Haru Hattori

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Haru Hattori
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Ul'dah
Guardian Thaliak
Age 22 years old

Character name: Haru Hattori

Race: Au Ra

Gender: Female

Profession: Scholar

Appearance: Haru is tall for an Au Ra, but about average compared to most. She has pale skin and a fair complexion. No scars or blemishes can be seen on her body, but at certain points poorly-healed scar tissue can be felt.

Age: 22

Height: 5'3"

Garments/Armour: Basically anything Haru wears, even if plain, is always of fine make.

Weapon of Choice: Magic, mostly arcanima

================== Social ==================

Personality: Haru is extremely driven, hardworking, and intelligent. She can be a bit of a domineering bully and has a lot of difficulty gauging people and their emotions. She tries to be friendly just isn't very good at it, so she relies on humor to survive conversations.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Strengths/talents: Very focused, intelligent, talented at magic, and extreme willpower

Impairments: Stubborn to a fault, big mouth, big fragile ego, socially inept

================== History ==================

Early History: Haru was born a bastard to a small-time noble of Hingashi. She was treated very poorly, until her father was assassinated with her as his only heir. She assumed control of the family estate grew to love her new guardians, but political intrigue forced her to flee her homeland and find sanctuary in Eorzea.

Recent History: Haru lived as a penniless refugee for some time, eventually turning to banditry to survive. She was successful, and later turned legit to become an adventurer. She was again, successful, and settled down. She invested her money into starting a business, and shortly after became interested in magic in it's own right, rather than just a tool to blow up monsters. The business became more of a side project and Haru became a scholar, where she believes she's found her calling.

More Recenter History Haru has been a scholar for a few years now, and has made a big name for herself. Specializing in advanced Aetherology, the study of the nature and flow of aether, Haru has published several landmark papers and books in the field. Despite her accomplishments, she's somewhat of a black sheep in the academic crowd because of her sudden rise to prominence.

================== Likes and Dislikes ==================

Favored alcoholic beverage: Mead

Favored non-alcoholic beverage: Orange juice

Favored food: Fresh meat

Favored colour: Red

Other favored things: Open-mindedness, intelligence, ambition, humor

Least favored things: Laziness, stupidity, self-rightousness, thin skin