Ganon Shosen

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 Ganon Shosen
"I get the feeling this is gonna be a really long night."
Envoy of Othard
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Doma, Ul'dah
Age 33
Guardian Dawn Father/Oschon, the Wanderer
Namesday 21st Day of the Fourth Umbral Moon


♦ General

Ganon was born Shosen Tamahagane, eldest child to the noble Shosen family in the valleys of Doma, in Othard. His mother, of the Shosen family, was a talented chef who married a blacksmith from a lesser noble family. So renowned was her talent that some twenty years ago, she was called upon to travel to Limsa Lominsa, across the sea, as part of a cultural exchange, and share the culinary style of the Raen with the people of Eorzea. Her family joined her-- her husband, her young son, Tamahagane, and her newborn daughter.

Within five years, his mother had died of an infection after being bitten by a Yarzon while fishing. She was buried in a quiet valley glade near Limsa Lominsa, and the childrens' father followed just two years later, after moving to Ul'dah and drinking himself to death. By then, Tamahagane, simply called Hagane by his family and simplified to 'Gan' or occasionally 'Ganon' by residents of Eorzea, was doing what he could to care for his sister, but after burying his father beside his mother, the young Au Ra gathered up what his family still had to their name and sailed back to Othard. There, Tamahagane trained as a fighter in the old traditions, as many of the noble class do-- while not warlike, the Raen are always prepared in case one of the Xaela tribes decides to turn its sights on them. He grew up with his cousins, and as the years passed, he mastered the old Doman martial arts.

When the Calamity struck Eorzea, a missive went out to Othard seeking aid. Though the Raen were moved by their plight, the journey to Eorzea was long and dangerous, and few were inclined to risk life and limb to leave their home, perhaps never to return. Nonetheless, Ganon and his sister both felt a desire to return to the land where they had spent their childhood and lend their aid. Ganon, however, put his foot down; he refused to allow his younger sister to make the dangerous journey and endanger herself. Upon his arrival, Ganon found no evidence that anyone had sent for aid at all; he traveled from one city to another, trying to determine who had sent the missive to Othard, but settled back in Ul'dah, where he joined the Immortal Flames and began to fight to help reconstruct Eorzea in the wake of the disaster. In Eorzea, he uses the name Ganon, uncomfortable with the idea of sharing his true given name with total strangers.

To fund his lifestyle, he has taken up the craft of alchemy-- not a far leap from his culinary roots, but far more profitable, and found himself quite good at it. Nonetheless, cooking remains his passion, and he still tries to pop into the Bismarck to be a guest chef when he can manage it.

♦ Appearance

Ganon stands tall, even by the standards of his race, at very near to eight fulms. This cuts an imposing figure even around Roegadyn, though he lacks their bulk. He has dark green skin, which contrasts the deep red color of his hair and the pale yellow-white of his scales, whippy tail, and forward-swept horns. He has his share of scars across his face and chest, old training scars and more recent ones sustained in his adventures as an adventurer and member of the Immortal Flames. He also always wears a patch over his left eye, which he lost in the same attack that eventually claimed his mother's life. To describe him as muscular might conjure the wrong image; Ganon is very lean, with muscle densely packed rather than bulging.

Ganon most often moves comfortably in light leather and cloth armor and fights barefisted or using claw weapons, but has been known to wear much heavier gear when he picks up a sword.

♦ Behavior

Ganon is in some ways typical of his people; though he is a fighter, and he has no love for war, Ganon's temper frequently gets the better of him and the joy he finds in martial struggle can leech into his problem-solving skills. He loves to fish and cook, especially for his friends, and it's noteworthy that he meditates daily to align what he calls his 'qi'. In his work for the Flames, Ganon will often seek peaceful solutions before bringing his fists to bear, though given much of his work involves the Amalj'aa, he's become heavily invested in the Brotherhood of Ash, whose way of life is giving him new respect for both the beastmen and the Xaela, not to mention left him seeking to hone his martial prowess further. Where matters of injustice are concerned, however, Ganon is prone to letting deep-seated anger drive his actions, which tends to get him into trouble with the law.


Ganon is a practitioner of old Doman martial arts, developed from the hand to hand combat employed by those monks who revered the Four Lords of Doman mythology. While he flips from one style to another to adapt his aetheric enhancement, he focuses heavily on grapples, throws, and destabilizing his opponents to control the way they move, anticipating their movement and trapping them with an automatic movement. In addition, his style includes many quick strikes intended to cripple or disarm opponents, sometimes permanently. His aim, when combat begins, is to end it quickly by one means or another. Even when he wields a two-handed blade, heavy armor, and fell magic arts, Ganon uses throws to quickly disable his foes so that he can follow with the killing strike.


Rainy Days ("Why I chose to live in Ul'dah, I'll never know.")


Raw Tomato


Fishing and Cooking
He reads voraciously.


Favourite Food/Drink: Aldgoat Curry/Umeshi
Favourite Place: The Azim Steppe

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💑 Umeko Shosen: Ganon's betrothed from their home village came to Eorzea to join him when the Doman rebellion failed and resulted in Garlean crackdowns. They were married shortly thereafter, and discovered their shared blessing of the Echo.
Nanama Kha: Ganon wound up taking a job with Nanama, and she seems to remind him strongly of his younger sister. He dotes on her like a daughter, to her frequent chagrin.
Kumokiri Kusakari: Ganon fell in with Kusakari Industries after he assisted in the Doman liberation, when he and Umeko were seeking an Eorzea-side company to work with, as their work with the Scions had become sparse. Though his relationship with Kiri is occasionally contentious as a result of his love of pranks, Ganon loves his new job as the KI head chef, where he finally gets to put his culinary skill to use for people he cares about.
Keai Tumet: One of Ganon's oldest Eorzean friends, he's been thrilled to be reunited with her when she came across Kusakari Industries, and there's little doubt they'll be up to their old mischief again soon.
Atropa Ferox of the Dotharl: Ganon's first retainer, whom he trained to become an adventurer in her own right, is now his ally at Kusakari Industries! Although she's not much younger than he is, he loves her like a daughter.
Ross Silvercrest: That boy ain't right. Ganon has it in his head to help Ross get his head on straight.


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