Faith Sauveterre

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 Faith Sauveterre
[[Image:Faith ref.png|250px]]
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania-transparent.png
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Age 22
Namesday 5th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Height/Weight 6'3'/135
Occupation Adventurer, Freelance Healer
Relationship Status Single
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Basic Info

An Elezen woman that hails from another land who comes to Eorzea to become one of many adventurers that wonder the lands. She is a Conjurer and Botanist and spends most of her time in Gridania tending to a garden, taking a few quest from strangers, or practicing her magic


As an Elezen she stands about an average height of 6'3. She has a slender, yet slightly tone frame. She mostly appears delicate. She has silver hair that reaches just below her shoulders. A section of her hair in the back is braided up. She often greets people with a soft smile giving off a sense of warmth. Her skin is a bit on the pale side and has a set of blue eyes.

When it comes to clothing she wears. She favors things like robes and gowns, but on occasion she will wear something casual or due to her work as a Botanist she can be seen wearing clothing of the Botanist Guild. She doesn't wear too much clothing that wears a lot of skin, the only exception being a swimsuit



Faith Sauveterre comes from a foreign land outside Eorzea called Cledal that lies on the west of the Indigo Deep and lived in a Village in an area known as The Clien Spray which is a bit similar to Gridania and the Black Shroud. The village she was born was known for it's Conjuring and Archery. Her Father a Conjurer and Mother an Archer. Faith grew as a simple village girl and was but a normal child. Like Eorzea, there were many adventurers that came and went each telling their tale of dungeons crawling and fighting monsters. Faith viewed these men and women as Heroes due to their heroic tales of saving lives which made her dream of traveling herself. She gained a strong wanderlust and as soon as she was old enough she vowed to travel across the land. Listening to storybooks her mother read her only help strengthen her wanderlust.

-Teenage Years-

As Faith grew older her wanderlust continued to grow and decided to join a guild so she could be prepared to go off traveling. She decided to to go the route of a Conjurer and was under the tutelage of her father who was the head of the Conjurer's guild in the village. She was taught of the fundamentals of white magic and would train to become the best healer. As a beginner she was to help out with other healers to get some hands on experience so Faith spent some of her time in the medical field learning how to cure simplest ailments. Eventually she would get the offer to join her friends in traversing a few dungeons. Feeling that she was well-versed in her role and thinking that adventures do this all the time she decided to join them in their quest. Unfortunately things didn't go as well since they were not as prepared as they thought. Her group had no choice, but to escape and barely did with their lives.

Every now and then they would come together and train their skills so they could successfully manage a dungeon. After a few failed attempts and close calls. They eventually managed to get the treasures that lie at the heart of the dungeon. Faith and her group of friends often traveled together tackling monsters and dungeons so they could prepare themselves for when they all become of age to travel around Cledal and outside


When Faith became of age she started off exploring to certain towns and cities of her lands. Eventually, Faith set out on her very first quest outside of her home. She rode on a boat to Eorzea and got off in Limsa Lominsa. After a moment of taking her first steps into this new lands she then quickly took a carriage to Gridania to join the Conjuring Guild there to make a name for herself and become travel all of Eorzea to see what this new land has to offer the Conjurer.


A bit on the soft spoken side. Faith is one of many kind adventurers that does what she does to benefit others and make things run smoother. She’s willing to take up any quest if it helps those in need from something simple as delivery to slaying a large monster gone amok. While most Elezens tend to be prideful and even intolerant. Faith is rather welcoming and humble, she does have prideful moments, bit for the most part one should expect a pleasant greeting from her. She's very polite and will refer to others as either Sir or Ms unless told otherwise

She can be patient with new adventures when going through a dungeon, but not a fan of those that run out after sticking around for about five minutes. She is still learning herself and is willing to accept constructive criticisms because she doesn’t want to be in the way of others. Being a Healer she has a tendency to worry over her friends if they are ill and become a little frantic when badly injured.

