Ibakha Tumet

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 Ibakha Tumet
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Othard
Age 20
Marital Status Single
Occupation Hunter For Hire
Height/Weight 5fulms 2ilms ~ 115 ponze
Orientation Heterosexual

Basic Info

An Auri woman born into a small branch of the Tumet tribe, located in the more wooded areas of Othard. Having fled to Eorzea with plenty of other men and women after the invasion of Garleans, Ibakha finds herself travelling foreign lands with nothing more than a bow and a flute.

The Xaela wants nothing more but to make a living in a new place, not having much of a choice considering the situation with Doma. You may find Ibakha wandering the city-states looking at posters, signs, and even approaching people in hopes that she would be able to partake in some odd-jobs. She may even be seen settling down in a little corner and playing her flute. Though she may appear to be very stiff in conversation, don't be afraid to approach her - she only wishes to find work and make a few extra gil.

No harm in that, right?


Ibakha has a strong fondness for music. She enjoys playing her flute most of all, and hopes to impress others with her playing - even if there's still work to be improved on.
Hunting is one of Ibakha's favorite pastimes. She mainly takes up jobs that involve going out into the fields and hunting a dodo or two.
Despite her detour in finding her tribe as a child, Ibakha has a fondness for travelling and seeing new sights. She wishes to learn more about the world, especially now that she's in Eorzea.
From hunting, Ibakha made a habit of toying around with skins and leathers. She's still practicing at the moment, but she seems to enjoy leatherworking. She hopes to one day be able to fashion her own set of armor.


Ibakha does tend to get freaked out by Magitek Technology. Once witnessing a set of Magitek Armor in action back in Doma, she feels uneasy around the likes ever since.
Though she enjoys cooking over an open hearth, Ibakha isn't very fond of smoke - claiming that it smells bad and gives her chest pains.
Reading and Writing prove to be extremely difficult for Ibakha. She is capable of reading and understanding signs to locations at the moment, but learning how to read more 'difficult' words tend to be too much of a task.


Bad Habits: Ibakha tends to chew or bite on random objects out of boredom.
Favorite Food: Corn and various types of meat and fish.
Favorite Drink: Milk and tea
Favorite Color: Brown or shades of brown

Appearance & Personality

Height - 5 fulms 3 ilms
Weight - 120 ponze
Eye Color - Blue
Skin Color - Olive
Body - Taller than most female Au Ra, Ibakha proudly stands at 5 fulms and 3 ilms.
Her body can be described more accurately as pear-shaped, slim in her upper body complete with wide hips in the south. Her arms and legs show signs of muscle, yet retain :some of their feminine appearance. If one were to closely examine her body, they would find a scar running from her mid back to just below her left shoulder blade. On her :wrists and elbows would show smaller, less noticeable scars - a tale to be told only to those close to her.
Combat - Ibakha primarily uses a bow in combat, preferring more of a stealthy approach in attacking her target and firing arrows from afar. She attacks in a sort of 'system' - hide wherever available, attack, move to next location, and repeat.
In terms of close combat, Ibakha isn't very capable of holding her own. If there is a case in which an opponent approaches her up close, she attempts to either use her bow as a sort of pole-arm or use her tail.
Overall, Ibakha tries as much as possible to avoid close combat and specializes more in attacking from a distance.
Personality - Ibakha can be described as a curious type of person. Being sort-of newish to Eorzea, she still has a lot to learn in terms of culture and how to get by in foreign lands. She won't hesitate to ask questions when confused on a topic - or something relatively new to her. Typically, the sort of child that has to ask "why?" a million times before they're satisfied.
Though she didn't spend the majority of her life with her tribe, Ibakha takes great pride in her lineage - to the point that she may slip a few snarky remarks towards other Xaela. She wishes to become a sort of 'leader' towards others and even wants to start a tribe of her own at some point. Apart from the deep nomadic pride the Xaela holds in her heart, Ibakha is actually quite the pushover - easily influenced by other people's decisions or opinions.



