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Ul'dah-transparent.png Haru Onigura
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"I have an explosive for that."
Owner & Operator of Haru's Magitek Emporium (Goblet ward 3 subdivision plot 52)
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Nameday 27th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Relationship Status Happily Married to Rainusi Onigura
Age Seven...eighteen, definitely eighteen.
Genius Level Over 9000
Server Balmung


  • Childhood
    • Haru was born to Hikaru and Shinobu Otohime in a moderate sized village off the coast of Othard. Her father, Hikaru, founded a shipping and mining operation many years before which allowed the otherwise unknown village to grow and become very prosperous. This prosperity resulted in Hikaru becoming the lord of the land as it were and due to the wealth of the mines and success of the shipping business the Otohime family quickly rose to noble status. Because of this status Haru, the only child, was afforded a grand education from a very early age. Her mother saw to it she was taught poetry and literature, culinary art and singing. Her father stoked the flames of curiosity by providing her tutors in magiteknical science, engineering, mammeteering and other such fields. It quickly became apparent that her passion was in the field of magitek and machinery, though out of a strong sense of duty she spent equal time training in the fields her mother approved of and considered more important for a woman in order to attract a suitable husband.
  • Teen Years
    • Growing fairer in appearance by the year her mother constantly demanded Haru do her best to become the perfect bride. This drastically bit into her time to study the fields she truly wanted to spend time with but would often sneak out of the house and stow herself in the engine rooms of one of the many ships her father owned just to tinker and study. From time to time her father would allow her to travel with him on jobs, taking her to many amazing places such as Limsa Lominsa, Garlemald, Doma and more. The ores her family shipped and sold became so famously requested that the Garlean Empire very nearly took over operations via hostile action. Thanks to Hikaru's diplomatic talents and a harsh compromise he was able to keep the empire out of their home village. The price he paid however was to take a role as an officer in the Garlean army and to promise over eighty percent of the mines yields to Garlemald for fair price.
  • The Duty of a daughter
    • Upon her fifteenth nameday Haru was promised to a young man named Kentaro Urishima; the son of a wealthy land owner on the mainland. Though this meant it likely she would have to lay down her passion for the mechanical fields she understood it was her duty as tradition demanded to become the best wife possible. She threw herself into the idea of being a wife and bride and soon her entire world revolved around a man she'd never even met. Four months before the date of her wedding she was traveling aboard her families largest vessel, the Dawn Father's Herald, with her mother and father when hurricane force west winds struck up out of nowhere. Despite the seasoned crew and the sturdy ship, the vessel broke deep and took water and was soon resting in the iced water depths of the ocean. The only survivors of the wreck were Haru and a brave cook who helped the young woman stay afloat.
  • The realities of the world
    • Having lost her family, Kentaro's father assured Haru that he would treat her like his own child. He convinced her to give him control of the mining and shipping business, promising her that he would ensure her future by running the business until she was of age enough to understand the reality of such an undertaking. In truth he was less than honorable and soon bled the mine dry and swindled the money for himself and his own gains. The final insult was to then declare Haru unfit to wed his son due to not having enough status or wealth to measure up to the high standards of the Urishima family. This left Haru alone for the first time in her life. She wandered the various villages in Othard for a time, eeking by a meager living fixing and maintaining bits of machinery here and there. It was during this time she found herself helping repair the engine of a small airship owned by a man she would come to respect a great deal.
  • The turning point
    • This man, Decklan Vance, was a warlord in his youth who amassed a great fortune and instead of retiring rich, put his wealth to use to better the lives of the downtrodden and secure a prosperous life for many. He created jobs, built villages and would travel the world planting seeds of kindness as he went. He would also recruit lost souls to his cause, give them what they would need to grow and promised that he would call upon them again in the future should need arise. With Haru he realized quickly she was an intellectual force to be reckoned with, however her lack of worldly experience would hinder her development considerably. He thus took her under his wing for a time and late in her sixteenth year he sent her to Eorzea with a fistful of gil and a mission. Establish herself, help those who need it, make the world better. One day when she was needed he would call and the price for all of his kindness would be that she answer that call. It would not be until near her seventeenth year that the call would come and she would be brought to the fires of war, but that's a story for another time. Having returned from the rages of war she is once again free to build her life in Eorzea.


  • Haru is a kind hearted, scientifically-minded young woman who above all else wishes to leave her mark on the world for the better. She is exceedingly polite in her mannerisms most of the time with one noteworthy exception. When it comes to pride in her abilities and her mental prowess she is far from humble and in fact becomes outright boastful. Despite this character flaw she is fast to proclaim friendship and steadfast in her loyalty to said friends. She is very concerned with proving herself to her peers and takes any given opportunity to show her value or volunteer to assist in nearly any situation. She often finds herself between the mindset of a girl raised in strict traditional fashion and the mindset of a boisterous and energetic spitfire. When set to task there is nothing short of death that will stop her from achieving her goals to the point of detriment. Often she'll focus so intently upon her task at hand that she'll forget to eat or even exhaust herself into passing out while at her workstations. Haru doesn't have a wicked bone in her body, she could never intentionally act villainous or with criminal intent. The very concept of such things are so foreign to who she is at the core that it's well beyond the realm of legitimate possibility that she could or would partake in any kind of shady endeavor.


