Hinala Kagone

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Hinala Kagone
Hinala Thinking.png
"Dusk awaits you."
The Orbweaver
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Mateus
Tribe Kagon
Age 25
Main Interest "The Dark Arts"



Hinala Kagone is a reclusive and quiet Auri who was exiled from her homeland at a very young age. Through the travels with her mother, who had a penchant for studying practices commonly frowned upon by most surrounding cultures, Hinala learned many lessons about the world; both in it's most positive and negative aspects. Maintaining a secretive, nomadic lifestyle as they traversed the 3 Great Continents, even in her youth Hinala was peculiar; she had little to say to others on her own, but whenever certain topics (whether it be history, traditions or culture) broach her interest, she'd become obsessed and eager to learn more, similar to her mother. For a long time, they lived a tranquil, yet adventurous life attempting to discover the secrets of Hydaelyn and evidence of their creators outside of the Steppe, a search which eventually took them to Ishgard.

Since that point, all record and recollection of the pair had disappeared over a decade ago. It's only recently that Hinala has shown up, alone, to the Gates of Nald'Thal. With an intense demeanor about her, the Auri appears cold to the local residents; even colder than most consider the Xaela. Even so, her determination to get to where she wants to has caused her to become something of a busybody around town; taking on requests and errands no matter how meager or tedious the task is. Lately, she has frequently been seen helping around the Thaumaturge's Guild...


  • Commonly drapes and shrouds herself in heavy shade-casting gear during daylight hours, a ritual she doesn't fully understand herself, but one she wouldn't dare to break.
  • This has led to her unnaturally pale skin, a trademark of those devoted to the Dusk Mother Nhaama.
  • During the night, she tends to change herself to lighter, less-obscuring gear when she's relaxing, but only while alone or around those she feels at some level comfortable with.
  • Her tail, scales and horns are a tad smaller than most Xaela, a fact that makes her self-conscious when brought up.


  • Curt, asocial and secretive, Hinala doesn't make make many good first impressions on people.
  • Her abrasive and hardened nature after a childhood of (mostly percieved) persecution has caused her to have trouble trusting others, regardless of their race, clan or nationality.
  • Though she's of little words in general conversation, she certainly isn't dim; she has a fairly intimate knowledge of Eorzea and will trade knowledge with those who can offer her what she doesn't already know.
  • Behind this cold and threatening exterior however, she's a lonesome and rather odd girl. Her wayward sleep schedule oftens causes her to space out in certain situations, and she can quickly become flustered over relatively minor things (her appearance, shopping or any sort of intimate interaction).


  • In battle, Hinala becomes needlessly cruel and sadistic towards her enemies, whether they be beast, voidsent or even somebody who has wronged her on a particularly bad day.
  • She absolutely relishes the chance to use her hard-earned magic upon any fool that dares to test her strength; sometimes she can even be heard cackling as she rains spells and havoc upon her foes.
  • In spite of this bloodthirsty nature in battle, and her distant personality outside of it, the Auri is strangely helpful to those in need of protection. Without a word, she'll aid those in trouble, regardless of race or nationality, and just as quickly leave them once the fight is over. Afterwards, she tends to feign complete ignorance over said events if encountered again.



  • The Moon
  • Sleeping at Inns
  • Historical Tomes (Though she'll often fall asleep reading them.)
  • Flowers
  • Fashion (Though she'll never admit it)
  • Magical traditions and rituals (Even if they're not truly necessary)
  • Certain types of sleep-inducing tea.


  • The Sun
  • The Oronir (For some reason she finds them inherently annoying)
  • Ishgard


  • Secretly loves to sew and cook, though she'd deny it to anyone who'd mention it.
  • Studious from a young age, Hinala knows a lot about the history of Eorzea and is fascinated in learning more, whether it be negative of positive.
  • Her true calling and passion is most definitely that of the arcane and occult. She's relentless in her pursuit of the most deadliest of magicks; but to what end?
  • Hinala has started to make a name for herself as something of a scholar, even if she doesn't fully accept the bearings of the title.


  • Hinala is often heard murmuring to herself, congratulating her own successes and admonishing her failures. This has gotten many an odd look on top of the gazes already caused by her uncommon appearance.
  • She has trouble talking about her past, and quickly distances herself from those who inquire about it or her banishment from the Steppe.
  • Exiled along with her mother at a young age, Hinala has little knowledge of her homeland, and as such feels a disconnect from others of her culture. Even so, a noticeably dark expression dons her face at thought of potentially returning.



  • Mother: Saraana - Was banished from the Kagon for her "unorthodox" studies. which she continued to pursue to rather dangerous lengths while bringing her young daughter along with her.
  • At some point, time and circumstance caught up to them while travelling in Ishgard, a topic Hinala rarely broaches to others.


  • Nikephoros Aspietes - A seafaring Midlander Hinala has had the (mis?)fortune of acquanitancing with over the appraisal of a "dubious" Xaeli artifact. Though they at first clashed over cultural differences, the two struck up a rapport that the Au Ra mage became fond of.
  • Yaroth Astenia - A Miqo'te new to the land of Eorzea, and more particularly the city of Ul'dah. He approached Hinala for directions to the nearest Adventurer's Guild (just a street away from them.), and so, she decided to have a little fun with him by asking a series of increasingly personal questions. Eventually she led the newcoming adventurer to his destination, with a promise to meet again.


None, so far.


Common Rumors

  • "You've seen that pale Auri lass 'round the Quicksand, aye? Rarely speaks a word, but she's always out an' about during the wee hours of the night."
  • "She frequents the Thaumaturge's Guild from what I recall; suppose she must of piqued the meisters' interests in some way or another.

Moderate Rumors

  • "Poor girl always looks out-of-sorts down Emerald Avenue, caught her lookin' at weaver's tools the other day."

Rare Rumors

  • "She's in a foul mood today, think I heard her stomping around and mumbling to herself at the Inn."

PC Rumors


Currently in the making!


  • This is my first attempt at really creating a character for RP in an MMO, so feedback is definitely appreciated!
  • In terms of roleplaying, I particularly like sticking to or building off of canonical lore, though I don't mind varying it up now and then. (If anything I've said contradicts lore in some way, please let me know! I read up on things a bit but I'm still pretty new to FFXIV.)
  • Fine with serious and non-serious RP styles, just let me know what you're looking for beforehand!
  • Oh yeah, should probably add that I'm QuadOptometrist on the RPC site. Send me a PM if you're interested in figuring out an RP opportunity, or for any criticism for my page-writing skills ^^;


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