Igor Angura

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Idughadai "Igor" Angura
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Ul'dah
Nameday 10th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Guardian Byregot, the Builder
Occupation Freelance Blacksmith

Igor is an Othardian Xaela currently living in Ul'dah and working as a self-employed blacksmith. Estimated to be somewhere in his thirties, Igor has been living in Eorzea since his pre-teen years, making him perhaps more knowledgeable of the land's ways than some of his other Auri brethren. Despite this, he maintains a fairly traditional worldview and largely keeps to himself, preferring to live a simple, humble life as the master of his forge.

Basic Info


Breezy weather
Being told stories


Heat, humidity
Crowded spaces


Mostly illiterate
Exceptionally tall and muscular
Speaks with a notable accent
Somewhat standoffish
Carries an heirloom pipe; seldom smokes

Appearance & Personality

Being of the Angura clan, Igor is characteristically ruddy-skinned, his hair bearing much the same color, save for the occasional sun-bleached flecks here and there. His horns are black, as those of any Xaela, and quite long, extending back from his head at a slight curve and flanking his high-set ponytail. His face is handsome, albeit severe, and sports very thick scaling. Most striking, perhaps, are his eyes, their sclera forebodingly dark and both irises glowing bright gold. He is tall even for one of his kind, and very well-muscled on every part of his body, save for his long, narrow tail, which is barbed at the end.
On the surface, he is certainly intimidating, with his imposing figure and deep, rumbling baritone voice. His reputation as the creator of highly lethal blades also earns him a certain gravitas. Unfortunately, the way he tends to habitually glare down at strangers, particularly men, does little to soften this image of his. Only those who are closest to him happen to know of the quiet, thoughtful soul beneath this harsh exterior.


1540 - 1560

Born some time between 1540 and 1550, Idughadai began life in the harsh environs of northeastern Othard where the Angura tribe made its home. Because of the rather severe nature of the territory, the Angura didn't come into contact with many of the other Xaela tribes very often, save for periods of famine that forced them further south and west. Around the age of five, Idughadai made contact with a rivaling clan for the first time, and became enthralled by the scent of blood and the thrill of war. Being as young as he was, he was not yet able to properly participate in battle, but even this tiny glimpse into the glory of war pushed Idughadai to learn to fight as soon as he was able.
At the age of eight, he fashioned his first axe, a mediocre little wedge that could do little more than splinter chunks of ice. While it wasn't much, it at least gave him the opportunity to practice his swing--and besides, his people were ever in need of ice they could melt into water. By ten, he'd made a superior weapon, something better suited to battle. As fortune had it, even, he was able to test the thing when a foolish band of Khatayin ventured far enough into Angura territory to spark a feud. Idughadai was nearly slain in the skirmish, but a quick swing of his axe cleaved the coward's head from his shoulders before he could bury his sword in the young one's chest.
Unfortunately, the tribe did suffer heavy losses before it managed to overcome the invading force, and this left it highly vulnerable in the coming months. Idughadai ever honed his axes, even kept his nails long and as sharp as claws, extra weapons to keep him safe in case another band arrived to ambush his people. Oddly, however, they saw very little conflict.
Early Teens
Considering the lucky positioning of Angura territory in a region of the Steppe with low population density and even fewer resources, the Garlean occupation had practically been a non-event for the tribe for many, many years. As more and more tribal Xaela began to join the Garlean forces, however, this began to change. Every now and again, scouts would report ominous whirring in the distance, or stacks of smoke too tall and black to belong to a camp fire. Worried rumors started to spread.
While the majority of the tribe remained determined to stake out their land and defend from any potential invasion, a number of individuals, Idughadai and his mother included, no longer felt safe. One man declared himself the khan of this splitting faction and led the group southwest in hope of fleeing Othard for refuge.
By the time they reached the western shore, the fragmented tribe had suffered heavy losses. While some individuals from other tribes had joined in the exodus, ambushes by others had cut deeply into their number. Sickness and the festering of wounds further diminished its size. In the end, numbering only about thirty, the group managed to commandeer a sentry vessel from the Castrum near Doma, and they stowed away across the sea toward Vylbrand.
Teenage Years
Even more losses were suffered at sea, with sickness and famine taking their toll. Idughadai was not the only child to lose his mother, and many unfortunate parents lost their children. Even the self-proclaimed leader ended up dying from the effects of malnutrition. This left an already splintered faction even weaker than before. By the time the ship reached shore, less than ten survivors remained, and Idughadai was the sole remaining representative of the Angura tribe.
Disheartened by the loss of his family and companions, Idughadai nonetheless pressed on. He donned his mother's cloak, took his axe in hand, and joined his fellow refugees as they slowly made their way toward civilization. The group eventually came to Limsa Lominsa, where its members found work as privateer crewmen, crafters, and cooks. Not willing to pledge his allegiance to anyone, however, Idughadai opted to live on the streets and tackle odd jobs for pay. He discovered the life of the adventurer this way, and found that guildleves offered enough income that he could live independently and travel as he pleased.