  • Doesn't use contractions
    • Because the language she was raised with and the language she's learned to use in Eorzea are very different she hasn't mastered the use of contractions. So when speaking she will almost always sound very formal using words such as will not instead of won't or can not instead of can't. She isn't aware that it may sound odd to people.
  • Very Literal
    • Again because of the difference in language she is worried she's going to misinterpret what is being said to her. Because of this she takes things said to her very literally. Metaphor will often go over her head and she will try to figure out it's meaning as best she can.
  • Easily embarrassed
    • Haru is very proud of her intellectual abilities and becomes swiftly embarrassed and disgruntled when she is shown to be wrong about something she was sure she was right about, or when she is treated like a child in any situation she knows better about. She usually handles this by averting her gaze and making upset grunting or hmph sounds in a very passive aggressive way.
  • Skeptical about religion
    • When it comes to gods and religion Haru is the first to express doubt and skepticism about such impractical and nonsensical fairy tale ideas. She will offer scientific and logical explanations for just about every religious thing thrown at her. She doesn't preach anti-religion by any means but she will challenge ideas readily.

Affiliations & Relationships

  • Pathfinders
    • In looking for a place to both contribute her abilities and allow for their growth she came across the Pathfinders at the Everyman Estate. She was quickly enamored with the easily apparent comradarie and relaxed atmosphere not to mention how readily she seemed to have been accepted. Discovering that the Free Company owned and operated a number of airships only cemented her desire to join the organization. To date she has no official role within the Pathfinders but is eager to prove to those around her that she is a valuable asset.
  • Rainusi Onigura
    • Haru first met Rainusi when she first arrived in Eorzea. She thought her oddly quiet and conflicted about a great many things and immediately took a silent protective attitude towards the Xaela. Over time their friendship grew strong and Haru learned to rely heavily on the Xaela's support in many of her magiteknical endeavors and in some ways took for granted the depth of the friendship and bond the two had. It took being called away to war for Haru to realize that her feelings towards Rainusi were far stronger than just the feelings of friendship and upon returning to Eorzea she quickly proposed marriage so as to ensure she never loose the most important person in her life, her Lotus, her Rainusi.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Genius level intellect.
  • Great aim with a firearm.
  • Packs a veritable cornucopia of gadgets to suit the needs of the situation.
  • Strength of heart and determination to achieve goals.


  • Naive
  • Socially out of place due to cultural differences
  • Not trained to melee
  • Prideful

Likes & Dislikes


  • Working / designing / inventing
  • Being right / Being useful
  • Feeling like a part of a family


