Fyeh Nihoto

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Gridania-transparent.png Fyeh Nihoto
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Fyeh Nihoto
The Sly Dragon
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Gridania
Nameday 27th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Relationship status Single
Server Balmung
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Basic Info


Fyeh's tribe was located a few miles outside of the Foundation in Ishguard. Her tribe mostly consisted of farmers and miners. Few years ago, near the age of 25, they were discovered by the followers of the Heavensward. They took prisoners, took lives of her friends and family but she manage to run and escape. To this day she does not know if she was just sneaky or they let her go on purpose. She has been moving around the world of Eorzea since. She never took up arms, instead she took up being a waitress in many different restaurants. She worked from the small locations in the Shroud to the open ocean air near the coast of Costa del Sol. She ended up at a location she feels safe finally at a small restaurant in Wineport.


Fast agility/reflexes Learns things quickly Loves small animals Loves sweets Tries to calm down situations if an argument appears. Tries to stay neutral in any argument situation, somehow tends to be the third wheel Can get drunk extremely quick. In Shock/afraid of anything bigger than her that is living. Monsters/peoples primarily. Houses are tolerable. Is somewhat forgetful, mostly forgetting names but faces can be remembered. Tends to doze/zone out if it's very quiet.


Possible student of Cedane Alvey

Other Notes