Giselle Marinnoux

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Giselle Marinnoux-Sormr
“Information is the most powerful currency this world has--when you hold all of the cards, you have all of the control.”
Gender Female
Race Viera
Clan Veena
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Zalera
Occupation Cafe Owner
Age 25 (ARR), 29 (ShB)
Grand Company The Maelstrom
Rank Storm Captain
Nameday 4th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
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Basic Info

An orphaned viera trained in the art of astrology from a young age, Giselle fled Kugane after the death of her adoptive father and took up work as a travelling healer and craftswoman. She has recently started a fairly successful business, Serendipi-Tea, based in the sixth ward of The Goblet.

Recent events have lead to her death and subsequent resurrection, and Giselle is still recovering from the trauma.

Having taken more of a backseat management position at the tea shop, Giselle has decided to focus more on her alchemical ventures, brewing potions of all kinds for those who may need them. Her office, located in Ward 20 of Shirogane, is where most of her brewing takes place, and where she is most likely to be available to take orders. However, she is reachable by Moogle post regardless of current location, and through any of the employees at Serendipi-Tea.


At the tender age of five Giselle was abandoned on the streets of Kugane, left to succumb either to starvation or the elements; why, she never learned, and the trauma of abandonment has haunted the viera well into adulthood. She was half-dead when a Highlander woman named Adala stumbled upon her during her travels, taking Giselle and nursing her back to health.

Adala was the only family she had ever known, and the woman raised her with love and affection. The stars had brought them together, and she quickly fell in love with the little viera, caring for her as though she were her own child. Deciding that a stable life would be better for her newfound daughter the two settled into a small home near the markets, where Adala met a former Ishgardian knight named Leodaire Marinnoux.

The two fell deeply and quickly in love, though Adala was hesitant to get close to him due to the looming threat of the Empire; however, the Elezen made it clear he didn’t care what danger lingered in the shadows, he simply wanted them to be together, to love and protect as family. After a year-long courtship and two-month engagement they were wed in a small, intimate ceremony, seven-year-old Giselle finding peace and home at last.

Giselle grew up learning skills that would help her later in life: everything from basic weaving to advanced alchemy, at which she excelled; nothing was off-limits to the young girl if she showed interest in it, and it was Adala who recognised the gift of magic in her and instructed the girl in the art of astrology; she learned to dance in her spare time, finding the troupes that passed through the city fascinating, and quickly picked up the art--much to her father's chagrin.

Their happiness as a family was not meant to last, however; shortly after her fifteenth nameday Leodaire was accused of being a Garlean spy, a baseless rumour that nonetheless cost the man his life at the hands of a frightened, angry mob right in front of her. Barely making it out of the ensuing scuffle unharmed she was met with a wide-open door and empty house, Adala nowhere to be found no matter how frantically she looked.

Reeling from the death of her father and sudden disappearance of her mother shortly thereafter, Giselle did the only thing she could think of and left the city-state, stowing away on an airship bound for Eorzea and putting as much distance between herself and her home as possible. The journey would prove difficult, however; mere days after crossing the border into Thanalan Giselle was kidnapped, held prisoner by an unknown organisation experimenting on people in an attempt to get the Echo to manifest in them.

For months she was tortured, imbued with vast amounts of aether, until finally an au ra stumbled upon the place where she was being held, slaughtered her captors, and brought her back to the Waking Sands to be tended to. As she recovered there Giselle learned more about the Scions and their mission; feeling indebted to them she joined their cause, lying about her age and doing everything in her power to appear older than a mere sixteen. She took up with the Maelstrom not long after, her skills serving them well and propelling her quickly up the ranks.

Despite her success as an adventurer all Giselle wanted to do was settle down and live out her life in relative peace; having found love in Tseren Sormr, the man who saved her from torture, and a slew of new friends, she's shifted her focus towards doing good in the world in other ways. Recently united with a young woman revealed to be a long-lost younger sister, the two have worked hard to open their own cafe and bathhouse, from which they supply whatever their patrons may need.

