Graive Elune

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 Graive Elune
"Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly."
The Empress
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age Appears 24 ( Biologically 62 )
Martial Status Bonded/Married
Namesday 2nd Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Free Company Envisage of Night

Graive Elune [ Greyv Élune ] is a dark skinned Au Ra with a questionable, dark past. Currently one of the head leaders of Envisage of Night, she has led other companies in the past - including one similar to Envisage of Night where she was affectionately dubbed 'The Empress'. There are still others from this era that still call her by such a title, while Graive is by no means a true empress, she has made herself a well-known force within the black market, drug facets and slave trade within Eorzea.

More often than not, Graive is assumed to be an evil force. Truth be told, however, Graive is not truly capable of understanding the alignments people label themselves with. She thinks all are capable of bad deeds and all are capable of good ones - it all depends upon the person's goals and desires. The 'witch' as she is also often called, simply does not let such restrictions keep her from taking what she wants and achieving that which she sets out to do.

Graive has an extreme interest in the study of aether and dark magics, more pointedly, voidsent. Most often she is seen with her nose in a book, or filling a grimoire with findings and studies. To pass the time, Graive also dabbles in the darker side of alchemy, creating concoctions that people seek her out for. A bad habit, one might say, that Graive also has is 'smoking' or so it appears. She uses a pipe, and if not a book, this will be in her hands or between her dark lips.


♦ Biography

Born within an occult-like setting, Graive does not often share how the beginning of her life began - or for that matter, where. Her mother, Piella, was a dark woman; dabbling in things a mortal often should not dare tamper with. The man who helped create her was, at best, a womanizer and was found more often within the bed of another than in Graive's life. Blessed with seven siblings, more specifically, seven sisters - Graive was the youngest of all and the last of her mother's children. Piella's twisted personality became even more skewed when knowledge of her husband's adultery came to light. In her rage and hatred, Piella lashed out at the closest person she could - Graive. Due to her striking resemblance to her father, and being the only child to receive such a 'blessing', Graive became subject to her mother's redirected fury. Raziel, her father, disappeared - most assumed to run away from his crazed wife and abundance of children. It was a responsibility he apparently no longer wanted.

As much as they wished to help and protect their little sister, Graive's siblings feared for their lives and so decided to turn the other cheek to the abuse. Despite her resemblance to her father, however, Graive was also the only child born of Piella to have such a promising future in dark magics and scientific study. The cult leader had found her heiress, and conditioning her became a forefront project. For seventeen years Graive was given no quater. Her body was pushed to its limits with punishment involving lashings, burns and an endless amount of other cruelties. The sweet, timid child that would smile just for the sake of smiling no longer had a light in her eyes. Many times Piella would use Graive as a subject of experiments involving dark magics and aether flow, as well.

Just before her sixteenth birthday, Graive was sent into town for ingredients on a new project her mother was going to start. It was something that brought the girl to life, as she was never given the privilege to even leave the house. And it was here that she met the boy that changed her life around, Casimir. Charming, yet clumsy, it was love at first sight, as they say. A childish love that had no base or foundation, just innocence. Despite this, they fell fast and hard. Graive would find ways to sneak out at night to spend them with him, returning in the morning exhausted and due to this her studies and her work suffered. Over a year passes of this repeating itself, Graive taking harsher punishments simply to see Casimir. A proposal was made, Casimir no longer wished to see Graive suffer and so they decided to elope - running away to become married in a far off land. It did not take Piella, unfortunately, very long at all to track down her wayward daughter.

Casimir and Graive were found on their wedding night, about to consummate the marriage in all their love. Sadly, such would not come to pass as Piella defeated Graive and took Casimir - disappearing into the night. Desperate to save her husband, she went after her mother, unfortunate that it was exactly what Piella wanted. Upon finding her mother and husband, Graive was once again defeated and bound, being forced to watch as her husband was tortured to death. Piece by piece, his skin was removed from his body and what was worse is that agony was shared all to sharply with Graive herself. Having been born with the abilities of an empath, she had always been set to endure the overwhelming emotions of others, but this proved too much for her fragile mind. As Casimir's heart made it's last beat, Piella released her daughter - as if knowing that this lesson would break her. Though, it did the exact opposite; unfortunate for Piella, as it were.

Graive stood with a fearsome power radiating within her. All the power and teachings the Occult leader had been pounding into her daughter for the past seventeen years came to fruition upon that night and the young girl struck down her mother in a fit of brutal vengeance. Mimicking the torture her mother had so mercilessly forced upon her husband, Graive took control of her mother's body through the sheer manipulation of her aether and in seconds flayed the woman alive - exposing every nerve within seconds and killing the woman from the force of the shock. It did little to quell her, however, and Graive resurrected the woman, only to repeat the process by stripping away the rest of her body parts. It was a gruesome night, and one that ultimately shaped the woman Graive is today. While years of torment and abuse had certainly helped, it was the grief of losing her 'true love' that was the final nail on the coffin.

After the storm, she quickly realized her sin. So consumed by her rage, Graive had wasted too much time. Resurrecting her lover would be all but impossible now. More to come...

♦ Appearance

  • Height: 4 fulms, 8 ilms
  • Weight: 85ponz
  • Body: Petite
  • Hair: Ebony
  • Eyes: Pale Blue
  • Skin: Tanned/Mocha
  • Voice: Feminine, throaty with a bit of a scratchy hint to it.
  • Markings: Graive has a significant amount of scarring all over her body, however, she keeps this carefully glamoured. She also has an arcane marking that favors a tattoo on her abdomen.

♦ Behaviour


Areas of Expertise

  • Magical: Conjury, Aetheric Manipulation, Black Magic
  • Crafting: Alchemy & Weaving
  • Other: Midwifery, Herblore


  • Alchemy
  • Conjuration
  • Aetheric Manipulation
  • Dark Magics
  • Anatomical/Medical Knowledge
  • Empathic


  • No Physical Prowess
  • Drained Easily
  • Little to no combat experience.
  • Fragile
  • Violent
  • Has a bloodlust

The Cult of the Blood King

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💑 💗 Tsuki Emil – Graive's lover of over a year now, they met under the worst circumstances but pushed past it and found companionship in each other. Tsuki is the one person that can bring out the gentle side of the dark woman, prompting smiles, laughs and a more intimate side as well.


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