1561 - 1577

From La Noscea to Thanalan
In the hope of distancing himself from the pirates of Limsa Lominsa and gaining a sense of self in this strange new world, Idughadai made use of the money he'd saved and paid for passage to Aldenard. Arriving in Thanalan, he immediately charted a course for Ul'dah, praying that its promise of wealth and comfort was true.
On his way toward the city, he was met with a band of Ala Mhigan refugees. Curious, and sensing a kind of kinship with these fellow misfits, Idughadai opted to travel with them. Finding his name very difficult to pronounce, the Ala Mhigans took to calling him "Igor," a shortening of his full name (Idughadai Angura) and replacement with a far more familiar one. Igor adopted the moniker happily; after all, he was no longer the man he used to be, completely separated from his tribe and his homeland. He found it only appropriate that he take on a new identity.
The group separated once it reached Ul'dah, but not before forging a distinct bond with Igor and teaching him more of the Eorzean tongue. Many of the Ala Mhigans hoped to find purpose as gladiators. Igor considered following, but in the end declined, wanting to avoid what he perceived as indentured servitude to the city-state. Instead, he sought out other avenues, promising his friends that he would help to support them with whatever profession he found.
As it happened, a local blacksmith by the name of Silent Snowfall was looking for an apprentice. The old Hellsguard was getting on in his age, and deeply feared that he would find no successor before his death. Igor, who had already had some basic experience with weaponcraft, eagerly rose to the occasion and requested apprenticeship. While Silent Snowfall first balked at the idea of taking on an apprentice that would not even reveal his face, Igor promised to pay his way while he learned, and it was enough to convince the aging smith to take him in.
The Seventh Umbral Calamity
Some years later, Igor had become a skillful smith in his own right, forging swords and armor for his Ala Mhigan friends to use in battle. Impressed by Igor's talent and the gladiators' subsequent success, Silent Snowfall officially passed the forge to Igor, allowing him to continue his master's work while his master retired.
The timing couldn't have been more morbidly perfect. As Dalamud fell and fireballs flew through the sky, Igor took shelter, while his master did not. Silent Snowfall was killed in the incident, and Igor lost many other friends, too. For the first time in many years, he felt truly alone, stranded in a ruined city with no idea what he could do to move forward.
Life After Ruin
Fortunately, given the nature of his profession, Igor was at least able to find plenty of work in the Calamity's wake. Many of the boards and bolts that went into rebuilding the city were ones of his own make. Even despite all that happened, Igor was determined to put his best effort into mending things. After all, Ul'dah was the only home he had left.

1577 - Present




Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Best damn sword I've ever swung! Cost me a bundle, but well worth the price." -- Ala Mhigan Gladiator
"Has one of those scaly freaks really been livin' here all this time? Thal's balls, you think you know a town..." -- Irritable Plainsfolk
"Such a handsome one! Shame he's already spoken for." -- Street Dancer
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Igor? Never 'eard of 'im. Sounds a mite like a bloke I used ter know, though." -- Auri Privateer
"Ain't never seen no one swing an axe like that afore. Chap's a bloody madman." -- Anxious Adventurer
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Signin' a contract with that man's like signin' a contract with a swivin' voidsent. Might as I should kiss all me savin's goodbye." -- Brass Blade
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Sash'a Angura : Spouse, by way of Ceremony of Eternal Bonding, in the tradition of many adventurers before. Igor adores Sasha more than anything in the world and would gladly die for him.



Igor's and Sash'a's names were admittedly inspired by this story. I wish I were joking.