While leaving the fishmonger after along evening of haggling for goods in Limsa, Giselle found herself alone on the docks, enjoying the scent of the sea and slowly-darkening sky above revealing stars hidden by daylight. She often stopped without incident to enjoy a moment of peace before venturing home, and this night was to be no different; however, Giselle found herself the next victim of a serial murderer who had been roaming the land, chased by all three Grand Companies and somehow evading capture.

Upon returning from his venture her then-fiancé, Tseren, found their shop closed, her body having been brought back by her sister, Una Pendragon. Unable to accept her death Tseren sought out the help of the dragons he'd been raised by and, using a combination of draconic magic and Allagan technology, pulled her soul from the Lifestream and into her body once again.

She's slowly recovered from her wounds and has since resumed managing the cafe under the watchful eyes of both her sister and her husband.


Having been left for dead as a young child Giselle has a deeply-rooted fear of abandonment; she is willing and ready to do whatever it takes to keep those she loves from leaving, and holds power in very high esteem. What others have to say about her affects Giselle deeply, though she attempts to hide behind dry wit and an aloof exterior.

Despite being quick to anger she doesn't act on it immediately, preferring the slow and methodical approach to dealing with her problems--particularly when the problems are other people. She is a fierce protector of those she considers family, and holds them close, guarding their affection almost jealously; though she has been gifted with an abundance of charisma Giselle often finds it difficult to make friends, her aloof demeanor off-putting to most. Once a person manages to get past her somewhat icy exterior Giselle proves to be a funny, passionate woman, and loyal to a fault.


Extremely tall even for her race, Giselle is long-limbed and moves with a grace not uncommonly seen in those skilled in dance. Slim and athletic in build she has been blessed with ample curves that she displays to utmost advantage, preferring tight-fitting clothing made of soft, breathable materials dyed in shades of gunmetal, black, and deep purple.

Golden hair frames a face often described as 'lovely,' with bronze-tanned skin covered in a heavy dusting of freckles. Though her features may be soft, there is no mistaking the determination that shines in her gaze and the hard set of her jaw. Her large, almond-shaped eyes are rimmed in kohl, highlighting their brilliant jadeite hue.

Often seen peeking out from her more revealing clothing, Giselle's body is covered in thin, silvery scars, most of which are the result of the torture she'd endured in her teens. The most recent of them spans the length of her sternum, put there by the sword that killed her.

Short, fur-tipped ears perch atop her head, a natural backwards tilt to them giving the impression of permanent alertness. They are in near-constant motion, the smallest of sounds causing them to flick in whatever direction it happens to come from.

Affiliations & Relationships

  • Leodaire Marinnoux - adoptive father, a Duskwight elezen who formerly worked as a knight for House Dzemael before his self-exile to the Far East; Leodaire was in charge of her alchemy training as a child, and the two bonded over their many similarities. He was murdered shortly after her fifteenth nameday.
  • Adala Marinnoux - adoptive mother, a Highlander woman from Sharlayan who took Giselle in and treated her as the daughter she never had. Skilled in botany and woodworking, she taught the young Giselle the finer points of both, and encouraged her to pursue training as an astrologian. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.
  • Tseren Sormr - travelling companion and romantic partner, the au ra who rescued her from her torturers. A dragoon with a tense past concerning dragons and Ishgard, the two bonded over their commonalities, eventually falling into a relationship before they even realised it was happening. As fellow (former, in Giselle's case) members of The Maelstrom, they share a rank and can often be found comparing notes on tactics and squadron training.
  • Una Pendragon - a sister Giselle had never known as a child, and only recently connected with. They co-own the cafe Serendipi-Tea
  • Grayson Snowfell -

Other Notes

  • Giselle adores Triple Triad, despite not being good at it
  • In her spare time she can be found sewing, reading, or painting
  • One of her most intense passions is botany, and in any of her living or office quarters it's not unusual to find the place covered in plants