Fenenoix Ekrent

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Fenenoix Ekrent
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Wanderer of Eorzea
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 20
Relationship Taken
Alignment Neutral Good (With Chaotic leanings)
Status Living
Patron Deity Nymeia, the Weaver

"Aye, I recognize I'm an arse, sometimes. Wha' I fail to acknowledge is tha' tha's a problem." -Fenenoix Ekrent

Fenenoix Ekrent is a wanderer, a fighter, a former mercenary, and an adventurer (he notes that mercenary and adventurer are almost identical jobs for him, the only difference being the guilds and ratio of jobs he is willing to carry out). Years ago, he fled his home city of Ala Mhigo after the gruesome butchering of the Resistance there, shortly before the Calamity. Though the Eorzean gods were banned in the city while he was living within it, he quickly took to the goddess Nymeia, the weaver of fate, after he left the city-state for other parts. He keeps up a cheerful and carefree demeanor, though anyone able to become close enough to him may be able to tell that this demeanor is not always genuine.



Fenenoix Ekrent, or "Fen" for short, is a wandering adventurer from Ala Mhigo. Those who meet him generally remember him for his theatrics, his near-constant smile, and his scatterbrained behavior. Of the city-states, Fen seems to prefer Ul'dah for unknown reasons, though he visits the others for various reasons, ranging from catching shows at the ampitheatre in Gridania to eating out in Limsa Lominsa.


Fen looks about his age, maybe younger, with youthful features and a chipper smile. However, evidence of a hard-fought life is scattered all about his body in the form of small scars left over from numerous fights. His emerald green eyes sparkle from behind messy, dirty-blonde hair that falls in front of his forehead. His height is a bit on the short side for most Elezen, and though his skin has a small bit of a grey hue to it, his clan is difficult to distinguish from appearance alone. Pearly white teeth show when he grins... which is often, and a short, blonde beard graces his chin.

Clothing of choice varies. When he's on-the-job, he'll wear very light armor, favoring blues or browns. When simply out and about, he is often seen wearing a brown, caped greatcoat over his shoulders, collar turned up, with a light tunic underneath. Other times, a normal coat is worn, exposing his chest. He tends to like sandals as far as footwear goes and seems to enjoy wearing turbans.


To the average person, Fen appears... unpredictable. He does as he pleases, going from place to place, and entertains himself in any way he might consider "fun." For most people, that's all they see. A young, enthusiastic Elezen who is easily bored, but easily amused. He frequents taverns, where he chats up the clientele, mostly females, and always seems ready to spar in a friendly battle, or pick a fight with people he seems to dislike, in a not-as-friendly battle.

People who become better acquainted with him eventually find that he is actually a rather selfless person, regardless of his attempts to hide it. He tends to help people he comes upon without much thought at all, and whether or not it pays him is irrelevant. Unfortunately, the first perception of him as being impulsive is exactly correct, and he often jumps into a lot of things without thinking. Given time to plan things out, Fen does tend to be rather clever and creative with solutions, though these occasions are few and far between.


Fen comes off as cheery, if not a bit childish, eager to talk and to grin. He seems to take most things in stride, the happy demeanor only wavering for people he respects or otherwise respects the opinion of. For strangers, or those he holds less respect for, insults roll off of him like raindrops on a leaf. Given the right situation, Fen exhibits a high degree of snarkiness, bordering on cruelty, if the situation is especially opportune.

Fenenoix is a genuinely compassionate, brave, and honourable person, which he attributes less to himself and more to his home-city of Ala Mhigo, sans the compassion, which he accepts as uniquely his own. He recognizes that he possesses good qualities, but often fails to note the qualities as truly his, granting Ala Mhigo the true ownership of the traits. As such, he has trouble keeping morale up, at times. Regardless, he rarely stops smiling, afraid people will notice and call him on it.

Personality Strengths: Compassionate, Brave, Honourable, Friendly (usually), Dedicated, Pious (to Nymeia, specifically)

Personality Flaws: Low self-worth, Impulsive, Sarcastic, Too prideful of Ala Mhigo



Fen is a practitioner of hand-to-hand combat, learned in Ala Mhigo until he left, and then modified in his travels. ((The style is based on real-world Tai Chi Chuen)) He stresses sportsmanship in friendly combat, sparring, or honorable duels, leading some to call him soft. In more desperate or unfriendly situations, however, he pulls no punches.


