Granil Tempish

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Granil Tempish
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"So, You wanna play with Magic?"
Delirus Magica
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk/Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ul'Dah
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Basic Info

Granil is a short ball of bubbliness, zing, zang and zaney. He is clinically insane, in a good way! And he is a master Alchemist who frequently enjoys imbibing his own creations, from elixers to potent silencing potions and beyond! He is relatively good natured and enjoys to giggle randomly, talk to himself, make naughty innuendo and eat potion laced cheesecakes. He is also a master at casting Black Magic, White Magic, Red Magic, Summoning Magic and the ancient magic of Scholarlyisms!

Family & Friends


  1. Mother - Margarra Tempish - Disappeared 3 moons before the Calamity. Deceased. Buried just on the outskirts of the distant city of Kazham
  2. Sister - Jayree Tempish - Current whereabouts unknown, disappeared shortly after the Calamity. Presumed Dead.
  3. Father - Geofrim Tempish - Current whereabouts unknown, disappeared roughly 1 year before the Calamity. Presumed Dead.


Pawbles Moonbeam - A miqo'te female he found in the Quicksands. Fairly educated in Aetherics, she makes a promising student and helper for Granil. She doesnt talk much, which allows Granil's crazy to wash all over her!... though it doesn't show in her character.
Suzi Suzo - This redheaded menace is a delight! Having met her in Aleport while he was a Miqo'te, Granil instantly connected with her through their shared love of Food, Giggles and Crazy!


Granil doesn't remember much before his 18th birthday, its mostly a blur. What he does remember is growing up on the streets of Ul'dah, learning how to access his own pool of aether by watching the travelling mages weave their own spells.

When Granil turned 18, he came out to his family, telling them that he was sexually attracted to males instead of females. The majority of his already large family was fine with this, embracing him and letting him know they loved him. However, his father was far from happy. So much so that he had Granil kidnapped and put into an experiment to cure what his father deemed an "Illness".

The aetherists put Granil to sleep so it would be easier to work. When they put him to sleep they began manipulating aether throughout his body, focusing on his head and chest. What they failed to take into consideration was Granils spell casting ability and the already large pool of aether the young lalafell could draw from.

Granils inner self (in his own mind he was wide awake though his body was asleep) was repelled by the abhorrent invasion taking place against his will. Granils inner self began chanting, channeling aether by focusing on the words he spoke. Over time, the words became increasingly nonsensical while the focus behind them became less focused and more desperate. Finally, inside his mind, Granil felt the surge of aether flowing into him slacken though he knew he was changed, something within him was different. Outside his mind was a scene of chaos. The aetherists felt what it is like to have large quantities of aether forcefully surge through their bodies, warping their flesh and simultaneously teleporting them away from Granil.

Upon waking, Granil noticed the scorched room, the energized teleportation burns on the floor, some blood splatter on the walls and, getting off the lab table, he grabbed a lab coat and stumbled out of the building to the lush greenery outside.

While stumbling through the forest he was discovered by a sylph who guided him to the gates of Gridania. The Gridanians, upon hearing his nonsensical story and the truth behind his words, took pity on him and cared for him.

3 years later and Granil was hesitantly given the position of guarding a group of healers at the Battle of Carteneau. When Dalamund fell and Bahamut was released, Granil mysteriously vanished without a trace.

~5 years later~

A group of adventurers stumbled across Granil in the Sagolii Desert, wandering in circles, drawing well endowed stickmen in the sand and giggling at passing Sandworms. The adventurers gathered Granil up and as they were readying to leave, got a surprise when a sandworm erupted from the sand beneath where one of the stickmen was resting their endowment!

The adventurers took Granil back to Ul'dah where they caught Granil up on what had been happening over the past 5 years, taking further pity on him by giving him a small sum of gil, some food and gear before letting him go on his way. One of the group, a Roegadyn whom Granil grew particularly fond of, quickly stopped Granil and suggested that Granil go to a group in Ul'dah who study Aether and the Aether sickness.

Granil joined the group and, for several years, had many adventures including episodes where he transformed into various races and creatures but through his determination, was able to change himself back.

After several failed attempts to find love and romance in and around Eorzea, Granil decided that a little change was in order so he packed some clothes and off on adventure in distant lands he went! During the travelling expedition, Granil heard rumours of a person who sounded strikingly like his mother, Margarra. Pursuing the rumors, he discovered a neatly tended grave at the edge of the mildly tropical city of Kazham. The locals, instantly recognizing Granil for who he was after he made inquiries, immediately took him into their care and watched over him for just under a moon, regaling him with tales of his mothers adventures after she stumbled into their city several years previous. Granil was told that, two years previous, Margarra had contracted a virus. Easily treated when obtained by a local, they were surprised when their medicines did not work for her. Instead of panicking, she simply went out of her way to have fun, making sure that all those around her had fun and an almost permanent smile on their face. 1 year and 6 moons after contracting the disease, she passed peacefully in her sleep, her new found friends surrounding her. The locals informing Granil that she always thought of him and his sister, mentioning them often. With this knowledge, he visited the grave often while he was there. Finally, it came time for him to leave for home. Paying a visit to the grave one last time, he was surprised to find a small pocket of Aether moving above the grave. Opening himself to it, the aether flew into his chest, immediately locking itself away in his heart and bringing tears to his eyes. "Parted once but not again, your search my child, was not in vain" echoed within his mind.

Returning home after such a lengthy trip, Granil focuses more on rest and recuperation. Thinking about things he hasnt thought about in a long, long time.

Having left his previous group, Granil decided to set up his own. Naming it "Storybook", as everyone has a story to tell, he set up his new home in the Lavender Beds of Gridania and began a new adventure all of his own!


As has been stated already, while others suffer from insanity, Granil thoroughly enjoys it! He is usually relatively good natured, giggling randomly and making people feel uncomfortable and/or confused. At these times of hyper cheeriness, he is prone to aetheric lightning crackling across his body, usually his hands. He has a slight case of Bi-polar, sometimes sinking into a depression at the least provocation to which he will usually bounce back given a few hours of space and patience from those around him. As with lightning, this depression could possibly have some aetheric side affects which have yet to manifest. He very rarely gets angry, usually trying to brush things off with a joke and/or a giggle. When he does get angry though, the very air around him seems to shimmer with heat!

He can lapse into periods of silence which some mistake for brooding but he is usually just staring into space, this can be clarified especially when drool escapes his mouth for a long enough period.

As has also been stated, Granil is sexually attracted to men. Usually men taller than him, which is technically easier as a lalafell, though social stigma appears to prevent any "Tall ones" from even thinking about courting a Lalafell. When he sees a male he likes, he is usually quite shy around him, making subtle hints to the male and those around him, which can be tough when his subtlety skills are so good then can go unnoticed. Males wishing to pursue Granil should pay close attention to him or miss the subtle hints that he may like them back.


He was associated with Wanted for a time, though his RP was non-existent there. He left after being with them for a few weeks.

He was associated with Aether Corp but left their halls, after roughly 4 years, to pursue his own endeavors.


  1. DI......... -ahem- Men :)
  2. Cheesecake
  3. Potions
  4. Laughing
  5. Aether
  6. Lightning Shards :D


  1. Rudeness
  2. Smugness
  3. People who try to force their views/opinions/beliefs/rules upon him
  4. People who make promises they dont intend to keep
  5. Liars, Manipulators and everything similar
(To be continued as He encounters things he doesn't like! :) )