Florensaie Drieu

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Gridania-transparent.png Florensaie Drieu
Florensaie drieu.png
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Age 25
Height 5'10"
Weight 132 ponze
Profession Bounty Hunter and Mercenary
Patron Deity Oschon, the Wanderer
Server Balmung


  • Nicknames: Florence, Florenza, Mistral, "Golden-eyed Demon Woman"
  • Age: 25
    • Nameday: 24th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight:
  • Body: Slender, little muscular definition.
  • Hair: Short, black hair with orange highlights.
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Skin: Smooth and evenly tanned.
  • Clothing: Travel and work attire consists of a black leather coat and thick, dusty boots, both worn from years of travel and use, whereas her casual outfits are generally a mashup of whatever pants she feels like wearing combined with a shirt that she would usually wear under her coat.


Florensaie is quite short for an elezen, which is to say, she is still taller than an average midlander, but is most definitely dwarfed by the other larger races that would normally be on par with elezen. Her weight is standard for someone of her height, with the lithe physique of someone who was more inclined to acrobatics and marathon running rather than bodybuilding or fighting.

Her face is narrow as most elezen women’s are, though her ears are angled slightly downward compared to other elezen, and her skin is very tanned, indicative of someone who has spent quite a lot of time in the sun. She keeps her hair cut short to keep it easy to maintain, naturally black with dark orange highlights that compliment both her skin and pale yellow eye colour. If she does choose to wear makeup for an occasion, she attempts to use whatever she has to accentuate and draw attention to her eyes. She tends to look fairly smug and self-confident most of the time, almost always smirking slyly.


  • A good steak.
  • A good stakeout.
  • Walking down a long road.
  • Hunting.
  • Trying out new firearms.
  • Watching Faucertaux Carpentier's unfortunate shenanigans.
  • Getting on the nerves of serious people.
  • Her topaz carbuncle, Micah.


  • Being out of good steaks.
  • Duskwights.
  • Do-gooders.
  • Monetarists, the Syndicate, all of Ul'dahn politics.

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: A trained marksman, specializing in long-range encounters, with some experience in more moderate and close range fighting. Basic understanding of arcanima and carbuncles.
  • Crafting: Has an understanding of how her guns work and how to fix and maintain them, a knowledge that gradually increases as she or other people add to her arsenal.
  • Other: Drink mixing, breaking down a carcass, and survivalist skills.


  • Absurdly patient, especially if she needs to watch an area for a long period of time.
  • Charismatic, witty and silver-tongued.
  • An excellent marksman.
  • Very much a team player when she gets the chance.


  • Relies on her carbuncle for hand-to-hand combat. Past that, she's hopeless.
  • Cocky and overconfident, her arrogance sometimes leading to plans that could be unnecessarily described with 'shock and awe'.
  • Does not know when to stop, jabbing at sore issues with other people until they react, often in unfavorable ways.


Florensaie has a very fast and loose attitude, keeping some sort of semblance of sly humour about herself, whether it is in a flirtatious smirk or quick exchanges of witticisms. Not very many things are considered sacred to her, so nothing is free from a humorous jab, even if it may get her into trouble. She likes to keep social with those around her; even if the conversation is about nothing, her experience as a bartender encourages her to keep the talk going as long as possible.

She will use anything at her disposal to get anything that she wants, whether it be other people, authorities, cheap tactics and unfair advantages, or even her own sexuality to make false advances on those who may be attracted to her. Until she develops something more than an acquaintanceship with anyone in particular, everyone is considered a tool, a means to an end. Those few that do advance past that point will have someone willing to walk into the fray at their side, guns drumming the thunderous song of combat.

There are a few cases where she may demonstrate her morals, and does carry a code of conduct about herself in extreme situations. She is not willing to target children, nor is she willing to target people who are not, in her opinion, deserving of such action.