Fen's weapons depend on the situation, though he has proficiency in several.

Fighting Claws: Fen's weapon of choice when faced with swords and shields, or against multiple enemies. He uses the blades of the claws to bloke or parry sword blows, and to make hacks and slashes of his own. The claws themselves are hooked, which he uses to good effect against sword and shield users to yank away shields, allowing him to focus on the sword alone. Against multiple opponents, he makes use of the claws to quickly dispense of enemies. If he gets angry enough, he has been known to slit the opponent's throat with one set of claws.

Barehanded/Hora: The weapon of choice in hand-to hand combat or in most instances when the claws would not do. The hora allow him to fight in a style more similar to the way he was trained, and so he often seems more disciplined and less sloppy when using them. In most hand-to-hand situations, Fen will opt for fighting barehanded, so as to make use of grabbing techniques. He packs enough of a punch to dislocate bones, on occasion, and a strong enough grip to hold a man down by his throat until he gives in, though the latter case usually only occurs in unfriendly situations, not during sparring.

Knives: Though more rare for him to use, Fen can fight well with a knife and has impressive aim when throwing them.

Swords/Shields: He has enough experience with swords and shields to defend himself, adapting his fighting style to the weapons, but they are by far not his favourite weapons to use.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Nimble, Persevering, Strong

Weaknesses: Careless, Easy to distract (Sometimes), Often holds back



  • Baked Goods, especially muffins
  • Female company (usually non-romantic)
  • Honor/Sportsmanship
  • Victory/Improvement


  • Explicitly rude people
  • Looking bad
  • Exploitative people/Manipulative people
  • Garlemaid


  • Fighting
  • Alchemy
  • Botany


  • Will answer to almost anything non-offensive, as long as he knows the term applies to him, examples being "Blondie," "Fenny," "Fenfen," "Beardie," and more recently "Fennel." (He will NOT answer to racial slurs, such as "Knife Ears," "Dusky," or "Grey.")
  • Outgoing, but easy to embarrass or fluster
  • He finds round ears to be rather adorable.


"The Weaver holds all our threads. Your thread, my thread, they all have an end. They end when, where, and how the Weaver wants them to. What we can control, though, and this is the beauty of it, is the path we take to that end. Sure, no matter what I do, I have the same fate, but the way I see it, if I set out to do good, then maybe my thread will weave through some good places." -Fenenoix

Fenenoix is devoted to Nymeia, the Weaver. While he recognizes the other gods and their domains, and attempts to honour them as such, he remains most pious towards the Weaver. At an uncertain time in his life, he latched on to the deity, fond of the idea of a set destiny, even if that destiny was not of his own making. He prays to Nymeia twice a day, at least, once in the morning, once at night, often asking not for blessings of fate, but to be shown which way the thread of his life should weave.

Fen holds a steadfast belief that one's destiny is outside his or her control, but just as adamantly declares that the details of one's life are completely or at least mostly up to them. If your decision happens to go against Nymeia's will, then the chances are likely that the decision will turn out to have sour consequences. If the decision is pleasing, then the consequences may be good, or at least better than the alternative.



Fen presumably still has family in Ala Mhigo, though he rarely speaks of them for whatever reason. He was an only child, raised apart from most cousins or non-immediate family, living with his father and mother. His ancestors migrated to Ala Mhigo several generations ago, becoming part of a small Elezen minority in the city.


Fen keeps up a cheerful attitude, but rarely makes true friends in his travels. This is partially due to his wandering nature, but also seems to be from a conscious effort by him, for reasons he rarely would go into. He often makes "friendly acquaintances" but tends avoid the term "friend" directly. However, he occasionally mentions a "friend" in Ala Mhigo, though he leaves details scarce.

Despite this, he has encountered some people who he has allowed himself to care about or trust.

Klara Swift: Fen's plus-one. When together, they're often seen exchanging teases or snide remarks, all in good humour. Fen trusts her, though often seems somewhat tentative in things, more due to himself than her. Truly, he cares for her and wishes her to be safe, but struggles with accepting that he doesn't have to protect her.

