Fourier Vaillant

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Gridania-transparent.png Fourier Vaillant
New fourier.png
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Age 18
Sexuality Pansexual
Occupation Adventurer
Guardian Azeyma, The Warden
Namesday 20th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon



The daughter of one of the great families of Gridania, Fourier has experienced rather little of the world on a whole. This has given her a rather sheltered and naive view on life, which, while pleasant and somewhat refreshing, tends to get her and the people around her in trouble. Her two older brothers, disdainful of the family's haughty ways, have both washed their hands of the family and made their fortunes on sea and land, leaving Fourier as the sole representative of the Vaillant family's next generation. She left home with the intention of becoming an adventurer like her brothers and never returning, but after many trials and tribulations, saw fit to return once again-- and took on the mantle of the next Vaillant family head. After quite a few tragedies and a run-in with a succubus, Fourier is now living on her own in Ul'dah. Having inherited a friend's katar, she set down her bow in favor of pugilism. She works as a blade for hire and doesn't much discriminate about the sort of work she ends up doing.


Fourier is 5'3", and blessed with soft features that sets most people she meets at ease. Her hair is shoulder length, with some of it pulled back into a simple braided princess style, and adorned with a green ribbon. Her eyes are a deep, striking red and seem to carry a slight glow at all times. Her hair is a dull pinkish, closer to brown now than its original shade. She has wide, flared hips and a sizable chest, sporting some weight to her all around.


Fourier is endlessly positive and optimistic despite some of the less than ideal situations she is faced with. Although her age leads her to come off as rather immature and irresponsible, she has an innate need to help others and make the world a friendlier place. Being the only daughter of her family and only child left after her brothers' emancipation, she's somewhat spoiled and subconsciously finds herself thinking that she's entitled to the attention of others. She usually tries to act rebellious, however when push comes to shove, she will carry out her duty as she needs to.



Like most Gridanian nobility, Fourier was trained from a very young age in the use of the traditional longbow. However, seeking to follow her pacifistic nature, Fourier took up the art of conjury and became a rather talented healer. Since multiple run ins with Garleans and a particularly nasty voidsent however, she has abandoned conjury in favor of pugilism.


Her friends
Lush forests
The color pink
Catching fireflies


Violence and conflict
Forced responsibilities
Being lied to
Being left out
The desert


Knitting sweaters for friends
Reading cheesy romance novels


Favourite Food/Drink: Grape Juice
Favourite Place: The Shroud
Favorite Weather: Bright and Sunny
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Scents: Azeyma Rose oil




Easily Overheard Rumours
"I heard that she's the only heir left to the Vaillant bloodline." - "'Elusive Elezen'"
Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours
"After what happened at the Gala, I'm surprised her parents didn't just disown her and end the family's shame forever! No use having an heir at all when they're like...'that'" - "'Gossiping Girl'"
Rarely Overheard Rumours
"Did you hear the Vaillant girl joined some mercenary group? To think such a distinguished noble would sink so low!" - "'Shifty-eyed Sir'"
Player Character Rumours


The Vaillants were once one of the most distinguished families of Gridania, the current matriarch bearing three healthy children who were set in to continue the family line for the forseeable future. However, after many less than ethical actions by their parents, both of the eldest brothers of the family willfully emancipated themselves from luxury and riches to find their own fortunes, leaving the youngest and only daughter of the family to represent Vaillant's hopes for the future. Fourier was raised as most young noble girls were, taught to shoot a bow from the tender age of 6 and trained in other gentle arts such as sewing and music. She was as obedient as could be until her sixteenth nameday, upon which her mother proudly announced Fourier's arranged marriage with a boy from the most powerful family of the time, the Leucaiouxs. Distraught, but nonetheless trying to please her parents, she attended a huge spring Gala arm in arm with her betrothed. The evening went smoothly until the staged proposal at the end of the event, at which point she declined the boy's proposal and fled the scene. Too ashamed and scared of her parents' judgement to return, she stole what gil she could from the family coffers and bought passage to Ul'dah. After travelling with a small mercenary group known as the Onyx Toramas and near single-handedly leading to their falling apart, she now lives alone in the apartment she once shared with them and practices pugilism as a lone mercenary. She had a brief affair with Khalja Tsagaan, which has since ended after his departure from Eorzea. In between jobs, she is searching for the wayward knight Raulin, whom she believes to be in danger.


Theme Song: Sleepsong - Bastille

TV Tropes: TBD

Alignment: Chaotic Good

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