Garaf Bregaur

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Gridania-transparent.png Garaf
The Erstwhile Engineer
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Gridania
Age ~20 (exact birthday unknown)
Namesday 25th Sun, 5th Moon
Height 7'
Likes building things, speed, high places, aldgoat burgers, stormy weather
Dislikes Boredom, Duran Mithranc, lectures, veggies, marmots


Even for an elezen Garaf is tall and lean with sharp, angular features. He has grey eyes and keeps his grey-blue hair tied back in some very rough semblance of a knot. With a preference for simpler, more utilitarian attire he generally prefers to wear blue and/or grey. It's rather uncommon to find him absent a pair of goggles and an overly equipped tool belt. Since he doesn't shave terribly often (if at all) he has a nice stubbly beard going and somehow manages to keep the dirt, soot, and random smudges on his person to a minimum.


Much to his companion, Crawa's, considerable inconvenience, Garaf has his own personal ideas for what does and does not define appropriate behavior and tends to go with that flow. By comparison he's rather impulsive and much more likely to disregard social norms. At the same time he's quite sincere and genuinely wants to do right by those he feels loyal to; a combination that in the past has proven prone to causing considerable consternation for his companion. He's very protective of Crawa's safety but doesn't seem to harbor any conventional concern for his own.

While he does have a strong moral code, it's not always consistent with the usual norms. He often engages in petty theft if it seems advantageous, or particularly if other means of acquiring a particular item are impractical. He's also stolen things in order to repair them and subtly "steal" them back, if he's trying to be nice. He can be confused by foreign customs and etiquette and tends to follow Crawa's lead if convenient.

Garaf is not inherently violent though he has been known to enjoy the occasional "tussle", particularly if he grows bored. Absent a personal cause to fight he's more likely to avoid combat than to seek it out.


Warning: Spoilers abound
Approximately 21 years ago (from the launch of ARR) Garaf appeared at the Gate of Randirim Temple (Birthday Gone Bad). The Nerians took him in and set Crawa to be his caretaker while he recovered from his wounds. Garaf spent the remainder of his youth at the Temple (The Grand Adventures of Little Garaf and Crawa) and developed a skill for repairing and constructing various items around the Temple. When the time came for Crawa to set off on her journey, Garaf went along as her companion.

The two of them got off to a rocky start Gilless in Gridania and wound up moving from Gridania to Ul'dah and then to Limsa Lominsa in their search for Crawa's parents. In a dramatic display of distilled Garaf-ness, during their stay at Limsa Lominsa Garaf managed to steal a small airship. He was able to figure out how to pilot the craft on the fly but was unable to discern how to navigate from the air before the vessel ran out of fuel.

After a crash landing in the mountains outside Sharlayan, he and Crawa became involved escorting a cadre of Sylph back to the Twelveswood. The journey took them nearly 18 months and by the time they returned Dalamud was already well on its way.

Crawa reconnected with Duran, still serving as a Lieutenant in the Wood Wailers, and Garaf joined the two of them in the Twin Adder forces marching to Mor Dhona. During the Battle of Carteneau (Separation Anxiety), Garaf was separated from Crawa and Duran and was leapt forward separately. He then spent a considerable amount of time trying to reconnect with Crawa (The Long Road Home)



Crawa Nerian

Garaf's been with Crawa for as long as he can remember. There's no question in his mind that the two of them belong together, if not necessarily in a romantic sense, and he has reflexively resisted anything that seemed like it might move them apart (notably Duran). To use the Facebook parlance for their relationship "It's complicated."

Guthlac Nerian

Crawa's grandfather is something of a distant patriarch for Garaf. He's never been particularly close to "the Old Man" except through Crawa. The two of them share an amiable respect for one another, even if they don't agree on everything.


The Lalafell Esslar is a retainer in the employ of the Nerian family who saw to the education of Crawa and (later) Garaf at the Temple. Oftentimes when something would go awry at the Temple it was Esslar who suffered the brunt of the damage. None the less he's probably the closest thing Garaf has to a father.

Duran Mithranc

Duran and Garaf have a long standing, bitter fault rivalry. Each of them possesses a personality that seems perpetually opposed to the other. It certainly doesn't help that Duran is betrothed to Crawa.

Eva Ianeira

Garaf and Crawa once did a single job for Eva as porters on the way to Ul'dah. Garaf wouldn't recall her well enough to know her name most likely, but he'd probably recognize that he's seen her before.