Grokma Hewer

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 Grokma Hewer
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"I'm not threatening you. I'm giving you my word."
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship La Noscean
age 37


♦ Synposis

Grokma Hewer is a former reaver and outlaw who was betrayed by his comrades when he attempted to retire to civilized life. He seeks to find his lost fortune and get revenge on those who wronged him, yet is slowly acclimating to the softer lifestyle of La Noscea.

♦ Appearance & Personality

Grokma is a tall, well-muscled Au Ra with an intense, bright eye and a stoical presentation. He is perpetually alert - reposed and ready, rather than nervous. Having experienced a life of violence since childhood, he is aloof and distant to strangers, but intensely protective of his friends.

♦ Complete Backstory

Grokma Ravenfeeder was raised amongst the warlike Xaela-clan and took to a life of outlawry after his tribe was defeated by their rivals and driven into lives of servitude. Escaping in the night and vowing never to serve another nor ever to pay fealty, and to die before facing dishonor, a young Grokma eventually found a home among the brutal Red Hand Reavers. Murderers, brigands, and slavers, the Red Hand terrorized the coastlands from the Sea of Jade to the Indigo Deep, and alongside them, Grokma carved out for himself a dreadful reputation, and was rumored to have amassed a secret fortune from his plunder. 

No reaver lives a long life, not least of all because they predate chiefly on one another, and Grokma desired to secretly depart with his wealth to start a new and safer life. He found a partner in this in Aurelia Nightsong, a courtesan captured by the Red Hand who agreed to provide Grokma with a cover identity and social contacts in La Noscea should he help her escape. Unfortunately, the two were waylaid on their departure, and their assailants made off with much treasure, though Grokma was able to safely remit the greater part of his fortune, locked away in a magical darksteel chest which, though lost, Grokma has means to know has not been opened. Though they escaped with little besides their lives, Grokma was able to shake off his old identity and start anew as Grokma Hewer, forester.

Now Grokma slays monsters instead of men, seeking to build the resources and contacts that will allow him to keep his identity a secret and perhaps to take revenge on the Red Hands who robbed him, and always he is seeking any sign or clue of where the darksteel chest might lie.


■ Lighthearted people
■ The sea breeze


■ People who needlessly start conflicts
■ Dishonesty, disloyalty, dishonor


■ Forestry - Once just a cover identity, Grokma learned to appreciate the long-term perspective of caring for the land, although these days, most of his time is invested in Red Moon


Favourite Food/Drink: Eastern-style Curry
Favourite Place: Costa del Sol

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Aurelia Nightsong – A courtesan who Grokma freed from the Red Hand in exchange for help integrating with La Noscean society


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