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Izanie Sri Daae


— Izanie —

Izanie Sri Daae of House Aequs, first of her name. Seer of the Realm. Priestess of Thavnair. Daughter of Radz-at-Han. Queen of Thieves and the Sea of Jade.

Birth name Izanie Sri Daae
Birthplace Radz-at-Han
Nationality Thavnairian
Race Viera
Clan Rava
Gender Female
Age Unknown (Looks Early Twenties)
Nameday 21st Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Deity Menphina, the Lover
Marital Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual
Occupation Pirate, Priestess/Healer, Dancer
Height 5'3"
Weight 135 ponze

General Information
Queen Izanie Sri Daae, also known as Iza and Iza Daae, is the younger sister of Kaiyah Sri Aequs and Rayleigh Cooper. Izanie is a Rava Viera who hails originally from Radz-at-Han located on the island of Thavnair until she left during her eighteenth spring. She has spent most of her teen and early adulthood traveling in her ship, the Trebor with a crew of 200 men and women. Her travels ended up bringing her to the shores of Eorzea where she later reunited with her siblings.
She has spent most of her time traveling between the Near and Far East as the Sea of Jade is where she is mostly spotted by the curious travelers. This is also includes porting often to repair her ship and trade with the Confederacy of the Ruby Sea, going wherever the call of adventure takes her.
She serves as a Combat Medic and Mercenary for the Maelstrom as a favor to the Admiral but has returned to the safe haven of the Ruby Sea in the recent events of war.
One of the many things that shocks both her enemies and those that have pursued the tales of the Pirate Queen has always been how she carries herself and her looks. Preserved by the ancient light and blessings of the Zodiac Braves, Izanie attained the power of immortality and beauty befitting her role as a Priestess. By her twenty-third spring, she would still have the youthful looks of eighteen.
Standing at 5'3, