F'Dhai Tia

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 F'dhai Tia
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Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lomisa
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race miqo'te
clan seeker of the sun
citizenship limsa lomisa
height & weight 71 ilms / 196 ponze
age early thirties
profession priate (pugilist)
server balmung / mateus
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F'dhai (Dhai for short) Tia is a thirty-something male miqo'te that hasn't has fully grown up even though his body has. Between his ears, he's still stuck somewhere in his early twenties; a time where "planning-ahead" is for brine-addled seadogs, consequences mean dick-all, and living within a second is everything. His words are wrapped in a rich, sea-worn Limisian accent that's easy on the ears... if a bit hard to understand at times.

Though he had been born into tribal life, Dhai was raised by the sea and tempered by the thrill-seeking bastards that dared to dance with death. These sea wolves were responsible for teaching life's hard lessons that being quick isn't enough; sometimes, the only solution is being strong enough to knock the problem on its ass and to stomp it a few times when it's down.

His weapons of choice are his fists in an odd fighting style that favors decimating blows of roegadyn brawling combined with what's left of his native reflexes. He's also a decent stand-in for ship medic and can patch up scrapes and bruises.


F'Dhai clocks in at an above average seventy-one ilms and smothered in skin the color of powered kururu. Blessed be, the Twelve and his parents decided to give him a sunny blond head of hair that does whatever the hell it wants -- likely in pittance from being tended to with a sea-worn knife over many years. Left alone, it avoids the bases of his fuzzy ears and drapes over two shoulders grown broad from life's wear and tear. Wisps of it frequently interrupt the left of his blue eyes in a predictable fuck-you of sorts.

Much like his mind, Dhai's body is stuck in the crossfire between what he is and who he grew up with. He's thicker than what would expect for a race that's normally devoted to speed, honed for the sole purpose of being able to deliver power to his fists. Wiry sinew and lightning reflexes eroded in favor of raw muscle so that he could take a punch and come back rather than ending up in a crumpled, bruised mess in the corner with a growling gut. He has a few scars as collateral damage from biting off more than he could chew, though they're usually only seen if he has his shirt off.

Regardless of what he's wearing, he's neigh inseparable from the few trinkets that he has. Bright, iridescent blue baubles of Allagan origin in the form a necklace, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

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F'dhai by Kit-Ho
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