Freya Khione

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 Freya Khione
Freya Khione
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Othard
Nameday 7th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Age 25
Occupation Emissary/Adventurer
Marital Status Single


Future leader of the Khione tribe, Freya is on a journey to seek out a way to help her people. Kindhearted and knowledgeable, she always tries to help those in need.

Early Life

Growing up in the mountains north of the Azim Steppe, Freya takes solace in the cold. Her tribe, a lesser-known mountain village, fashions weapons from the ice and are knowledgeable in the arcane arts. They are a peaceful community and has had a long mercantile relationship with Kugane for their coveted furs and cloths. The Khione tribe was prosperous but still lived under simple means. As daughter of the tribe chieftain, Freya grew up as a noblewoman in her community, being treated with respect all her life. Never haughty or pompous, Freya was always the picture of dignity, kindness and modesty, though she did lead a fairly sheltered childhood.
When she grew older, she was sent to begin her education in Ishgard with special permissions, and began learning under the most educated scholars in the city. As the future leader of her tribe, Freya always remembered where she came from and was rarely seen dressed in anything but her tribe's signature colors of White and Ice Blue. Freya's schooling included history, mathematics, business and trade, as well as etiquette and swordsmanship. While she wasn't treated with as much respect as she was used to, she kept her head high and worked toward her accomplishments.
When she came home as an adult of 20, she found that her village was not as prosperous as it once was. She learned that things have been changing and the Garlean occupancy has significantly decreased trade profits with Doma and Kugane. Her father, growing weaker with age, implored that Freya set out and find a way for her village to become prosperous again. Freya then set out on her journey to learn all that she can about the current world she lived in and hopes that the knowledge she gains during her travels would be enough to save her people from ruin.

Personality & Fighting Style

Freya Khione can be naive about the world sometimes, but her intentions are always pure. She is always seeking to learn, but can get frustrated at times when others don't see things in black and white as she does. To Freya, there is good and bad and that is the way of it. She always tries to help those less fortunate and is always looking for new experiences.
Freya's Ice rapier
An expert in swordsmanship as well as Black and White magic, she uses her Diamond Rapier to fight for those unable to fight for themselves - though only as a last resort. Many do not generally think of her as more than a Lady that is out of her depth. However, she moves swiftly and with precision in a fight and can certainly hold her own.

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