Fell Krieger

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Gridania-transparent.png Fell Krieger
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Age 28 years old
Marital Status Married
Occupation Adventurer/ Black Mage/ Order of the Twin Adder
Free Company The Zodiacs
Height/Weight 6 fm 7 im, 170 ponze
  • Kylar (Father)(Deceased)
  • Morgana (Mother)(Deceased)
  • Cain(Cousin)(Alive)
  • Larka(Sister)(Alive)
  • Adele(Daughter)(Alive)
  • Raise(Brother)(Alive)
  • Adelaide(Wife)(Deceased)
  • Shani Krieger (Recently Married) (Alive)
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    Basic Info


    Telling stories
    Family values
    The Golden Saucer
    Warm things (Fire, hot food, etc)
    Spicy foods


    Lalafellin Merchants
    Triple Triad
    Water (Being in water/ being wet)
    Loud, sudden sounds
    Cold things (Ice cream, snowy weather)
    The color red


    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Vice(s): Sleeping in way too long and missing important events
    Favorite Food: Dodo Omelet
    Favorite Drink: Triple Cream Coffee
    Favorite Color: Purple

    Appearance & Personality

    Fell is tall, even for an Elezen, standing at 6'10". He has long black hair that he ties up to keep out of his face, with pale skin that burns easily in the sun and never seems to tan. He has a scar on his right cheek that run down from his cheekbone to the bottom of his chin, with two old burn scars that he hides with long sleeves and gloves.

    The best way to describe Fell is 'fatherly.' He's good around small children- and adults who like to act like children. He always seems willing to listen and give advice when appropriate,and is a very easy person to approach with a problem or if one simply needs a friend. Because of his willingness to listen to others, it sometimes makes him a bit bitter, wondering why others rarely listen to him. But put him on the spot, and he becomes embarrassed and withdrawn.

    Despite his fatherly nature, Fell has quite the mischievous streak behind him. Little pleases him more than a well-planned prank, and he finds humor in almost every situation. He's very quick to smile and laugh, and enjoys poking fun at others. Sometimes, when asked why he's so happy after everything that happened to him, he claims that 'being upset and hating life would be a slap in the face to the people I loved. And since they can't be here to be happy with me, I'll be twice as cheerful to make up for it." He takes criticism very well, and doesn't mind at all when people start teasing him back. It's rare to find Fell upset or angry, but when he is, people will know. When in a sour mood, he'll often lash out and say things he often doesn't mean, always coming back later to apologize.

    Fell loves to read and tell stories, often over exaggerating his own adventures for the sake of a good story. He's very good at what he does- his creative, cheerful nature makes it easy for people to approach him. Telling a story is the one time Fell is okay with being the center of attention.



    Fell was born the youngest of triplets in Old Gridania to Kylar and Morgana Krieger. Life was simple for the family, living day to day just enjoying being alive and amongst their friends. Kylar had been an Adventurer, but settled down to raise his family. He took on small jobs defending merchant caravans heading to Ul'dah. On Fell's tenth birthday, Kylar left on a routine business outing. Days passed, and his father never returned. Soon, it was learned that Kylar and his small caravan were killed by bandits. It became Fell and his brother, Raise's, job to take care of the house. Raise found oddball jobs around the marketplace while Fell often left to hunt for food for the family. Larka joined the Conjurer's Guild, learning the healing arts. Life was hard, but it was good for them. They had each other, and that was all that mattered.


    Time passed, and soon Morgana left the world to join the Lifestream. She had been ill for years, and only Larka's magic had kept her alive. This left the 15 year old siblings by themselves. Using their meek inheritance, they left Gridania to Limsa, where their only remaining family lived. Cain had been their father's cousin, and had been an Adventurer when he was younger. A terrible accident had robbed him of sight, and he needed help around his small home. It was here where Fell was told of his cousin and father's many adventures together. He aspired to become an Adventurer himself, often leaving the house late in the evening to practice his archery for the time he would eventually leave on his own grand adventures. Raise himself became enthralled with the idea of Adventuring, and left for one year, coming back a trained Dragoon. He had dreams of Adventuring and making a name for himself as a legendary Dragoon and often joined Fell for his late night training sessions.

    It was during one of his many training sessions that Fell met Adelaide, a Hyur a year younger than himself. For him, it was almost love at first sight. He and Adelaide spent many hours just talking, getting to know each other. He learned that her father was a fisherman and her mother a tailor who sold her clothes in Limsa's marketplace. They spent many nights like this before Fell decided- he wanted to marry Adelaide and spend his life with her. After a few years, the two were married and moved back to Gridania. It was a year later that Adelaide would have their first daughter, Adele.

    They lived happily in Gridania. Fell gave up his dream of adventuring, leaving that to his brother, content to stay with his family. After only a few months of bliss, news came of the Eorzea alliance. Fell had thought of joining the Twin Adders, but instead stayed with his family. If the worse would happen, he needed to be there to protect them. And so they watched the moon turn red and watched as fire rained from the sky in the distance. Fell took Adelaide and Adele to leave Gridania, to be farther from the fighting, but by then, it was too late. Gridania was set ablaze, and in the chaos, Fell lost track of his Adelaide. He carried his small daughter for days until his worse fear had been confirmed- Adelaide could not be found, and was presumed dead.

