Glittering Rose

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— Glittering Rose —

"Void troubles? I have just the thing."

Birth name Unknown
Race Lalafell (Dunesfolk)
Gender Female
Age 32
Nameday 17th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Marital Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual
Occupation Magical Item Consultant
Height 2'10"
Weight 29 ponz


Her face is round as standard for a Lalafell, with small features aside from her big eyes. Her nose and the tips of her ears are a darker brown, and she has dark freckled cheeks. She usually wears makeup, most notable being pink glitter that contrasts with her freckles. Her ears are longer than average and sit low, sticking out horizontally. Her canines are unusually sharp, giving her an impish appearance when she smiles.

Her figure is soft and curvy, her shoulders slightly more narrow in comparison to her hips. Her hands and feet are on the small side, and her chest is larger than average for a Lalafell (though that's not saying much). Her arms and hands are noticeably paler than the rest of her skin due to what look like burn scars, though she usually covers them. Her right eye is magenta, while her left eye is pale pink and glazed over. She has long, thick curls, almost capable of covering her entire body; she usually wears it in twin buns with the back hanging loose, though she switches it up from time to time.


For the most part, she enjoys stylish, but comfortable clothing; she likes loose-fitting outerwear and form-fitting underwear, with fabrics that are breathable and easy to move around in. The styles vary based on where she is globally, as she travels often and prefers her fashion to match the locals. The palettes she gravitates to are usually on the darker side, with deep, rosy reds as an accent. She is almost never found without some sort of garment covering her hands and forearms, to hide the burn scars that cover them. She also covers her left eyes, usually with a rose-decorated eyepatch.


Feminine but slightly deep for a Lalafell. Her singing voice has an ethereal quality to it.

She has a charismatic, if odd, personality and usually has no trouble ingratiating herself in different groups. Though not quick to anger, she has a cruel side pushed over the brink.


tea and sweets


voidsent (but it's complicated)
the cold
creepy men


Alignment: chaotic neutral
Faults: mood swings
Favorite Flavors: sweet, smoky
Favorite Color: rolanberry red


Glittering Rose was the child of a void mage out in the Sagolii Desert, whose particular cult was shut down by a Flames squadron. The leader of the assault, a man named Silver Comet, found the then orphaned infant and would later adopt her.

Over the years, she trained in thaumaturgy and arcanima, which led to her developing her own style of magic using her voice as a conduit alongside her grimoire. She eventually took a special interest in voidsent, much to her father's chagrin. After a heated argument, he told her the truth about where she came from, and begged her not to head down that path. She promised him she wouldn't - but perhaps against his wishes, she decided to start hunting voidsent instead of just studying them. A particularly nasty run-in resulted in her scarred arms and eye - she was healed, but the white magic used to do so left lasting effects on her.

The light aether infused into her seemed to attract voidsent, so she used it to her advantage. She developed a technique that allowed her to trap voidsent within her grimoire, using her voice to lure them in. She started a business of sorts, 'exorcising' voidsent from haunted items and areas.


She currently runs a trade company specializing in magical items and other oddities, which is of course a front to expand her grimoire 'collection.'


(easy to overhear)


(moderately difficult to overhear)


(very difficult or rarely overheard)


(rumors from the characters of other players)
Beloved Romantic Interest Platonic Love
Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing
Enemy Family Member Business Deceased
? Uncertain


Silver Comet
Her adoptive father. Though now retired, he was a respected Flames officer.
Silver Comet's husband and Rose's other father. He owns a small bakery in Ul'dah.
Lunar Tear
Silver Comet's sister, who Rose stayed with while she was studying in Limsa Lominsa.
Perish's deceased lover; his body was possessed by a voidsent for a time before it was trapped.




I am available for RP through the game (Goblin) and Discord (Mink#3392); Discord is preferable.

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