Frejl Whitemaire

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Frejl Whitemaire
'"Our troubles grow with the hour..."'
Crista'an's Mysterious Partner
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age ??
Height 70.6 ilms
Nameday 16th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Occupation Pirate Mediator
Server Balmung
Pronunciation /frāl/ (Frehyl) / /(h)wītˌme(ə)r/ / (wAYt-Maer)/

“I wouldn't cross her if I were you. All that patience has to have some exhaust."

—Crista'an about Frejl

Frejl, originally Freljelle Bardelaunt, is a player character in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. She is a Duskwight Elezen and is Crista'an's partner in crime at his Pirate Mediator firm, Bunansa Notary. Her title is "Martial Heiress" and acts as the frontline muscle and fixer of the group. Frejl is also known for her extraordinary craftsmanship, grace, and intellect. Frejl herself is also a skilled spokesperson, being in charge of maintaining many business relationships for the firm.

Appearance and Personality

Frejl is a Duskwight Elezen and thus has their dark skin complexion, thick white hair and long limbs. Frejl has black eyes and her hair, which she keeps down and undone, comes down to her neck. She has long bangs that are parted in the middle and her hair is whiter closer to her scalp and blacker towards the tip.

Frejl is a ver mysterious character, she is reserved among people of Elezen especially those of the Wildwood kind. Frejl rarely displays emotion openly. Frejl speaks in a calm tone with an accent, but rarely speaks to people she doesn't know; more often than not she will let Crista'an do all the talking. When offended, she will act expressionlessly cold.

Fran's goals and dreams in life are largely shrouded in mystery, but it is known she left her homeland due to banishment. Although Frejl likes to keep her distance from others, she is loyal to Crista'an and appears to care deeply for her sisters back in The Shroud. It is noted that Frejl feels lonely and sorrowful at times, having left been forced to leave her family behind.

Frejl displays happiness by way of a subtle smile in a few occasions. She often derives most of her amusement from seeing Crista'an drop his composure and whenever he feels exasperated or upset.


Early Life

Lisandrine and Sejliane Bardelaunt

Frejl used to be a kind and simple citizen of Gridania living peacefully in a cave somewhere near the Bentbranch Meadows. She lived there with her two younger sisters: Lisandrine and Sejliane. Being the eldest of the three sisters Frejl took on making Gil for them while Lisandrine took care Sejliane. Like many reclusive Duskwights, Frejl took to the stone.

One fated day, Frejl was out on an errand to Buscarron's Druther when she stumbled upon a secret meeting between bought-out Wood Wailers and a Garlean Group. Despite her innate Duskwight hearing she could not make clear of their conversations but what she did stay for was the sight of one of the Garlean men. The man was dashing; white-haired and Tall for a Hyur but always had this deep look in his eyes. She could not discern whether the man was of high or low rank due to foreign reasons but to Frejl it did not matter, all she cared about was that he made her want to see him more.

Almost 3 Moons had passed and Frejl would spy upon that same secret party. One fateful night as Frejl went to spy on the object of her affection she witnessed that that same secret meeting had a compromise; They were surrounded by Wood Wailers. The battle ensued and incidentally the one left standing was Frejl's Garlean admiration. As her duskwight ears heard a band of Wailers coming closer Frejl finally showed herself to the man and helped move him away from the scene of the battle. She held the man close to her as they hid behind Buscarron's Druther as she brought him water to drink from the creek. Knowing they couldn't stay there any longer, Frejl hid the man in a cave not far from Quarrymill.

Imperial Myrmillo Leccaius Van Scetzer

The days went by and the South Shroud had been in high alert as The Order of the Twin Adder had been looking for their Garlean guest, All the while Frejl had been tending to the Garlean man as their relationship escalated into romance. Incidentally they've been found out and that drew the end of their affair. It turns out that the man is Leccaius Van Scetzer, an Imperial Myrmillo and a Hyur Midlander, wanted for exploiting the citizens of Gridania and conspiring to incite a civil war in The Black Shroud. From amidst the band of Wood Wailers stood Lisandrine looking at Frejl with piercing tear-filled eyes. It was Lisandrine who sold her sister's activities to the Wailers, as it were she had possessed the Echo unbeknownst to Frejl.

Separated from Leccaius, Frejl was brought in front of her Duskwight clan to hear her sentence. She was charged with treason against the Twelveswood and by taboo of affixing with a Hyur, a Garlean no less. The shame that she brought upon her home was so great that they banished her away from the Twelveswood. Unable to speak with her sisters, Frejl was loaded unto a wagon set for Ul'dah where her citizenship is transferred.

Ffxiv frejl and cristaan long.png

On its way to Ul'dah, the wagon with Frejl was stopped at Drybone by some corrupt Brass Blades. The Syndicate happened to barter the wagon and its contents. She found herself stuck in Camp Drybone in the hands of the Syndicate. What hapless gentleman named Gil-Tongue Hans came by and inquired about her predicament. The gentleman, taking interest in Frejl, made a steep deal with the Syndicate for her ownership. After a series of events the gentleman won the bet and it's bounty; Frejl's freedom.

Hans offered Frejl her freedom in exchange for her service to escort him to The Black Shroud as he was looking to steer away from Ul'dah. Frejl regretfully refused, telling him all about her banishment and that she would never set foot in the Twelveswood again. After hearing her story Hans turned to her and asked her to come with him to Limsa Lominsa, suggesting they drop their names and search for a new life. She agreed to his terms and they both changed their names as Crista'an Vold Bunansa and Frejl Whitemaire and they headed out to Limsa Lominsa where they put up "Bunansa Notary Firm" and do business as Pirate Mediators. She still keeps true to the deal they set and will never truly be free until she musters up the courage and resolve to escort Crista'an through the Black Shroud.



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