Heavenly Calyx

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Heavenly Calyx
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Balmung
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Heavenly Calyx is serving as an acolyte of the Conjurer's Guild in Gridania, hoping that a more solid learning about life and the aether will give her a better appreciation of both. Her former occupation involved smuggling and fencing goods from her mother's forays in privateering; a task she was not entirely suited for given that she spent a stint behind bars due to being caught.


She has a strong face that speaks of her Sea Wolf heritage in spite of her coloration, as does her longer-limbed build. Being young and largely untried by the harsher bits of life Calyx is relatively unscarred save for a long nick beneath her right eyebrow. Her hands are calloused from handling ropes, her hair cropped short to keep it tame in the breeze, and her preference for clothing runs to form-fitting to keep herself from being entangled. She chafes a bit at the robes the Conjurer's Guild is wont to give her, but acquiesces while on the job.


Her speaking voice is surprisingly light, the power and depth behind it only apparent when she's shouting or singing. (Think having the range of a dramatic Mezzo-soprano.)


Calyx is taciturn with her speech, preferring to listen before offering up her own opinions (if she offers it at all). Her expressions however, are quite open and easily read. She carries herself with a proud mien, her back straight and shoulders set. If her skills were on par with her self-confidence she'd be quite a formidable opponent indeed, but she's still green and still slow to admit as much to others. While not at all unwilling to learn, many lessons only stick after being taught the hard way.


Hand to hand she is more wont to grapple or try to stick her foe with a knife, but Conjury has taught her a few tricks she thoroughly enjoys. If she can she'll slow her target and let them wear themselves out against the power of wind, keeping herself far out of reach.



  • Rich foods, fresh fruits, -fermented- fruits
  • Sleeping in a bed that doesn't roll with the waves
  • Looking at lovelies of any gender


  • The stink of brine and fish
  • Crowded quarters
  • Nosy arseholes


  • She can sing! It...carries well. But her voice has potential!
  • Her sewing and knot tying are more than fairly passable.
  • Calyx has recently taken up goldsmithing. Why fence jewelry when you can make your own?



Father - Sonorous Bear, a bard still roaming the southern homelands of the Hellsguard.

Mother - Iyrnbryda Greinraetwyn, a 'privateer' of some small renown. Off the radar since the Calamity.




Certain ports near Limsa are not fond of her presence, due to her former occupation.


Some say that Calyx's mother, the dame Iyrnbryda Greinraetwyn disappeared from the view of northern authorities because she became a most unlikely Warrior of Light. Others believe she died during or went mad after the failed Battle of Carteneau. All that is known for certain is that during her daughter's stint in jail she answered Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn's call to arms, preferring the prospects of smuggling goods under the noses of those she 'knew' rather than those of the Garlean Empire.

Anything else would be up to you lovely folk! Did I mention that each and every one of you are looking fetching today? Eheh.



Heavenly Calyx's name and appearance are one big Revolutionary Girl Utena reference, but that's as far as it goes. I promise!

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