An Auri woman born into the Tumet tribe, located more into the grassland areas of Othard. As nomadic as most Xaela tribes are, Ibakha's early childhood was centered around travel and survival - moving from location to location on a frequent basis and trading with other friendly tribes.

After the Xaela's tenth Summer, she had participated in the Tumet Coming-of-Age trial, which involved being tied to a sacred tree while the rest of the tribe packed up and left to their next location. After several hours of struggle, Ibakha managed to break free and started her little adventure back to her tribe. After several bells of travelling in the direction she was POSITIVE her tribe headed off to, she found absolutely nothing. Confused as to where her tribe could possibly be, Ibakha stayed in her location - feeding off of the local shrubs for the time being.

Several suns have passed, and there was still no sign of the Tumets to be seen. The Xaela assumed she had been abandoned - but still carried on with her search. She gathered what food she could from the land and once again began travelling, desperate to be reconnected with her family. Her little adventure had eventually landed Ibakha into the outskirts of Doma, where she took another rest. She was eventually approached by two Raen farmers, Kasaragi and Gyosei Naeuri - who upon hearing Ibakha's story have allowed the child to stay with them until she found her tribe.

Teenage + Present

Years have passed since then, and Ibakha was 'adopted' and raised with the Doman family. She had slightly adjusted to their more 'civilized' lifestyle, and even assisted with farmwork in return for letting her stay with them. One day while on another weekly search for her tribe, Ibakha had found strange ropes scattered about - which she soon identified as the same ropes that were used during her trial. Along with the ropes, she also had found an old bow - used mainly by the hunter-gatherers of the Tumet. This brought a sense of relief to the Xaela, and was more than happy to know that her tribe was still alive and travelling.

Soon after the razing of Doma thanks to the Garleans, Ibakha as well as many other men and women eventually set sail to Eorzea. Though she has been staying in Mor Dhona after the refugees were allowed access, the Xaela has been travelling from city-state to city-state in search of a way to make some extra money for herself and her adoptive family. For now, Ibakha's main priorities are to both find other members of the Tumet tribe in a foreign land - as well as try to adjust to a whole new lifestyle..at least until she can safely return to Othard.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"One of them 'Aura' people, aye? 'Prolly came on a ship with the rest o' them Doman folk..Better not start causin' any trouble 'ere. They can turn them ships right around." - Elderly Hyur
"Oh yes - Ibakha. She's a tad strange compared to the rest of the..darker scaled ones - a lot more civilized if you ask me. She's usually looking for work..but it looks like she hasn't had any luck." - Adventurer
"Her flute's so DAMN NOISY. She just sits down wherever and starts playin'! It's a nuisance!" - A guard stationed at Mor Dhona
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Ibakha...Ibakha..Tallish? Green hair? Oh ye- she's one of them Au Ra, ain't she? Those..Xaela people. She acts kinda proper compared to them other dark scales..Ain't they supposed to be tribal?" - Gossiping Roegadyn
"That Xaela there..She called herself a Tumet! I heard they leave their children for dead in the wild..They must be a bit funny in the head - them Au Ra folk." - Nosy Lalafell
"Heard her yellin' at a couple o' Au Ra not too long ago - calling herself 'chief' an' throwin' insults at 'em. Must be some 'sorta tyrant back at home." - Mor Dhonian Merchant
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Ibakha, yes. She came to Doma as a child and was taken in by some farmers..She's been living within the city-stat ever since. To lose your family at such a young age.." - Doman Refugee
"Ibakha was a skittish child at first, yes. However, having her around was a great help to the farm. We raised her like she was one of our own - and we to this day do not regret that decision. She's been searching for years for her family...I hope she finds what she's looking for." - Kasaragi, Ibakha's Adoptive Mother
"After staying with us for a few suns, she told us how she wandered into Doma..She had this sort of 'trial' with her tribe and had failed it..She didn't go much into detail, but she looked so afraid at the time..I'm proud of the brave woman she has grown into." - Gyosei Naeuri, Ibakha's adoptive father
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


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