    In his grief, Fell left Adele with his sister and drowned his sorrows for months. Larka eventually set out to find him, angry that he was not a part of his child's life. She found him in a Gridanian bar. She all but forced him to leave, making him travel back to Limsa where Raise and Cain helped bring him back on his feet. Fell watched as Adele grew through the years, and though they were living peacefully despite what happened, Raise had since quit Adventuring to help feed the family. Fell decided himself to temporarily don the mantle of 'Adventurer' and left for Ul'dah in hopes of making a bit of extra gil.


    After leaving for Ul'dah, Fell made a living as a Bard and adventurer. During this time, he encountered the Thaumaturge Guild Master, who sensed Fell had a deep pool of mana of which to pull magic from. After a bit of convincing, he began to study Thaumaturgy, where it was shown he had a natural talent. Afterwards, hee xtened his studies in the lost and forbidden Black Magic. It was during this time he discovered his gift- The Echo, which soon developed in his siblings, though they didn't know what gift they had inherited. He found himself dragged into the political intrigue that was Ul'dah, eventually earning himself a place in the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. What was supposed to be a temporary outing to earn some extra gil turned into a full time job slaying Primals and defending the Realm. But Fell always finds the time to head home for a bit to be with his growing daughter, who, because of his newly found position as Warrior of Light, became a well kept secret among himself and his fellow Warriors.


    Fell is never seen without a pair of gloves on, using them to hide the hideous burns that he earned during the Calamity. He says that he was badly burned after trying to save Adelaide before they were separated.
    Fell is terribly hydrophobic. When he was a child, his older brother, Raise, pushed him into a pond, where he nearly died. He's never willingly stepped near or into water since.
    The young Elezen suffers occassionaly from night terrors. He never says what they're about, but if one were to witness, it's obvious he's remembering the Calamity.... And who he lost.


    Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

    ◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
    "Ah, right, Fell. Yeah, he came by here a lot. Haven't seen him for a while. I heard he made quite the name from himself.... Good for him!" -Tavern Owner in Gridania
    "Who? Oh right, him. Yeah, I saw him 'round here a few times. He kept asking the Guild Master for stories. Good kid. Short attention span."- Arcanist in Limsa Lominsa
    "I heard he was a decent archer back in his day, but now he dabbles in Thaumaturgy. A shame. He would have made a good addition to the Guild." -Archer in Gridania
    ◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
    "He really loves to tell the kids stories. Every time I see him here, he's got a group of them around him. I don't know how he doesn't get tired of it all." -Thaumaturge from Ul'Dah
    "I offered to buy him a drink once. He politely refused, of course, but he sure booked outta here quick." -Tavern goer in Limsa
    "Oh, that guy. You just missed him! He was over there playing Triple Triad..... Shouted something, flipped the table and left grumbling to himself. I think he lost." -Gold Saucer Customer.
    ◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
    "I often see him in the forest not far from here. He stays the whole day underneath that tree over there. Wonder why?" -Gridanian resident
    "I heard his wife is buried not far from here. I heard he spends a lot of time there when he comes into town. Poor guy."- Lancer from the Twin Adder

    ◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
    "Have you heard? Apparently that Fell guy isn't exactly built to scale down there. Tis a shame reall." -Shani wearing a fake beard
    "We're assuming thats a lie, Shani just doesn't want anyone hitting on her man." -Any other FC member


    Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing

    Adele Kreiger- Fell's daughter and his little princess. Fell often comes home with little treats for Adele, spoiling her rotten. He's overly protective of the little girl, and by all rights, he should be- the little girl is often bullied for her heritage, being half-Hyur/ half-Elezen.

    Shani Krieger- Fell's new wife, when they first met, Fell was uncertain her liked her. Due to her bright, optimistic personality, she soon cracked the shell he had around his heart, and the two began a rather interesting, but fulfilling, relationship. Not long after that, Fell asked her to marry him- and she said yes.

    Dantin Mikhannes- Fell sees in Dantin a close friend and almost little brother. He often teases the young Miqo'te, but it doesn't change the fact that Fell feel like it's his job to make sure the young man doesn't get into trouble.

    Iiro Iro- Fell and Iiro don't particularly see eye to eye most of the time, due to her dislike of most Elezen, but Fell sees in Iiro an valuable ally and good friend- perhaps his best friend (though he would never admit it). Despite their differences, the two work very well together, and there are few that Fell trusts watching his back.

    Mika Kururuki- the leader of his Free Company, Fell gets along with Mika very well. In a lot of ways, the Au Ra has taken over the role of his mother- one she bears with pride, considering she sees her whole Free Company as her children. Fell can always count on going back to the FC house and finding a hot meal and warm hearth courtesy of Mika.

    Darius Kinkaid- Due to a rather strange incident involving a fish, a stuffed chocobo and two Miqo'te dancers, Fell and Darius found they have a lot in common, though the Highlander doesn't remember much of his past. Both enjoy a good prank, and love to stalk Iiro and find new ways to creep the Lalafell out.

    Felix Wilder- Fell finds Felix to be a bit strange (more than a bit, actually), but he respect Felix's skill and often will pick up on any chance he has to learn from his fellow Free Company Member.

    Alaire Szynskii- Fell met Alaire through Iiro. He often takes it upon himself to watch over the Adventurer who, though skilled in his own right, seems to always get in trouble.

    Lothiriel Rainyviel- To be honest, he doesn't know the Miqo'te super well, but he enjoys her company in the short periods when they do interact.



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