offer the chicks residing in the unused, worn down supply shed she cleaned up for them. This extended into cakes, muffins, rolls, and even cookies that she'd leave out for the local wildlife to enjoy. The only reason this endeavor only lasted for four years was because she wanted to extend her aid beyond chickens, too. She remembers the day she was caught at two bells past midnight, attempting to smuggle a Chocobo hatchling that was to be put down for a femur deformity that couldn't be corrected. While having to hand over the stolen Chocobo, as well as her flock of chickens, she was rife with sorrow, but never regret.

During her late teenage years, Eylili was assigned as the resource manager for the farm, appearing to solemnly keep to herself when not working. Regardless of how it seemed, she was not detered from her longing daydreams of having her own bakery, with eggs and milk supplied by livestock that were raised with unconditional love. Though, she understood how naïve that sounded, especially when the Empire of Garlemald had emerged from Othard to challenge Eorzea once again.

Since the following Calamity, Eylili understood her true position in this realm. After her rigorous time preparing and saving gil for her trip, she was ready to set off for Limsa Lominsa. Of course, she made certain to alert her parents and sisters of her move a fortnight before her actual departure. Albeit, she needn't have told them in the first place. They all knew this was the eventual outcome, but they didn't feel the need to warn her of the realm's dangers anymore. While she was ambitiously following her heart's desires, she also had a good head on her shoulders. Eager to show she was no woman who could easily be taken advantage of, Eylili bid her family farewell as she embarked on her journey to contribute to the Seventh Astral Era.



Though she appears at times to be overwhelmingly optimistic, this is mainly an expression of her determination to overcome any obstacle among her goals. While equally expressing this confidence about helping others, she silently expects failure in her own endeavors. She was raised on the belief to be prepared for disappointment, yet her passion for her work means even when she cannot find a path to tread, she will pave her own.


Growing up with four older sisters and two younger meant she rarely found herself without company as they worked on their parents' farm. Ironically, she was the quietest of the girls when she was younger, directing her energy more towards exploring the family's property. Eventually, her time as the farm's resource manager exposed her to the distinct attitudes and elaborate histories of those from across Gridania, sparking her newfound interest in people, as well as how their environment changes them. Today, her favorite way to get conversations going is when she's out to walk her beloved flock of chickens.


Personally, she found nothing but consequences as she kept to herself, being the only single child of the daughters. She wasn't part of a pair or set; that didn't necessarily bother her, except as her presence became unapparent, especially to those outside the family. She still remembers the time a tool supplier quipped to her parents that he wasn't aware the couple had a child born as a single. Thus, as she moved away from her family to pursue her dreams as a baker, she adopted a boisterous attitude reflecting her self-confidence.

Notes & Trivia

  • She has a pet satin rabbit named Chabibi.
  • Her favorite novels tend to be emotionally tense thrillers and sappy romance novels. However, she only really cares for the latter if the main couple are both women.
  • She is ambidextrous, although born right-handed.


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