Gyeon Taeyong

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Taeyong Blackfeather

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Biographical Information
Birth Name Gyeon Taeyong
Guardian None
Birthplace Sundong, Doma
Born 1537
Nameday 10th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Race Viera
Clan Veena
Physical Attributes
Hair Ebony
Eyes Naturally brown, currently cloudy white
Height 6'4"
Weight 190 ponze
Career Information
Occupation Private investigator
Rank Adept
Out-of-Character Information
Time Zone GMT-4
Server Mateus
Profession Conjurer
Job White Mage


The Lucky Hare Inn isn't the largest jumak (North Doman-style tavern) in the Sundong region of Doma, but to its patrons, it was the most beloved. It is run by the centuries-old Madam Cha, an elder Veena Viera immigrant. After her journeys across Othard, she settled down with a Hyuran aetherologist, Gyeon Hyun-tae. Under their earnings, the Lucky Hare Inn was founded seventy summers ago.

Four male offspring were brought up thirty later. The first was a set of triplets; Taewoo, Taewoong, and Taewook. The younger brother of the trio was Taeyong, born small and blind, but growing into an energetic young boy. Unfortunately, his energy could not be expended on the family business, due to his mother's protectiveness. Instead, he took to the streets for his knowledge, receiving guidance as a mage under the watch of his father and rather unsavory individuals from the alleyways.

Only in Taeyong's childhood did he know a free Doma. When the Garlean Empire took control of Doma, his small town ended up catering to the residing Imperial soldiers. Displeased with this situation, Taeyong interacted with the region's prominent pirates, gaining specific skills in espionage. He'd put them to work for the rebels after his mentor died, yet shortly afterward, he was captured.

Taeyong was imprisoned for a year around the capital city of Doma. A Miqo'te conscript named Gayoon was regularly stationed at his cell, where he eventually learned of her fear and displeasure of her status in the Garlean military. They bonded together, eventually even escaping the prison during the first attempted rebellion of Doma against Garlemald.

Both Taeyong's imprisonment and Gayoon's status as a deserter with sensitive information caused them more than a little trouble as they fled. Though Gayoon had never disclosed all her secrets to Taeyong, she was his beloved all the same. Two years later, they produced a daughter. However, Taeyong would only ever meet his child after the untimely death of Gayoon at the hands of not Imperials, but a criminal syndicate in Hingashi.

Taeyong's only companion during this time of morning was Olena, a female Hrothgar detective of Ilsabard. With the aid of her and Othardian resistance cells, he raised his daughter on the money he earned from brokering information to the Confederates and sky pirates alike. Albeit, with Doma freed, pathways opened up. Though he could visit his family again, he was concerned for the safety of his daughter and stability of his job. Thus, he journeyed west, never knowing his race's habitat of the jungle beyond.



He is rather deadpan and snide, with a rather limited sense of dry humor, leaving him to come across as rude occasionally. There are few things he won't have some kind of commentary for, whether it involves him or not, albeit he'll most often take a neutral standpoint in things. Meanwhile, he hates the idea of fighting unless there's a valid reason to.


While he unintentionally appears to be disinterested a lot of the time (which is partly a result of his lack of expressiveness), getting involved socially with others isn't a challenge to him anymore, as much as it was to him as a child due to his disability. He's quite approachable, as well as a good listener, both figuratively and literally.


This is limited, somewhat due to his demeanor and also because of his visual limitations, causing him to use facial expressions and gestures less often than others as he himself can't read them. Despite this, he doesn't hesitate to inform others of his opinions vocally.

Notes & Trivia

  • He is totally blind in both eyes as a result of congenital glaucoma as he was born premature and had a very low birth weight. Otherwise, he is currently healthy.
  • He has a scar over his left eye, given to him in a scuffle with a Bangaa gunbreaker. He also has bold black tattoos across his back and upper arms.
  • Taeyong is a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, meaning he'll eat dairy and eggs but no meat. His least favorite foods include noodles and peppers. He doesn't like the texture of the former and the taste of the latter.
  • His favorite foods include cabbage kimchi, bibimbap, carrots, and kale.
  • He speak and reads Eorzean Common, a northern Doman dialect, and Hingan.
  • Taeyong is familiar with the Common form of braille. He also uses a brailler between him and his allies; a form of typewriter that puts braille on paper. He has two; one for the Eorzean alphabet and one for Dalmasca's. He can also read raised or indented letters on surfaces.
  • Taeyong carries two canes; one for both combat and navigation use, as well as one purely for navigation. He uses vibrations in aether to get around.