She sometimes keeps her issues to herself thanks to her need to make other happy. Feeling that her problems are her own to solve. She does tend to stereotype at times, but never means it to be cruel. There are times when she's blunt and straight forward this usually happens when certain topics or situations arise. Due to her strong sense of justice and wanting to play the hero she can come off to others as a "Goodie-Two-Shoes"

Faith sometimes have a hard time forgiving those that wronged her even if she wants to. The kindness will be replaced with either indifference or disdain. As someone that doesn't enjoy conflict she will try to walk away or sometimes bite back. She tries to act tough in these instances, especially if they want to play the villain. She tries to give people the benefit of the doubt, but if she ends up getting burned then don't expect her to trust you in fact she may leave you high and dry.


An open minded and kind Elezen. She is willing to help those in need


Learning New Things
Meeting New People


Vile/cruel people
Elementals (More Weary then dislike)
Bars & Taverns




Favourite Food/Drink: Bluebell Salmon/Apple Juice
Favourite Place: Costa De Soul Beach


Threats towards close friends
Being forgotten


Father - Dranert Sauveterre

Mother - Serenity Sauveterre



Free Company - Bastile

Conjurer's Guild


◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
I hear she is not an Eorzean Native. She said to have come from a land in the east - Gridanian Resident
"She is a sweet woman and always seems to be around when anyone needs help"- Mother Miounne
"She is quite humble for an Elezen - Ul'dah Resident
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"She keeps to herself a bit, mayhaps coming to a new land makes one shy"
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"This woman doesn't seem to like the elementals. When brought up in coversation she has this unpleasant look on her face- Male Wood Wailer Elezen
"Beware the nice ones. She held no remorse giving this one bloke a good tongue lashing. I heard she left a bloke for dead" Limsa Resident
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)

RP Hooks

Foreigner: A New Adventurer has arrived, however she is not an Eorzean Native. Perhaps someone would be so Kind as to show her around or welcome her to the lands. Maybe your new yourself and the two of them can explore together (Can be found/Take Place in Gridania/Ul'dah/or Limsa)

Conjurers: Either our characters play newcomers to the guild and work on missions together or perhaps our characters were in the same class, but never met until now showing off what they've learned (Can be found/Take Place in Gridania near the Conjurer's Guild)

Other Notes/Important Stuff

II. RP Style

Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):

I prefer Medium RP, but can do Light. Heavy might be possible for One-on-One, but I mostly enjoy Light/Medium. In times I do heavy/Para RPs just know that it might take time for me to respond as I don't want to appear as if I'm half-assing it. In fact this goes Medium RP as well.

Now I will admit I would prefer OOC notice/Plotting before starting any RP. Walk-Up Rps are a little weird for me and if I have no idea where it goes then it gets kind of weird for me. Of course this is for first time RPs if we do it more then once then Walk-Ups are fine just know I prefer planning and plotting.

Views on RP combat and injuries:

I'm fine with RP combat, but I like to plan them out because I'm not too great at Combat rps and I don't want to come off as overpowered. Injuries are fine if my character or yours fails. Permanent stuff must be talked about

Views on IC romance:

I don't mind IC Romance, that being said I would like some build up. If our characters have chemistry and/or your interested in planning something then we can talk it out OOC. I do enjoy the struggles however, relationships are not perfect so some bumps along the way are welcome. From one of us taking dangerous jobs and just being worried about the Culture Clash and issues faced in a mixed race romance.

Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):

Non-Romantic RP can be just as fun as a Romantic one. Spending time with friends, making new ones by either doing the same quest or being in the same guild. Heck even having rivals friendly or otherwise and enemies are welcome.

Views on lore:

Lore is nice to have and I enjoy it very much. I do try my best to adhere to lore myself. I'm still trying to learn as much FFXIV Lore as I can, but some things may slip by. I may have split from lore just a bit.

Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):

/say - For IC Speech unless stated otherwise

/tell - This can be for both IC and OOC

/Party - If more then one person is involved in a RP then this can be used

How I tend to RP

"BlahBlah" - Anything in Quotes is IC

(BLAHBLAH) - Anything in Parenthesis is OCC

III. Other Info

Country: USA

Server: Balmung

Timezone: EST-5

Contact info: You can contact me on the RPC Forums, I do have a Tumblr for Faith so that is another option, and if I'm online you can send me a /tell as well.

I believe that's it. If I missed anything let me know and I'll add onto this