Indranilsar Oronir

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 Indranilsar Oronir
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Nomadic
Age 22
Marital Status
Occupation Hunter / Tracker / Mercenary for Hire
Height/Weight 5'1" / 140 lbs
Orientation Straight
Server Balmung

Basic Info

This is a Work In Progress
Indranilsar, or "Indra" is a 22-year-old Xaela hunter from Othard. Free-spirited and feisty, she has only recently come to Eorzea and is currently learning how to read and write. She travels and picks up mercenary work with her mate and small group of Eorzean friends. She is inspired by 15th century Mongolian culture.
Tribe: Oronir - All members of the Oronir tribe believe themselves to be direct descendants of Azim, the tribe's god of the sun.
Nameday: 14th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon (4/13)
Horse: Ulaanar - "Red Sun". From same parents as Ranzo, her mate Vachir's horse.
Has been learning the Eorzean spoken language for approximately 5 years (could be more), and still has an accent of the old Auri language. There are many Eorzean sayings and phrases that go over her head.
She is only just beginning how to learn to read and write, but has been making great strides over the past year.
Enjoys cooking and learning new recipes.
Gives good massages.
She does not have The Echo.
Tradeskill: Fletcher, Poison-making
Special Abilities: Marksmanship, Hiding in shadows
Special Occupational Training: Vanishing in shadows, Marksmanship (in bows), tracking people and objects
Skills, Abilities, and Talents:
  1. Fletching
  2. Poisons
  3. Acrobatic
Areas of Expertise:




Loud, crowded places
Feeling useless
Being called "dragon" or "tribal beast"


Vice(s): love-making, eating
Favorite Food: Grilled Dodo, frumenty, Zoni, Shark Fin Soup
Favorite Drink: tea, mead, rice wine, Aqua del Sol, Mint Lassi
Favorite Color: Rhotano Blue, Rolanberry Red, Void Blue, Abyssal Blue

Appearance & Personality

Characteristics: Strong, Independent, stubborn, quick to fight in regards to Garleans, limited reading/writing skills. Blunt. Supports her partner and friends.
Name Entymology: Indranil: "Sapphire" , Sar: "Moon"
Nicknames: Indra, Indy
Hair: Black with subtle blue highlights
Skin: tanned
Eyes: Deep sapphire blue with honey-gold limbal rings
Body Type: toned hour-glass
Physical Condition (Fit, unfit, something in between?): fit
Distinguishing Features:
  1. honey-gold limbal rings
  2. small silver cuffs on her curved horns
  1. She has curving markings around her eyes designating her aptitude for being aware and seeing things, often found among hunters.
Fashion of Choice: Anything comfortable and breathable.
Armor of Choice: Leather, cloth, with small amounts of chainmail, metal, or scales.
Weapons of Choice: Bows and daggers. She is able to use a lance, but typically only for fishing.
Physical Imperfections/Would Like Most to Change:
Character Personality Inspiration:
Sense of Humor:
Integrity: Average/Below Average
Impulsiveness: mid impulsiveness
Boldness: Average boldness. May become more bold if a friend is in danger or if she feels threatened.
Flexibility: Both physically and mentally flexible
Favorite Pet Sayings, Words, Idiolect:
  1. Sun and Stars (pet name for Vachir)
Speaking Style: Old Auri accent, broken sentence structure.
Philosophy of Life:
Misc. Quirks: Very curious about people.
Positive Personality Traits: Likes helping those she can, enjoys meeting new people, responsible, curious, confident in her abilities, cheeky, frisky, snarky, compassionate, hard to intimidate, strong-willed.
Negative Personality Traits: Horrible at small talk and lengthy conversations. Does not trust others easily. Gets bored easily, can be a bit of a show-off for certain things, stubborn, sometimes a bit flirtatious. Needs to keep busy to help remedy her boredom.
Eccentricities/Characteristic Gestures:
  1. Speaks her mind (may or may not be a good thing).
  2. Does not like large crowds, as it makes it difficult for her to understand people.

Temperament: Generally very calm and laid-back when not fighting.
Method of Handling Anger or Rage (Repress, throw things, etc):
Admirable Traits:
  1. observant
  2. Aids locals, no matter their race (so long as she is compensated in some way).
  3. Has some manners.
Negative Traits:
  1. May not always tell the truth (usually in regards to her emotions, though it may be difficult to tell IC).
  2. Somewhat of a Workaholic
  3. Does not trust others easily
Bad Habits/Vices:
  1. Does not speak about her emotions well.
  1. Garleans
Pet Peeves and Gripes:
  1. People that “Judge a book by it's cover”
  2. People that think Au Ra are dragons or that Xaela are tribal beasts
Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrassed:
  1. Feeling like she failed at something (includes dates, conversations, etc.)
  2. Coming across someone better at something she also does.
  1. Being useless
  2. Being a failure
  3. Heights via Dragoon jumps
Mental Disturbances:


Place of Residence: Nomadic
Place of Birth: Azim Steppe, Othard
Family Background/Lineage: She was born into the Oronir tribe and believes herself to be of the blood of their Sun god, Azim, as do all other Oronir.
Relatives: Mate - Vachir Oronir
Enemies: Garleans
Public Occupation: Hunter, tracker, and mercenary for hire
Secret Occupation:
Socioeconomic Class: Refugee
Mental Illness History: None
Free Company: Aldenard Leveworks
Possessions/In Her Bag:
Existing Conflicts: Learning to work alongside former Garleans
Duties and Obligations:
Significant Past Events:
Adventure Trigger:

How she and Vachir met: They were both in the same tribe. She paid little attention to him until he fought and won against another male in the tribe, of whom at the time she showed interest in, thus winning her over.


(... Backstory RP currently in progress, will update as it continues.)


Religion: Believes in the Dawn Father and Dusk Mother (Not the 12). As well as being a descendant of Azim, the god of the sun. Her beliefs are along the lines of Shamanism, omens, etc.

Patron Diety: Dawn Father/Dusk Mother/Azim/Azeyma

Adherence: Casual
Tolerance: Very tolerant
Expression of beliefs: Occasional
Converting others: Never
Religious Association: Not devoutly religious, but respects them.
Religious Role(s): None
Death & Mourning: After the period of mourning, she holds a feast with a special dish of rice, milk, sugar, and sultanas (golden raisins). Offerings of “white things” to those in mourning (milk tea, cheese, money)
Relationship Stance: Polyamorous
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Libido: Very Active
Sexual Expressiveness: Flirtatious, Playful
Sexual Expressive Style: Playful, Romantic
Openness to Sexual Experience: Adventurous
Promiscuousness:While she is polyamorous, she has to get to know someone before getting involved with them, and is always loyal to those she loves. She doesn't do random one-nighters.
Favorite Physical Attributes in Opposite Sex:
  1. Nice arms / Nice buttocks and hair
  2. smile
  3. eyes
  4. toned, muscular body
Attributes About Character that Turn on Opposite Sex:
  1. Being feisty
  2. talented hunter
  3. Nice, toned acrobatic figure
  4. honey-gold limbal rings
Sexual Turn-Ons:
  1. flirting
  2. nice sculpted arms
  3. People who know what they want
  4. eyes
  5. The "bad-boy" look/type
Sexual Turn-Offs:
  1. Arrogance
  2. the "hot-shot" type
  3. overly muscular
  4. weakness, whether emotionally or physically
Common Places to be Found
  1. Taverns
  2. Near water
  3. In good hunting areas


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Vachir Oronir



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