Eyr Mierqal

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Eyr Mierqal
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Garlean
Age 29
Marital Status Single
Occupation Field Research Biologist
Height/Weight 5'0" / 105 Pz
Orientation Heterosexual
Relatives None

Basic Info

Eyr is a field research biologist with the Garlean government. She works independently in regions outside of Garlemald, providing documentation of plants, wildlife, geological information and many other things for the Empire. Reserved and somewhat monotone both in speaking and personality, she seems highly dedicated to her work. In truth, however, her primary focus is her own personal research and experiments that tend to deviate from her professional field, often falling into categories of such immorality that most would call it sadistic.


Short overall, but average height for a female Au Ra, Eyr stands at 5 fulms even. Her dark blue hair and scales stand out in contrast against her pale blue skin, and although her skin color is fairly unique, it is not entirely unheard of for a Xaela to have. Her plum colored eyes are surrounded by orange limbal rings, making her eyes stand out against all the shades of blue that the rest of her body has. Eyr typically wears subdued clothing colors, generally more towards the darker side. Not only is it difficult for her to find colors that match her skin and hair, but it also reflects her general apathy towards fashion. She can most commonly be seen in a black military-style dress, with black stockings and shoes.


It's a rare sight to see Eyr laugh. She doesn't have much of a sense of humor at all, and a lot of jokes will even fly over her head because of her aversion to humor. Regardless, that doesn't exclude her from being pleasant with people. She typically speaks softly and evenly, and that combined with her to-the-point personality tends to make her seem quite monotone, possibly even boring to others. However, if she gets started on a subject that she is interested in, she'll discuss it for hours on end with enthusiasm (though still without much flair in her voice).
Quite solitary in many things she does, Eyr is extremely independent, rarely seeking out the company of others unless it's for business purposes. She can up and vanish for days at a time, studying books, conducting experiments, or documenting her research. Field research being her primary expertise, Eyr can also be found out in the wilderness quite often, collecting samples or studying all manner of things for her work. While she is quite dedicated to and enjoys her work as a field biologist for Garlemald, her true passion lies in other forms of research that she conducts for herself personally, most of which can only be afforded because of her segregation from the rest of the Garlean Empire (a conscious career decision on her part).


The pursuit of knowledge
Conducting research for days at a time
Quiet evenings in front of a fireplace
Chamomile tea


Loud personalities
Crowded areas
Savory food



The Mierqal Tribe

At the foothills of a vast mountain range to the north, with vast steppes to the south, lived a tribe of Xaela named Mierqal on the continent of Othard. Smaller in population than average, but by far not the smallest, they existed peacefully (for the most part) with the other tribes in the region. Although they primarily survived by hunter-gatherer methods, the Mierqal tribe still occasionally had interactions of trade with other tribes and other peoples of the continent. When the Garlean Empire began their conquest of eastern Othard and Doma over twenty-five years ago, the Mierqal were largely unaffected by it, much like many Xaela tribes that existed in the vast, remote wilderness of the large continent. It was simply too large and too remote for the Empire to care about its lesser populated regions.
Just before the Garlean Empire had conquered Othard, a baby girl was born in the tribe and given the name Ergenetei Mierqal.

The Garlean Invasion


Journey to Eorzea



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