I'dhakya Kett

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I'dhakya Kett
❝My freedom belongs to me...

Alias... Akya, Kya, Ak aan Lavi(Slave name).
Birth Name... I'dhakya Kett.
Age... 26.
Gender... Female.
Race... Miqo'te.
Clan... Seeker of the Sun, Buffalo Tribe from Eastern La Noscea.(Former)

Wolf Tribe from Gridania.(Current)

Orientation... Pansexual.
Marital... Single.
Deity... None.(Used to follow Azeyma)
Strong willed, sharp.
Can be quick to anger, acts more feral when angry..
When around those she likes she can be more open and kind.
Misses being a part of a tribe.
Can become intensely depressed and her self worth takes a bit of a dive. She can have moments of feeling useless and broke, sometimes doesn't believe she deserves a tribe anymore.
She is a hunter by trade though she hasn't held a bow in years.
Often those who try to say they understand her pain when she has not fully expressed herself are met with anger and resentment. She believes only those who have been a slave can truely understand and to say otherwise is idiocy.
"Rumor goes here." Name goes here.
"Rumor goes here." Name goes here.
"Rumor goes here." Name goes here.
W'nzee Nunh
Sw'inwa Greyshire
Elias Charron
Tikayla Vata
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When Akya was younger she was kidnapped while out on a hunt with her sisters. Sold to the Imperials she was made a slave, called Ak aan Lavi, and forced to forge weapons since they believed her too weak to fight. That is until they noted her strength in black magic. After that they had made plans to break her down and 'remake' her into one of their conscripts. Promising her citizenship after no less than 20 years in service. During that time she was beaten, whipped, and made to believe that she was broken. She was close to completely bgiving in when one of her fellow slaves managed to smuggle something in, a wand. She was able to get away and make a break for The Wall, Baelsar's Wall. It was rough but she soon found herself in the Shroud, then Gridania, and soon all the way to Ul'dah. She thought about taking a ship to La Noscea but soon found herself to weak to go through with it.
It wasn't until recently that she has learned that Baelsar's and everything past there has been liberated.
Scars: slashes and cuts on her face. Lash marks overlapping on her back. Burn scars on her arms and stomach.
While at one time she was a devote follower of Azeyma like the rest of her tribe, during her time under Imperial rule she became jaded and began to believe that Azeyma held no real love or protection over her people. She scoffs at most who praise the goddess though she also doesn't show her discontent terribly openly.
Wiki made by D'lyhhia Lhuil. Base layout taken from Atreus del Alumet.

...none shall have me again.❞