Iliara Brightmoon

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Iliara Brightmoon
"The night is still young..."

Alias... Lady of the Moon
Birth Name... Ysera Eryut
Age... 76 (Appears 20)
Gender... Female
Race... Viera, Rava
Occupation... Seer
Orientation... Bisexual
Marital... Single
Deity... Menphina, the lover
Fellow viera – Is your character of the Eryut tribe? In that case, your character might recognize Iliara. Even if not, Iliara is likely to form a kinship with other viera.
Dancer – Your character might have seen Iliara performing in the street as a dancer before. Perhaps your character was simply bewitched by her dance. Or perhaps your character is also a dancer with ties to the Troupe Falsiam.
Fortune Teller – Want to know your fate? Iliara can perform a reading for a short sum of gil.
Iliara Brightmoon is a sweet and nurturing fortune teller who wields potent astromancy with power she draws from the moon through her unique dance. Though she is no mother, she is described by others to have a motherly air about her. Also a talented dancer.

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