Grumbling Behemoth

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Grumbling Behemoth
Grum ingame.jpg
'The grumpiest one of them all.'
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan mixed?
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 28
Height over 8 fulms
Weight nearly 800 ponze
Build hulking, heavily built, muscular

Last update: 7. March 2015

This character profile is mostly spoiler free. It covers only general appearance, public knowledge of the character and combat information.

Grumbling Behemoth, as his name suggests, is a hulk of a Roegadyn. He is currently bartender/cook/caretaker of the Fated Inn and is known as reclusive grump who drinks a lot and communicates mostly in deep, quiet grumbles. One can assume he's either completely uninteresting or keeps his personal information closely private as not very much is known about his past, or even present. Before he settled at the Fated Inn he used work alone as freelance mercenary known for being picky with jobs but very capable and perfectly reliable. Few rumors suggest he had also been briefly affiliated with the Skysteel Manufactory.


Eyes Hair Skin Body Type Voice Bearing Notable Features
Pale blue Platinum blond, straight, shoulder length Pale Wide shouldered, massively built and heavily muscular Very deep, rumbling, raspy, quiet Reclusive, wary, awkward Disfiguring burns on left side of face and neck, missing left eye, shrapnel scarring
Grum portrait.jpg

Grumbling Behemoth’s name tends to be all that is needed to sum him up. He's huge, overgrown even for a Roegadyn as he easily reaches over eight fulms in height. Wide shoulders, thick bones and dense musculature help create the figure of a juggernaut – a figure he maintains by a combination of rigorous training and simple genetics. Bearing so much weight often results in his movement being hulking, slow and deliberate. He’s very awkward in a world made for much smaller beings.

Grumbling might seem threatening based on the fact that he could harm someone unintentionally just by stepping in wrong direction; this may account for why he always seems to avoid crowds or larger groups of people. All of his dexterity seems to have gone to his hands, and indeed it might surprise some people to see how precise and patient he can be when handling delicate mechanics. His nimbleness suggests years of experience and practice.

The rare moments when his mask is off expose a figure that is likely of mixed heritage. His name and “puppy nose” suggest a Hellsguard parent, while his coloration – pale complexion, platinum hair – suggest the other was a Sea Wolf. Most noticeable, however, is the left side of his body: half his face, his neck, and perhaps more are deformed by burn and shrapnel scars; his left eye socket is empty and one eyebrow is completely missing. The mask and high-collared shirts keep this neatly hidden in public; when alone in the wilderness, however, he’s sometime seen simply wearing an eyepatch.

His voice is a deep bass, rumbling as one might expect, but also rather quiet. It might have once been melodic and husky but now is more of a gruff rasp, suggesting vocal cord damage.

The giant takes advantage of his size and strength and often carries a large amount of equipment: from tools and gadgets, to spare parts, to weapons and armor, he always seems to have something on hand for every situation. While in cities he usually only carries small or concealed weapons, when heading out for work he’s often armed to the teeth with weapons custom-made to fit his size. He seems to have no preference when it comes to armor and always changes it to fit each situation. This can range from light brigandine or insulated chain mail to heavy plate armor strangely riddled with wires.

In strange contrast to his usual attire hangs a tribal pendant around his neck: an actual Behemoth, made out of leather.


Very little is known about Grumbling’s personality as most people tend to avoid the grumpy giant and he seems to prefer it that way. When forced to socially interact his behavior quickly makes a turn for the awkward and he’s usually quite wary of others. At times he may seem unfriendly or morose, but at others he simply seems stoic and reasonable. He has seemingly limitless patience, and avoids conflict either by ignoring provocations, or leaving if feeling too troubled.

In a nutshell, Grumbling Behemoth has all the social grace of a moldy brick, and the occasional grumble or tongue-in-cheek remark seems to be the pinnacles of his people skills. Rarely is he ever seen voluntarily speaking to another individual, and rumor has it he has no friends at all. Another rumor suggests that, should he smile, it will bring about a second Calamity and end the world for good.


It’s unusual to see Grumbling Behemoth fight. This is often limited to his jobs, as he doesn’t participate in tests of skill, arenas, or public training. As such, he might easily be misjudged by average person as the typical stupid Roegadyn brute.

The following is a more detailed description, included for the purpose of planning events and RP combat. This is not common knowledge and might be considered a spoiler.

