Falling Cinder

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 Falling Cinder


Biographical Information
Birth Name Falling Cinder
Guardian Kwekwaxa'we
Birthplace Mamak'wa, Awa'esala, Sxépxel
Born 1530
Nameday 11th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Physical Attributes
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Dark brown
Height 6'2"
Weight 190 ponze
Career Information
Occupation Monster hunter
Rank Veteran
Out-of-Character Information
Time Zone GMT-4
Server Mateus
Profession Archer
Job Bard


Off the coast of the Farreach resides the islands of Sxépxel, home to a group of Hrothgar and Hellsguard Roegadyn tribes. Falling Cinder belonged to the Awa̱'esa̱la, a tribe that lives in the mountainous region of Sxépxel, making their population the smallest and their culture widely different. With their land the most accessible out of the islands, their capital of Mamak'wa is incredibly diverse. Among the people and the flora, there was the fauna. Thus, among the fauna were many monsters. In Falling Cinder's heart, of which he always vows to follow, it was his duty to provide for his people through the hunt. The monsters are the prime of it.

The son of a pair of carvers - Drifting Ash and Towering Rock - Falling Cinder began an apprentice carpenter and flourished specifically in weaponcraft. Surely enough, he took his creations out into the woods that his family inherited and regularly brought back game, only increasing in size with his quests. His profinity with the bow has led him to taking down even monsters that conquer the element of air. His adult name was given to him as he often traversed down the mountainside to go to the thickets below.

It was during his twenties that Falling Cinder came across a band of Eorzean foreigners, after Garlemald had retreated from Aldenard for a civil war. With them, they'd brought the Hingan Hyur zoologist Kumagae-no-Yoshino. Where the Eorzeans left with their trade at Mamak'wa, Yoshino stayed, eventually becoming Cinder's wife before they moved to the Mułaa tribe's trade port of Čims. Together, they would bear two children; Bright Mountain as their older son and Curious Ripple as their younger daughter.

Cinder and his family spent a good while in Čims, where Yoshino settled down to become a hot springs attendant in addition to studying the monster parts Cinder would bring in. The dressed parts of the monsters he'd carved would often end up at the marketplace or saved for special occasions. There was a great many thing that Cinder kept as a trophy, but he felt a desire to expand his list. With a keen eye on the south, Cinder made for Eorzea, his family not far behind him on his travels to find the strongest hunt that made the best weapons and armor.



Cinder is one to believe you should follow your intuition above all else, holding high value to his own "hunter's intuition." Where some would be cynical or weary from the many battles they have faced, Cinder delights in seeing new hunters and adventurers make their first steps towards the guild hall. However, calm and collected as he may be, he holds a stern word for those who get too cocky with their missions. Spirits help you should you ever seek to bring harm to his family (including that of friends), his tribe, or his island.


One to frequent the taverns and guild halls of monster hunting Free Companies, Cinder is always looking to lend a hand or give some advice to fellow hunters. He sings and trades stories at potlaches, noted among his peers for his generosity and gentle demeanor. Most of all, he is more than eager to share about his family with practically anybody, even carrying a plush bobcoeurl charm on his quiver to remind him of his children when he is about.


It is not often Cinder keeps to himself, as much trouble as that may bring him. Though cool-headed, he is not quiet. Slow to anger and rarely one to raise his voice, Cinder is one to examine situations with caution, especially when on the hunt. Even in his downtime, his work is never done. He portrays much artistic capability in constructing his own bows and arrows, favoring traditional longbows and taking interest in Eorzean recurves. From this craft, he has developed much patience since he had picked it up from his teenage years, as his parents were carvers themselves.

Notes & Trivia

  • Falling Cinder seems to inherit his form from the Hyur blood he possesses farther back in his family.
  • Outside of the red face paint that Cinder normally wears to accent his status as a hunter, his face and body are littered with scars. The first one people usually see is the gash across his nose and the twin cuts across his right eyebrow. One fact that stands out for him especially is that for a Roegadyn, he is quite short.
  • Cinder is most connected to the spirit of the Raven (known in Awa̱'esa̱la as Kwekwaxa'we), of whom created his na'nima (family group) by taking taking off His mask and becoming a Roegadyn after the land was formed from a dropped pebble in the Bloodbrine Sea.
  • Cinder's favorite foods include candied or smoked salmon, honey-brined grilled beaver, blackberries, and his wife's bannock.
  • Cinder's right eye is his dominant eye when shooting.