Immortal Flames

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Currently, the bulk of Ul'dah's military strength comes from their standing army of mercenaries and the small contingent of the palace guard known as the Sultansworn. To bring order to their ranks and oversee additional wartime training, the sultana has resurrected the Immortal Flames--and elite force of battle-hardened veterans that once instilled fear in the city-state's neighboring nations during ages past. This unit would act as a core aspect of the army, essentially bolstering its power, and in effect grant more authority to the sultana and her advisors--something of which those in control of the city-state's economy--namely the Syndicate--are wary.

The Immortal Flames is the Grand Company of Ul'dah. It is headed by General Raubahn Aldynn, and under him Grand Flame Marshal Eline Roaille. The Hall of Flames with instructions from the Grand Marshal presides over the command of the Main Brigades 1st through 3rd, which traditionally have formed the main force of the Ul'dahn army, as well as the Foreign Brigades.

The Foreign Brigades is the portion of Ul'dahn armies consisting of non-Ul'dahn citizens, and includes the Ala Mhigan Brigade and the Free Brigade. The latter consists of adventurers and is led by High Flame Commander Jakys Rider.

The Highest Command
Flame General Raubahn Aldynn
Grand Flame Marshal Eline Roaille of the Hall of Flames
High Flame Commander Jakys Rider of the Free Brigade

Hall of Flames Staff
Flame Lieutenant First Class Hollin Aubrey
Flame Lieutenant Second Class Lannis
Flame Commander Bomptond
Flame Sergeant U'sanzi Rahz
Flame Private Nonoku Noku
Flame Private Pakibo Tabkipo

High Flame Commander's Unit
Flame Private Dhavha
Flame Private Sompt

Company Leves
Flame Sergeant Byrne
Flame Sergeant Dalvag

Chocobo Escort
Flame Sergeant Hanette
Flame Sergeant Mourelz

Flame Commander Ashdale
Jandonaut Fouillel
Flame Private Greave
Flame Private Hanksalsyn
Flame Private Stark
Gagaleo Pupuleo
Sisimuza Tetemuza
Somber Meadow