Imadyn Heart

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 Imadyn Heart
Gender Female
Race Hyur Highlander
Clan N/A
Citizenship Nomad, calling Gridania home
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Imadyn is a rather short lady in comparison to other Highlanders, though her vertical challenge doesn't seem to be a bone of contention for her. It simply makes life a bit more difficult sometimes. She has quite dark skin, and one brilliant sky blue eye that she watches people with. Her other eye, the left one, is more often than not kept under a thick veil of midnight hued hair, which one often sees her pull at to make sure it has not revealed that eye. There is a scar going diagonal just above her right eyebrow, the gash continuing below her eye, hidden mostly underneath the dark blue tattoo on that same cheek. She is muscular as well as compact, and has been known to state to anyone that asks that she "Breaks rocks fer a livin'." Her ink-dark hair is almost always kept swept back in a ponytail, a habit she rarely changes, as the no-muss no-fuss attitude is clear in that and the way she dresses, which is usually large and comfortable shirts in deep hues and no-nonsense pants as well as easily pulled off or put on shoes. If one ever does see her dressed up at all, there is a constant air of discomfort around her.

Recent changes to her appearance :

  • She has added some dark wine red streaks to her hair.
  • Her attire still holds to darker, bold hues, but the clothing has taken on a more flowing quality, a little less no-nonsense, a little more comfort-induced. It seems to be in correlation with the change of her job status, from mining regularly to focussing more on botany.
  • For anyone who knew her before her marriage, if they saw her now they'd notice that she's slightly thicker in the stomach, hip, and thigh regions and somewhat more top-heavy than she used to be. It can be assumed she's settled nicely into bonded life.
  • Those who see her now might start to suspect married life has been exceptionally good for her, as they might figure that thicker stomach to be an indicator of something a little more than just 'settling nicely into life with a husband'.
  • There is no hiding it any longer, not even under the thickest sweater nor the flowiest robe. She is very clearly and unmistakeably sporting the belly of pregnancy. She can, in quiet moments, be seen rubbing or talking to it.


Imadyn doesn't share much about where she came from, how she got where she did, or even what her future life goals are. About the most one would be able to tell easily is she has a strong accent that appears to be a cross between Ala Mhigan and Limsan. She claims she spent most of her youth on or around the coast of La Noscea, if one can pry even that that from her mostly silent lips.

There is only one person with whom she's shared everything so openly with, that being her husband, Briardien Heart. Good luck trying to pry information out of him as well, the two of them are quite similar in their unobtrusive and ever-observant, rarely-speaking ways. If she's ever seen out and about in public, he is never far away. And if he happens to be far away, her gaze tends to drift off more often than not.

Enjoying the Moonfire Faire fireworks


To say the woman is quiet is a bit of an understatement. She's not as silent as a Qestir, but the volume she speaks at and the infrequency of her passed along words might make one draw comparisons. When one gets to know her, they'll find she's exceedingly loyal to those who have drawn her care, even if they are not on good terms. Her care runs deep, one might say.

Her face frequently resembles the rocks that she breaks, unemotional and merely watchful. The appearance can be broken, she has been known from time to time to smile, or in the case of being around her Husband, to smile often. Every gesture is soft, kind, caring, careful, and quite well overly thought out. When approached with a question, one might get a bit of an unblinking stare for a while, visions of cogwheels turning in her head might come to mind once her answer is received.

The two Hearts, Eternally Bonded


Semi-retired member of the Miner's Guild of Ul'dah, currently working in the Shroud branch.

A member of the Conjurer's Guild of Gridania, currently paused in her studies.

A member of the Botanist's Guild of Gridania.

Was seen out with her husband on various tasks and meetings with his associates from the Kennel.

Seen several times a week helping the upkeep and running of the Slice of Life organization in the Lavender Beds.

Date Night at the Lover's Cafe

Other Notes

Resides in the Lavender Beds with her husband and Pup.