Helena Duval

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Helena Duval
Armed, armored and dangerously smart.
Helena the... marauder?
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
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Basic Info


Helena was born in Limsa Lominsa from a family of simple merchants. Blessed with a sharp mind, she had an easy time with numbers and but the life of a merchant was simply not enough for her. As a teenager she already helped her parents increase their modest income with her calculating mind and they thanked her by paying her some studies. Surprising them and everyone who knew her, she chose to learn the arts of war, saying she wanted to prove that brain was superior to brawn any time, any day. It took a while, but her parents finally decided to let her, figuring she would give up by herself and choose something more appropriate, considering her light frame...

It turned out that a knowledge of the laws of physics, along with a serious physical training program could turn even little Helena into a whirlwind of (controlled) destruction with a heavy axe. Having proven her point, and feeling quite safe traveling she went off visiting other large cities to learn other arts and broaden her horizons. Every now and then she would send money to her parents, along with a letter telling them of all the amazing things she learned, including, but not limited to, fighting without weapons, healing and protective magic, working leather, and more. A couple months ago, she came back to Limsa Lominsa, having missed her hometown and family, and having heard of the new Arcanima magic that was taught there.


She's smart, she's talented, she's skilled and a fast learner... but she has a lot of trouble focusing on something for very long. Curious and easily distracted, she works surprisingly well under pressure, as the stress enables her to focus all her energies on the situation at hand. Versatility is her middle name and she is a jack (or jane?) of all trades, master of none. If only she could make up her mind, her natural talent and intelligence, combined with the expertise of a serious study would make her a master of whatever field she'd choose to focus on, but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.


She's been more or less everywhere (at least everywhere somewhat accessible) and has a contact or two in all major cities. Currently enrolled as a Cadet/student at Vylbrand Academy (Unsung Heroes Free Company)

Other Notes

No one is quite aware what she was doing or learning during the events surrounding the cataclysm, not even her. She seems quite taken with the art of summoning and bonding with a variety of creatures lately. Currently, these include the grapes-loving fairy Anya, the emerald and topaz carbuncles Blueberry and Lemony, the ifrit-egi Flint and the titan-egi Silvester.

Character Tropes

[[1]Jack Of All Trades]She's just one of those people who seem talented at everything they try.

[[2]Badass Bookworm] represents her well as her levels in DoW classes come from [[3]Awesomeness by Analysis.]