Gervannant Holmen

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 Gervannant Holmen
"Grumpy elf dad"
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship The Holy See of Ishgard
Age 52
Sexuality Heterosexual/Asexual
Occupation Temple Knight (lancer)
Height/Weight - fulms - ilms / 187 ponze
Diety Halone

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Basic Info

Gervannant (pronounced Jehr-vah-nahnt) is an elezen male and temple knight of the Holy See of Ishgard.


His son
His country
Rule, law and order
Being in the right
Knight bread


Those who talk too much or are unable to identify just when it's best not to speak (which, around him, is generally all the time)
The upper class
False allegations


Appearance & Personality

When not hidden behind armor and his helmet, Gervannant can be seen as a tanned skin elezen, well into his years as evidence to the wrinkles carved into his brow and at the corners of his eyes, along with the creases around a stern, unsmiling mouth. Atop his head is dark brown hair with a hint of red in it, pulled back into a slick but thick ponytail and a beard connecting to the sideburns that sit on each side of his face, a few stray hairs dangling over them near the ears. His eyes are a golden brown, often or not examining those around him like a hawk.
As an elderly man who has dedicated the entirety of his life in protecting the city of Ishgard, Gervannant cannot be considered a fun, let alone enjoyable company. Curt and focused, he comes off as cold and unfeeling towards most who interact with him, a walking mouthpiece of the law rather than an individual. That is, when he's on shift.

