Garyen Carillon

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 Golyth Carillon
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship New Gridania
Birth Place Othard
Guardian Rhalgr the Destroyer
Name Day 26th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon (Age:38 )
Marital Status Single, Always
Occupation Sellsword, Dragoon, and Dark Knight
Pronunciation Go Lai Ith
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Height: 7'

Weight: 210 lbs

Complexion: Face paint around eyes that is black in color.

Hair:. Long red hair with black streaks in it.

Eyes: Yellow in color with black limbral rings.

Particular Traits: Small pieces of bone sticking out the back of his head.

Voice: Deep and very monotone in sound.

Clothing Style: Loose shirts and pants are typically worn in towns.



Practicing the lance and 2 handed sword styles.


Walks in the moon light, having a decent conversation, and people watching.


Disloyal people, those who put blame on others, prostitutes, manwhores, general drama.


  • Color: Red and Purple
  • Food: Simple things like meat and sliced vegetables
  • Drinks: Red Wines
  • Scent: Typically smells of which ever area he's in. Does tend to carry a small bag that smells of lavender.
  • Place: Black Shroud
  • Festival: Moonfaire


  • To one day settle down again and forget about his pursuit of the darker arts.
  • Once again find someone to love.
  • Rebuild his home in the Black Shroud.


  • Garyen stopped praying to the twelve when his lover was taken from him. It was at that time he started to believe in himself more and thought the only true power was that found in aetheryte.


  • Chaotic Neutral



  • Garyen has a small problem being around Miqo'te women. Since his former lover was Miqo'te he has been attracted to them but lately he's found the company of a Doman woman to be to his liking.


  • Falling in love to easily. His only other flaw is his denial of loosing his ability to cast magiks.


  • Being alone is the only real fear Garyen has ever had.


Garyen is a decent fisherman and he can also tailor to some extent.


  • Garyen is intelligent as far as books and tomes go. He's spent plenty of time in the world to understand how things work but he still tends to play ignorant with things he doesn't care for.


Final Fantasy Characters: Kefka? Who knows...

Other Game Characters:

Anime Characters: D - Vampire Hunter D -, Hellsing - Hellsing Ultimate,

Abilities and Skills


Typical staff found on most mages. Garyen is also known to have a dagger in his overcoat and has also been seen practicing the sword and shield techniques that the Paladins of Ul'dah use.



Family and Relationships


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Most of Garyen's family died in the Calamity. He does how ever know there is some of his kin left alive in the Coerthas area. Either way he doesn't care for them.


Lhea Korolon has become a very close friend to Garyen. For now they have gone their separate ways. She'll always be a close friend to him and he'll come to her aid when ever she calls.

Emmette Stringers is also one Garyen considers a friend. They don't speak as often as they once did but he always can find time to chat with her. Emmette is a curious woman to Garyen. He never knows which angle she is trying to work but he finds her very interesting.

Hotaru Gin - became a friend when she decided to stare at Garyen's coat one day. Garyen finds her interesting to talk to because of her child like nature inside the Quicksand. The two have become very close as of late. Garyen is now in her employment as bodyguard. Behind the scenes is another story entirely. For them to be just friends and spend as much time together as they do leaves many people talking and spreading rumors. Twelve forbid is something were to happen to this girl under his care..




Music Themes

Dir en Grey - 空谷の跫音 (Kūkoku no Kyōon) [Footsteps In the Lonely Valley]


Name and Lifestyle

Name Etimology


None yet.

Current Residence

  • Mor Dhona for now but some day he'll return to the Shroud.

Before Dalamud's Fall

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Teen Years

After Dalamud's Fall


A Realm Reborn (Present, 23)

Other Notes

Wanted for Interesting Roleplay