Fystrael Abylstyrwyn

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The Lalafell outfitter curses vehemently at the busy leatherworkers that force him to deal with the Roegadyn ogress staring rapturously at the weapons hung on the wall. He makes as much noise as possible while he drags a ladder across the stone tiles, grinning with malice as his co-workers cover their ears. The Roegadyn female is at least kind enough to finish dragging the ladder over and lean it against the wall next to her. Sighing and grumbling, the Lalafell finds a fresh page in his notebook before climbing. He is crestfallen when the end of his measuring string dangles a good 6 ilms from her toes.

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Gender: Female
Age: 17
Clan: Sea Wolf
Occupation: Beginner Marauder
Affiliations: None
Homebase: Limsa Lominsa

Basic Information

  • Name: Fystrael Abylstyrwyn
  • Nicknames: Big Sis
  • Gender: Physically female
  • Age: 17
  • Nameday: 13th Sun, 4th Umbral Moon
  • Deity: Althyk because axes.
  • Marital Status: Never!
  • Sexuality: Looks but won't touch


  • Height: 7 fulms, give or take an ilm
  • Weight: *cocks an eyebrow and stares skeptically, silently*
  • Build: Well-muscled under a goodly skimming of fat
  • Hair: Short, black, with blue highlights. Held back by bandeau.
  • Eyes: Brown, right eye slightly lighter than left eye due to acquired heterochromia of the left eye from a falling out with (of) a tree.
  • Distinguishing features: Mole by left eye. Scars across nose bridge and left jaw due to aforementioned spiteful tree. Uses eye black regularly to cut glare from sun.


Quick to laugh, cry, or just be emotional, but has a strange tendency not to speak. No-one seems to know why, but most do not mind.

Completely infatuated by fishing, carpentry, weaving and male physique, with a desire to wander the world.

A sucker for children despite escaping her siblings and having no desire to be a parent; prone to being tricked by orphans/street kids.

Will steal food.


Relatively normal life with a seafaring Pa, a doting but brusque Ma and four other siblings. Her family grew considerably after her Pa died and 3 other women, each with a child, showed up at the memorial. Now her Ma(s) all live in the same village, which she left in order to:

  1. Earn gil smashing her axe into things;
  2. Get away from all her family, and
  3. Ogle eye-catching males of all races while avoiding sex in general.


  • Father: Deceased. Known to her as Greinfyst, but he had numerous aliases. Profession unknown but involved extensive sailing.
  • Mothers: 4; Merlgeim, Styrblyss, Bloerael and her biological mother, Wyznwyb.
  • Siblings: 7 minions/brats; in order of birth after me:
  1. Swynborg (of Merlgeim);
  2. Syhrrael (of Wyznwyb);
  3. Sthalzwyn (of Wyznwyb) and Saelbzwyn (of Styrblyss);
  4. Blanrael (of Wyznwyb);
  5. Ourarael (of Bloerael) and
  6. Awyrhund (of Wyznwyb);
  • Children: By the Twelve, never!