Iacon Dawnshire

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Iacon Dawnshire
An Ala Mhigan dreams of Liberating Ala Mhigo
Astologican Bard
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk (Sequintonfolk)
Citizenship Ul'dah
Namesday 13th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Grand Company The Immortal Flames
Free Company Silver Nexus
Relationship Status Single
Server Balmung
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Basic Info

Iacon Dawnshire appears to be 3ft tall with white hair, purple eyes, and is wearing fancy bard-style clothing and is always seen with a black hat with a some sort of feather on it. He is a bright Lalafell with the thirst of knowledge and curiosity.


Iacon Dawnshire is the descendant of a forgotten clan known as the Sequintonfolk. A Dunesfolk tribe in the Southern Seas that studied Allagan ruins. His parents Praxicon and Lumitron are descendants as well and like them have named their son after the naming conventions their ancestors created so many millenia ago. During the thirteen years of Iacon's life his parents taught him all about Aether, Astromancy, and a little bit of training to become a Monk, just like his father. His mother gave him her Astrologian Soul Crystal in part of his teaching and eventual training in Astromancy. Yet with these two skills Iacon was more adept and learning Astromancy, Astronomy, and Astrology than the martial arts of the Monk.

Yet sadly all of his training would come to a crashing halt when the Garleans invaded Ala Mhigo. His father protected him and his mom as they escaped the city and headed towards Ul'dah. Sadly his mother would not survive as she would be killed by gunfire against Garlean soldiers. Thanks to his fellow citizens Iacon was able to escape his home nation. In the twenty years he would be brought up and raised by a Midlander Hyur named Dymlos Aileron. This Hyur taught Iacon the ways of the Archer. Iacon would continue his self-training in Astromancy, a skill he will eventually master when headed to Ishgard. Eventually Iacon and his adopted father would part ways and he would not see him again. Iacon ponders what happened to him and if he survived the Calamity. An event Iacon would witness firsthand at the fields of Cartenau.


Thanks to his upbringing from his parents, Iacon is well-versed and shows respect to his fellow citizens. From his history of traveling across Eorzea and with his experience at the battle of Cartenau (and the events of 1.0) he is level-headed and will watch and analyze a situation before concluding to an answer. When discussing on subjects with his fellow adveturers he does not hold back when he needs to and will give someone a tongue lashing when someone steps out of line. He will speak his mind and loves to partake in discussions about the principle of Aether and its composition.

Allies and Enemies


Father: Praxicon Dawnshire is the father of Iacon. He was born and raised in Ala Mhigo and greatly studied aetherical energy and how it can be manipulated and used into every day living. He noticed the use of the power of Chi Monks used in their training and would eventually become a Monk himself to understand the power of Chi, as it is a similiar composition of Aether. If his theory is correct that Chi is just another form of Aetherical energy then he can test its limits to and see if his thesis can be applied to every-day living.
Status: Assumed Deceased
Mother: Lumitron Starlight-Dawnshire is the mother of Iacon. She was originally born in Sharlayan and like her husband, is a descendant of the Sequintonfolk tribe. She studied the art of Astromancy while living in Sharlayan and eventually became a Professor. During one of her divination sessions with her divining cards it told her to head South to meet up one of her own lineage. Even though she did not doubt her deck she studied the constellation and they gave her a similar answer. Acknowledging her fate she went to her superiors and told them of her findings they reluctantly agreed. She thanked them and left in a months time. It would take her a year-or-so before she met up with her future husband Praxicon Dawnshire.
Status: Deceased
Adopted Father: Dymlos Aileron took care and raised Iacon after the events of Ala Mhigo's fall. He taught him how to hunt with a bow and the path of the Archer. As Iacon's skills grew and he became a master at the craft and grew into manhood Dymlos introduced him to his old Bardic friend Jehantel. This is where Dymlos and Iacon parted ways as he knew Iacon is able to take care of himself.
Status: Unknown
Aunt: Rubytron Starlight is the sister of Iacon's mother Lumitron. While her sister Lumitron left Sharlayan, her sister Rubytron stayed and continued her research with the lost forgotten craft of Red Magic. She discovered the dusty, forgotten tome in the back depths of the Sharlayan library. She continues to study it to this day but has plans to leave her home and head to Gyr Abania where its origins resides.
Status: Alive


Iacon Dawnshire is a descendant of the Dunesfolk clan that would eventually be known as the Sequintonfolk.

Eons ago in the Fifth Astral Era in the Southern Seas in the mountainous regions of the Lalafellian Islands there lived a small group of Dunesfolk Lalafell that worked in the Gemana Mines for minerals, crystals and so forth. One day during an excavation they dug up old Allagan ruins. Excited for this discovery, they began to excavate the ruins. Years of studying the ruins and translating the old Allagan dialect slowly changed their ways of life. They would eventually abandon the mining lifestyle for riches and trade it for archeology, science, history, and knowledge. Word would spread across the Southern Sea Islands and the other Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk would give this small group of Dunesfolk a new name: Sequintonfolk.

Eventually the Sequintonfolk would abandon their traditional naming conventions and create their own in response to the findings of Allag tech. This naming convention, in turn would sound more Allagan than the traditional rhyming and phonetic sounds in the Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk names. Unlike the Plainsfolk and Dunesfolks naming, the Sequintonfolks’ name-spelling is unisex and can be used for either male or female Lalafell. The last two characters of their first name will have the suffex of on or with ax or ex. Such examples include Vexatron, Recon, Zaleon, Cryjax, Auravex, and Xilarex. The last names of the Sequintonfolk will vary and will reflect on the region their group lives in. Examples include such as Stoneforge, Moonchaser, and Duststorm.

Years would pass for the Sequintonfolk, exhausting the Allag ruins and having acquired as much knowledge as they could,they decided to leave the Southern Sea Islands for an Exodus across all of Hydaelyn. In due time they would inhabit Ala Mhigo, Thanalan, and eventually the nation of Sharlayan where they would continue to research Allagan technology and its history, keeping a record of their exploits and discoveries. Their thirst for knowledge may change to other areas such as thaumaturge, aether, and other fields but they would keep the tradition of their lineage of naming their children after the ancient tongue of Allag.

Other Notes

Main theme: Journeyman - Blackmore's Night
Etrian Odyssey Untold: Battlefield's Awakening -ext-.