Her personality doesn’t come without a few quirks and flaws however. While a goading or humorously biting remark is normal from Florensaie, she is not very good at judging when she should stop, or when making the remark will not do her any favours. Her overly flirtatious attitude has also gotten her into trouble with many jealous women and sometimes even men.


Birthplace: Gridania, The Black Shroud Family:

  • Father: Believes Florensaie runs a trade caravan in Thanalan.
  • Mother: Keeps in touch with Florensaie through sporadic mail.
  • Brother: Knows what his sister is really up to, and is sworn to secrecy, even through his disappointment.

Player Character Standing

Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Family      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing
  • Jacques Durand - A young Ishgardian noble that she has toyed with in previous encounters, but has lately not seen too much of. She might admit that she could see herself getting a little closer to him, but then again, that's what she's been telling him for a while now, and it might be that not even she knows if she's being serious or manipulative. She is indebted to him for saving her life once, and perhaps just as important, for returning her hat.
  • Srah Bajhiri - A Keeper that Florensaie has had past encounters with in the Shroud. Though their business never conflicted, they would intersect every so often, mostly resulting in the swapping of stories and other discussions. They both have a common interest now in working for the mercenary company of Ravenstar, but it wouldn't be the first time they've worked together either.
  • Renaux Mercier - Known through Faucertaux Carpentier, she has a rather different opinion of this man rather than the usual dismissal and contempt she usually treats Duskwights with. Her impression of him is that he is a much more suave and classy individual, and can cut a fierce and handsome looking profile. Top that up with some playfully flirtatious banter on occasion and Florensaie has someone that she might start trusting, given time. It's too early for her to make too many judgements though.
  • Faucertaux Carpentier - They're first meeting was possibly the worst of encounters, especially for the Duskwight, and combined with Florensaie's disliking of "duskie shroud rats", it would leave a lasting impression on their relationship. Florensaie wouldn't trust him with anything without a healthy amount of salt, and if she has to cross paths with him, she has backup plans in case he should fail or prove to be untrustworthy. Lovingly referred to as her "swiveboy" nowadays, she occasionally shows up in his life to make it more difficult, or lately, vice versa. Past the trust issue, she is starting to not mind him.

Other Notes


The only faith she has is in her reflexes, her aim, and in the people she travels with. Prayed to Oschon only once so far out of desperation.


  • Her carbuncle, Micah, is always trying to get into any drink of hers that is remotely alcoholic. He's not a very fun drunk, so Florensaie tries to keep this from happening.
  • Florensaie is definitely not a better shot when she's drunk.
  • The hat she wears almost always was given to her by her most recent love interest, and she doesn't plan on giving it up anytime soon.


She has a few satchels that hang from her belts that contain all of her ammunition and gear needed to clean and maintain her weapons. Over her shoulder she would have her longrifle slung, kept in excellent condition through constant care and careful use, and at her hips, she would have two mismatched pistols, neither of them originally belonging to her judging by the names engraved on the grips. The book she uses to summon her carbuncle is somewhere under the coat, but she will never hint to where it is.


Common rumours

  • "Every now and then she brings in a bounty, almost like clockwork. She knows her job and she does it well." - Twin Adders Sergeant
  • "A very bad influence to the children, I really hope that she leaves soon." - Goblet Resident
  • "If you need someone to disappear, she's your woman. Of course, she has her price, but you pay for a professional." - Black Market Bountykeep
  • "She tends to hang around the more shady places, I think her favorite though might be Keeper's Kiss in the Beds. I don't blame her, that cabaret night is something else." - Nameless Mercenary

Uncommon rumours

  • "I think she travelled with a Garlean at some point. How do I know? Well, how else would she know how to work that beast of a rifle of hers?" - Quicksand Rumourmonger
  • "Heard she has a bit of a mean streak in her past, back when she traveled with those other three guys who carried guns too. One thing was for sure though, she was never more than ten steps away from the Highlander." - a Shaken Duskwight

Rare rumours

  • "She's not the same. She's changed since... I shouldn't say anymore, she might be watching." C'reshi, a Coeurlclaw Poacher

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