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Occupations, Skills, and Pastimes

Grumbling Behemoth is employee of the Fated Inn and can be found there most of the time. Most noticeably he's the cook responsible for all handy technological upgrades and a perfectly organized order inside the kitchen. When he's forced to leave his delicious meal producing hideout and work as bartender it's obvious the asocial giant is both uncomfortable and very awkward at any work that includes social interaction of any kind so it's a mystery why he decided to work at an inn out of all places. But when the kitchen and bar closes he can be seen cleaning up, straightening the place and fixing any damage to bring it back to its spotless cozy perfection and there is no doubt he does his best and works hard to keep the inn running.

He is also mostly inactive member of the Skysteel Manufactory and he’s rarely actually seen there. He shows up to get tools and supplies and seems to vanish again; some suspect he doesn’t actually contribute in any form. He tends to outright refuse to discuss mechanics, opting instead to simply go about his work. This behavior is apparently tolerated only because he doesn’t take much, pays for what he *does* take, and, when given work, always completes it quickly, reliably, and without fuss.


Common Rumors

  • "The name fits... though maybe they named ‘grumbling’ after him, instead!" - pub jokester
  • "That one? Don't even try. Unless you speak fluent Grumblish you won't get much out of him." - random patron
  • "That brobdingnagian oaf is probably too stupid to say more than couple of words." - posh elezen
  • "You have better chances of befriending a rock. And it might be more friendly too." - someone who probably tried
  • "Sure he kind of ruins the mood in here, but grumpy or not, he's my best customer! He drank ten bottles already!" - bartender at any pub he visited
  • "Grumpy or not he's great cook. Just don't try to get much of a bartender advice out of him when he's behind the bar." - Fated Inn guest
  • "Recently he went from drinking dozen bottles of whisky every day to drinking gallons of some weird pretty foul looking tea, pretty weird eh?" - Fated Inn patron

Moderate Rumors

  • "If he smiles, the world will end! I swear!" - doomsayer
  • "Yeah, he always wears that mask. I heard his face is all burned off or something. Must be one hideous bastard." - nasty patron
  • "He used to work for me few times. If you're looking for reliable mercenary, he's your roe. Though I heard he retired." - caravan master
  • "Big oaf for sure, but I heard he's a member of Skysteel. Maybe he does their heavy lifting." - Ishgardian drunk
  • "He used to come here with some roe gal, they just talked a lot but when she left he would come and drink three times as much, goldmine I tell ya but then he stopped coming, wasn't here for months." - The Lady Inn bartender
  • "You should try talk to him. I promise he doesn't bite. He's bad with people at first... and second and third, but have some patience... and lots of stubbornness and it might be worth of the effort." - smirking Fated Inn staff member

Rare Rumors

  • "I heard him talk to someone once, quietly. But I heard enough to tell you, that fella is smarter than he looks. I couldn't understand half of the words he said." - perceptive patron
  • "Can you believe this? He rearranged the entire manufactory workshop! Everything cleaned up and sorted out, even the bloody wrenches are ordered by the size, use, even colour! What...? Oh, well, yes…it is kind of more convenient this way." - member of the Skysteel Manufactory
  • "I think he hates people. Once the pub got kind of crowded and he went around the entire room and stepped over a table just to avoid everyone and get out. " - thoughtful bartender
  • "That big masked roe briefly worked for Bellworks, they gave him his own office and no employees were allowed to go inside. Then some people came asking about him and he never shown up again. Odd huh?" - Bellworks employee
  • "He's pain to talk to but he listens. Once I mentioned ma's roasted buffalo recipe and how I miss it. And before I knew he made it, it was exactly the same, like ma used to make." - teary Fated Inn patron

PC Rumors

  • “What? He’s not grumpy. He has a sense of humor, you just have to get him drunk.”Striding Oak

Character Connections

Grum isn't someone who can be easily approached, but there's always a possible hook. If you are unsure about something, feel free to whisper me in game and we can figure something out.

  • Just come to the Fated Inn, he's likely around.
  • Anyone brave enough to poke the proverbial giant with a conversational stick -- and stubborn enough keep trying – can usually get him to start talking.
  • Any manufactory members or visitors who might remember seeing Grum there once or twice.
  • Fellow mercenaries could've briefly heard about their reclusive and now mostly retired colleague.
  • He is likely to contact doctors and non-magical healers, especially apothecaries.


These songs are picked to give a feel of the character (and maybe even bit of a hint here and there), but aren't mean to be an exact representation. Also, they are pretty good songs.

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