  • Chocobo's (Horse Birds)
  • Laziness
  • Bully's / Bullying
  • Dishonesty


  • Betram
    • A highly enhanced and miniaturized Garlean magitek bit. Betram has a very polite and proper A.I. and is capable of a great many things. The most used functions of Betram were his recording and playback ability, his super cooled water blaster (intended to one day be developed into a defensive weapon), and his navigational programing. Betram's A.I. and core has been removed from the frame of the bit and is now installed into the MX-01 R Type Battlemover.
  • Grazer
    • Haru's first personally created weapon was a modular carbine with detachable barrel and auto focusing scope. It was a marvel of over-complicated design, though despite that it packed a fair punch. The Grazer was damaged beyond useful repair in her final battle when called to war in Othard.
  • Greater Acceleration Utilizing Snyergized Singularity (G.A.U.S.S.) Barrel
    • Desiring her bullets to travel at speeds far greater than any normal barrel would've been capable of handling; Haru spent many weeks developing and designing a contained and magnetically synergized mini-singularity reactor. When activated it would hover and balance in front of the barrel of her firearm. When a projectile was launched down the barrel it would pass through the singularity and in the blink of an eye accelerate to almost impossible speeds. This device allowed for her weapons to strike far harder and more lethally than before but the balance and spin up required a greater aim time and a steadier footing, reducing mobility when being used.
  • Hyper-compressed plasma conversion core
    • Finding it impossible to keep her reapers plasma cannon fully functional and armed while being cool enough to prevent system malfunctions a well as have enough ceruleum power leftover for takeoff and flight, Haru needed a solution of near miraculous proportions. She solved her cannon's functionality issues by venting excess energy and heat from the reactor through a specially designed core unit that could almost perpetually keep the cannon powered without needing constant ceruleum refueling. A single tank can power the reaper's main systems for over a full month now depending on use and utilization as compared to mere days. An added side effect was that when deactivated, the plasma cannon restored enough raw power to the core to allow for takeoff and flight systems to keep the heavy and oddly balanced reaper in the air.
  • The Harikēn-Fū
    • When Grazer was put out of commission, Haru was in need of a new weapon. She by chance found herself the owner of a handful of Primal remnants at some great cost in gil. At first she used the various bits to create amazingly expensive and flashy furniture but she had an idea when she held the vortex feather and felt the rush of wind against her skin. That idea has since become an incredible and sleek carbine. It's balanced to near perfection and with the addition of the vortex feather the energy and essence of Garuda has created not only a stunning visual effect to the weapon, but seems to have enhanced the speeds at which projectiles fire from the barrel. Unbeknownst to Haru however, there seems to be a small...mischievous side effect to using the feather in this way.
  • MX-01 R Type Battlemover
    • Haru's first big discovery in Eorzea were the husks of mostly intact but entirely inoperable Garlean Magitek Reapers. Having found the salvage and braved many dangers to recover them, she worked day and night for a long long time to fully restore the vehicles. The first one was the MX-01 R Type, as she called it. She refers to it as a battlemover, not a magitek walker or reaper. Her restoration went beyond standard reclamation and revitilization, she installed an A.I. core giving the MX-01 a measure of sentience (Thanks to Betram). She also greatly enhanced it's primary weaponry and found a way to make the vehicle actually take to the skies! The MX-01 R Type Battlemover is one of her proudest achievements, so much so she recreated the experiment and designed the MX-02 and gifted it to Rainusi Onigura.
  • H.U.D. Assisted Targeting Goggles
    • Having taken to the gun at an early age, Haru was always looking for ways to make the use of the weapon more efficient for battle. This creation allows her to not only see at night almost as if it were the middle of the day, but provides a targeting display synched with her firearm to more accurately help her hit her targets. Unfortunately the mechanism is very fragile and easily knocked off center so it is important she stay well away from the forefront of most frays if she hopes to use this tool more often.
  • Aetheric Transfer Disks
    • The invention of the portable turrets by the Ishgardian Machinests are, as far as Haru is concerned, the most amazing technological battlefield enhancements since the creation of gunpowder. Once able; she studied their use and adapted them into her own combat style though always found their bulk to be of a concern. Using principles of aetheric travel she solved the bulk problem by storing the turrets in aethyrite chambers at her shop. She then built disks out of aethyrite crystal and durable metal casings. The crystals were tuned to the appropriate chamber at her shop, thus she could toss the transfer disk onto the battlefield and in moments the turret would teleport to its designated location. She could reverse the process just as easily, allowing for the summoning and returning of a valuable battlefield enhancement without sacrificing any functionality at all.

Character Rumors

  • Common Rumors
    • "The girl's a self made gilionare all by selling flashy toys and furniture, well I guess she sells munitions and enhanced weaponry too. Still, kids got it right, sell to the rich in Ul'Dah, they'll eat up all that sparkly magitek enhanced gobbledeegook."
    • "Folks say she's been seen piloting a pearl white Garlean Reaper, they say it even flies and could be armed!"
  • Uncommon Rumors
    • "Overheard someone say that girl that owns that Magitek Emporium is actually some noble's daughter from Othard, what's a well to do type like that doing out here all by herself?"
    • "Woman I know buys all her showpieces from that Haru in the Goblet, says she overheard the girl singing one day and that she had the voice of an angel she did."
  • Rare Rumors
    • "I've got it on good authority her father was a Primus Ordinarius in the Garlean army an' that she's been in and out of Garlemald on more than a few occasions."

Player Character Rumors

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RP Preferences

  • My RP rules are pretty simple. If I'm RPing in public then you don't need my permission to join in! If I'm in private please send me a whisper and ask if it's okay to jump in. Odds are I'll say yes as I'm a firm believer in the more the merrier but from time to time I am in private scenes. I appreciate and welcome random or walk-up RP and find the challenge of being thrust into something unexpected to be a great deal of fun. I'm not against ERP nor do I consider myself an ardent ERP player, if such a thing is to happen with my character it'll happen naturally and through RP that leads up to it. Under NO circumstances will I just randomly ERP with anyone or respond to such a request.
  • I also have a strong and firm belief that RP should be done with a measure of responsibility. If I put my character in a position that threatens her well being then as a player I acknowledge that she can be hurt or worse. I'm not against the consequences of the actions that my character takes, I in fact welcome them. That being said I do have two hard limit rules. Her death is firmly my decision and if you try to push a rape scenario you'll find our RP fast and forever ended. I also reserve the right to recover in time from any injuries or consequences and promise that any such recovery will make sense thru the course of RP and be lore friendly.
  • Finally I'm all for large plots and being a part of them. Haru is a joy of a character to play and is capable of being a strong heroine, a fun and whimsical side character or even the damsel in distress. If you want to have my participation in any event or plot line you need only ask! The one thing Haru is not is a villain or willing criminal so know in advance she wouldn't be a lot of use in those kinds of stories.