Known Biography

(Some information on his sister will be shared too because I don't want to make a separate RP page for her)
Born and raised in the Central Highlands of Coerthas, Gervannant Holmen lived with his widowed mother and sister, Yseulette. Despite the vast differences between the two siblings--Yseulette the friendly and supporting type and Gervannant the distant and short tempered one--the two spent much of their time together growing up, centered around helping to support their mother who experienced lingering depression after the accusation of their father's supposed heresy and inevitable plunge into Witchdrop. Though cleared of all allegations when his body underwent no transformations, the family still underwent many forms of social heckling. Such abuse left Gervannant bitter and even disgusted with his father for even gathering suspicion, causing the boy to continuously work on becoming a lancer for the Temple Knights as means to prove his own loyalty to the Holy See, distancing himself from the man that had caused ruin to their repuation. Yseulette, on the other hand, took the tragedy in stride, feeling no need to prove herself or her family more than her father's death already had. While Gervannant worked for the city she chose to work outside the gates at Camp Dragonhead under the House of Fortemps to protect those who traveled Coerthas. While separated, the siblings continued to keep in contact through letters, sharing what events happened in their lives and the prospect of children as they grew older. Gervannant stated plainly he held no plans nor want to be anything but a bachelor--the idea of children far too irritating for him--while Yseulette openly shared her wishes to have a child. The chance almost occurred for her after she married a fellow Fortemps guard but the possibility was taken away after a miscarriage and the death of her husband shortly thereafter. But one more chance appeared.
Hearing about a caravan of a dozen infected orphans that would be in need of a chaperone to protect on their journey to Warmwine Sanitorium, Yseulette took to the offer, writing to her brother that it would give her the opportunity to interact with children more to see if she really was ready to become a mother. And, if all went well, perhaps this would give her the chance to even bond with one of the orphans and eventually adopt them. Only a day after receiving the letter did Gervannant get a notice about his sister's death. During the beginning of their travels towards Gridania, an ogre known as Gargamelle came out and attacked the caravan, Yseulette doing all she could to fight the beast off. Despite her attempts the woman was killed and the children consumed, some even carried away for a later snack. The event would later be so charmingly known as the Bellyful Incident. After identifying what was left of her body and burying the body there was no more talk nor thought from him about his sister, wishing to simply move on.
A decade later on a particularly cold, snowy winter's day, Gervannant found himself posted outside the Gates of Judgement to check the perimeters with a fellow knight. A massacre of a miqo'te clan was found in the snow, to which Gervannant ordered the other to get a wagon so as to carry and dispose the bodies elsewhere as a means to keep the attraction of mobs from their city's gates. While the other man was gone though, Gervannat not only came across fresh aevis tracks in the snow but also a child hidden in the roots of a dead, uprooted tree. After recovering from the shock of there even being a survivor, especially a child at that, Gervannant's mind was struck with two choices: send the child off to Gridania with the chance it could be attacked in similar fashion to what caused his sister's death or risk persecution by taking the child in himself. Heavy with guilt at the idea of willingly putting the child in a situation all too familiar to him and partially guided by the wishes his sister once had, Gervannant decided to make what he considered the first decision he had ever not fully thought out. Concealing the boy under the coat covering his armor, the elezen excused himself to his returning comrade, stating he needed to give the evidence of dragons being nearby the gates to higher-ups immedietly. With that he smuggled the child to his home before shortly going off to do exactly what he had used as an excuse. Upon returning, he was able to get the boy's name, all he was told was 'Eir'a.'
Of course, being far too loyal to his home and admittedly fearing the persecution his father had once undergone, Gervannant's faith in raising an outsider in complete secrecy quickly crumbled. He requested a private hearing to turn himself in and attempt to defend, if not request to continue performing his original goal. Initial reactions were strongly against the idea, some even accusing the temple knight for being just like his father, but upon bringing up enough counter arguments and points--the boy's age allowed him no identity just yet so it was possible to raise him under the teachings of Halone, his survival right outside their gates could have possibly been a sign by the Fury herself, and his race allowed him to stay up later at night which could, in the future, be useful to them somehow--managed to gain enough favor to grant his wish. Whether he believed all that he spouted is uncertain but, ordered to keep the boy completely out of sight, never to interact with anyone aside Gervannant while in the city and figuring out a means of making the boy useful in the future, he was allowed to return home to his new ward.
Such a promise was a difficult one to keep. Personality wise, Gervannant himself was already a horrible candidate as a parent, often not knowing how to properly deal with situations surrounding Eir'a, not being able to spend time with him due to his work and even unintentionally piling up insecurities on the boy. Not only that but guilt slowly began to creep in the man's mind, realizing if keeping a child locked in from the world around him was actually such a good idea, initial good intentions or not. Yet, having only each other and getting through the struggles to understand one another, the two were able to form the loosest sense of a father-son bond. Even with his busy schedule the man did his best to make time to raise Eir'a into as much of a respectable, intelligent young man as he could. Not all his intents were of pure intent though, occasionally forcing his son to learn certain subjects--such as calligraphy--as a means to develop talents that could help fulfill the promise he had made to the higher houses. Luckily, this plan had managed to work, giving Eir'a the job to become a scribe at the age of 11, allowing him to be out of sight and taking advantage of his nature's more nocturnal traits.
By the time his son had become 17 though, Gervannant felt it necessary to get his son out of Ishgard. Seeing Eir'a become the anxious,self doubting man he had become, the knight knew such traits were of his doing along with his environment. It was time he get away from all of this and get the chance to actually live a life. Thusly, with a heavy heart, he sent for the boy to be taken out of the city--all his more noticeable traits (ears, tail, markings, teeth) concealed from those chaperoning him.
What's happened since to the man is unclear at the time being.


  • The first time Gervannant began to develop guilt over his decision is also the prominent memory the two share where they recall actually having fun together; during the Starlight Festival. The day the memory occurred though is the same day Gervannant was forced to be more strict about keeping Eir'a out of sight


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Current Relations

Sexual Desire Romantic Interest Platonic Love
Good Standing Neutral Poor Standing
Eir'a Holmen: He will most likely never be able to express his true feelings coherently (mostly because he assumes the boy should know) but Gervannant deeply cares for his son. While he has no idea how the miqo'te is doing now that he's left Ishgard, Gervannant only hopes he's experiencing all he can and enjoying it. He holds a lot of guilt towards the boy, only realizing the folly of his decision to raise him out of sight far too late. He feels should Eir'a ever develop a grudge against him that it would only be completely understandable.



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