Siobhain Sursthalwyn: Met via the Grindstone Tourneys, Fen has developed an odd reverence for the woman, looking up to her greatly. He tries to be useful and to please her by being helpful, stubborn in his efforts despite them being shot down repeatedly. He considers her to be on a higher tier than himself, a role model of sorts.


Fen considers himself an enemy of the Empire, but has made few true enemies over the course of his wanderings. He says that he leaves towns at the first sign of him wearing out the welcome, so this may contribute to the low enemy-count.


Rumors may or may not be true. Just remember! Don't believe everything you hear!

Common Rumors

(His reputation precedes him? These are rumors you may hear from bartenders or tavern regulars, people who do not know him, but see him around.)

  • "Hey, that guy? Oh, yeah, I see him with females all the time. Doesn't seem picky. Probably has half a dozen girls in each city."
  • "Yeah... uh... he's interesting. One too many blows to the head, if you ask me."
  • "All I ever see him eating are pastries, and all he drinks is ale or tea. Come on, look at his clothes, he can't be poor, he's just cheap."

Moderate Rumors

(Rumors that may be heared or suspected by people he has met or is mildly acquainted with.)

  • "The bloke mentioned Ala Mhigo, but he doesn't like to talk about it, and acts all suspicious. I'll bet he's a turncoat."
  • "Ego the size of a primal on that one..."
  • "Yeah, I know he comes off as a player, but I've seen him blush a good number of times. I think he just enjoys girls' company. Who can blame him, eh?"

Rare Rumors

(Rumors may be heard among or suspected by more familiar friends/acquaintances)

  • "That grin is a mask... I've seen it waver. Whatever's underneath isn't quite so pretty."
  • "It's weird, but he actually seems... I dunno, insecure? It's vague. Can't put my finger on it."
  • "Come to think of it, he doesn't like talking about his family. Or the Empire, really. Or Ala Mhigo. I'd bet his family's in the Empire's pocket, and he can't bring himself to talk about it."

Player Rumors

(Feel free to add! Please add! If you know the character, that is! Please add! :3))

  • "That lad may be useless but you would do well not to harm him. If you value your mortal body, that is." - Siobhain Surtsthalwyn


Warning! Character Spoilers Ahead!

Fen was born Fenenoix Ekrent some twenty years ago in the city of Ala Mhigo. The city had just been conquered by the Garlean Empire at the time, and his parents were fortunate to escape being casualties. He grew up within the city, training from a young age in martial arts, and befriended a Hyur girl named Aethellyn. They became fast friends, and soon, Fenenoix was head-over-heels for the girl, who was three years his elder, though he never told her. Aethellyn, as he would later describe, was always happy, always helpful to people, and an expert archer. She got involved in the Ala Mhigan Resistance when she turned eighteen (Fenenoix, at the time, being only fifteen). Fenenoix tried to convince her otherwise, but Aethellyn was determined to help, and joined the Resistance on an offensive shortly before the Calamity, taking up a rear position. She was killed, along with all the other Resistance members that took part. Fenenoix blamed himself for letting her go, or for not going with her. To this day, five years later, with no closure, he still blames himself.

After the slaughter, Fenenoix could not stand to be in the city any longer. During the confusion of the Calamity, he escaped and fled the city, hiding in a cave during the worst parts of the disaster. After that, Fen began wandering Eorzea, unwilling to join the infamously poor refugee population. He worked as a mercenary, and though he was picky about the jobs he took, based on morals, he still saw many occasions of "things being killed that didn't deserve killing." Eventually, his work branched out from mercenary work into odd jobs, defending towns, and seeking out thieves' camps. During that time, he became fond of the goddess Nymiea, the Weaver of Fate. At a time when things appeared so uncertain, the idea of a fixed destiny, unwavering regardless of what happens, was rather appealing. He has been pious to the goddess ever since.

More recently, he changed his status from a mercenary to an adventurer, registering himself with the Adventurers Guild, since his work prior to that had become indistinguishable from Adventuring work. Fen has also become a regular participant in the Grindstone fighting Tourneys, though he has yet to win more than one match in a single tourney.