Fen Namgiin

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 Fen Namgiin
Fen Headshot.png
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Othard
Place of Birth Azim Steppe
Tribe Namgiin
Marital Status In a relationship with Khorchi Malqir
Age 24
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Height: 5'6"

Weight: 118 ponze

Complexion: Drab, swampy green

Hair: Green

Scales: Painted green to compliment skin

Eyes: Dull gray


Basic Overview

• Caring, and empathetic. She may, or may not like you, but can understand when you're in pain, and holds a desire to help alleviate it.

• Forgiving. She always forgives, and often times will push things aside, to forget. She won't hold a grudge unless the act against her is fairly bad.

• Curious with a capital 'C'.

• Fun loving, and easily amused. Depending on her mood, or how much alcohol she's had!...

• Easily angered at times. Smaller issues tend to rile her more than larger, and at times, she can get a little destructive as a result.

• Is a HILARIOUS drunk. To some, at least!...


• Easy going people. Someone who can take a joke, and give it back.

• Flirting. When the time is right, it's just fun to do. Always seek to make the person feel good about themselves.


• Pompous, full of them self people.

• Needless violence.

• Overly sensitive people. Those that can't take a joke, and take every little thing to heart.

• Someone who can't say they're sorry. She strives to apologize when she's in the wrong, and knows it. People that can't, and refuse to, ANGER her.

Namgiin Tribe Information

The Namgiin, sometimes known as the 'swamp', or 'muck' tribe are a small collective of Xaela that prefer to hide, and live in peace. Originally, it is believed that the first of their kind formed shortly after Nhaama, and Azim left the mortal world. A group of Xaela were unable to understand why peace between the Xaela and Raen was made possible, but they continued to fight among themselves. With the belief that Nhaama abhors the violence of the Steppe, they refuse to commit acts of what they feel is needless slaughter. Originally, the color green was chosen to represent their tribe, as it is typically associated with peace, growth, and safety. However, it later became a very functional color for hiding.

All Namgiin are green, a forced change of their natural skin, and a long standing tradition with the tribe. At the age of two, every tribe member will start consuming a brew known as 'Nogoon' three times a day after every meal. In two to three cycles, their transformation is complete, and they are seen as being reborn. To compliment their new color, they will also paint their scales, and dye their hair similar hues.

Members of the tribe do not live in yurts, instead digging simple burrows to house themselves. Over time, these simple burrows will become interconnected through a series of tunnels. Their warriors are known to strip down to minimal clothing, coating themselves in mud, and utilizing local foliage to better blend with their environment; Always keeping a watchful eye on their home.

When threatened, all but their soldiers will take shelter within the burrows; Camouflaged warriors lying in wait. If a conflict can be avoided, this would be the end of it, and they would allow the threat to pass. If unavoidable, when the moment is right, they will strike from all angles in a surprise ambush; Bursting forth from tall grass, foliage, and mud pits. To a would be attacker, it is as if the earth itself is rising up against them.

Until now, the Namgiin have been content avoiding other tribes, and remaining hidden. Recent events have definitely changed this, the Mol gaining control of the Dawn Throne being a major factor. Now few in number, standing at a measly seventeen strong, they emerge with hopes of finally leaving during the ceasefire - only to return in the event of true peace.

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