How To: Add Images To Your Wiki

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Step 1: Ensure you are logged in to the wiki.

Step 2: Navigate to the 'Upload an Image' page. Note: This page is not viewable in the left hand navigation if you are currently editing a page.

Step 3: Click 'browse' and locate your image.

Step 4: Make note of the 'Destination Filename' you will need this to link your image. Note: This is CASE SENSITIVE!

Step 5: Click 'Upload' and your image will upload. Once it is it will also display the dimensions of your picture, which is helpful later.

Step 6: Use the following code to insert your image in to your wiki. Note: If you are inserting an image in to the INFOBOX you do not need this code, only the 'Destination Filename'.

Please be very careful when uploading an image to not replace other images!

[[File:sample.png|center|300x300px| This is a sample]]

File:sample.png: the 'Destination Filename. This is case sensitive.
center: the picture alignment. This can be left, right or center.
300x300px: The size of your image. Use the dimensions in Step 5 to help yourself properly adjust this if needed.
This is a sample: The text displayed when the mouse is hovered over the image.

Step 7: Save your wiki.

Images often take some time to adjust and move for the desired effect, so please ask for help if you need it.
Please note that you cannot link images from outside hosting sites, the uploader is the only way to display an image on the wiki.