I'delia Tohka

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Gridania-transparent.png I'delia Tohka
She's happier than she looks
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Gridania
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Basic Info

I'delia Tohka is a kind woman who enjoys nature, music, and archery. She tends to spend her time near rivers, practicing her harp skills and singing to herself. Despite her soft demeanor however, she is a force to be reckoned with if you were to ever find yourself on the wrong end of her bow.


Originally the heiress to a noble house in a far off land, I’delia Tohka had what she would consider a generally nice childhood. She had a fine education, including a study of many fighting styles and arts. Her favorite of these, however, was always the bow and arrow. It felt unique to her in a way that no other weapon or art did.

She continued her study throughout the years, focusing more on the bow than anything else. Her skill grew fast, and with it, a wonder of what may be waiting outside in the world. She read of adventurers and their stories and grew jealous. She wasn’t meant to go down in history. Her name wasn’t meant to become anything but a show of wealth and glory that she had never earned herself. The training she’s done would ultimately amount to nothing more than a waste of time. She researched more for many months, calculating and making heavy preparations. In the dawn of that year’s spring, she approached her parents and informed them of her plans. She would become an adventurer and make a true name for herself. One that she could be proud of. One she thought they would be proud of. Instead she was given a long-winded speech and an ultimatum: stay and inherit the family fortune, or leave and remove herself from the lineage.

The choice wasn’t hard. She already had her gear with her and a ferry set for the next morning. The hard part was hiding her face. She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of seeing how much this hurt her. She walked the distance that she was hoping to cover by carriage, though it proved to give her some well-needed practice with moving targets when she was attacked by wild animals. Still, she made it safely on Aldenard and journeyed to Gridania in search of her own wealth, and maybe new friends.


Primarily sweet and gentle, I'delia offers compassion to all those she meets. However, in the heat of battle she is known to fight without mercy and reason.


Through her hard work and dedication, she has risen to the status of a Hell Knight in the Black Wolf Company

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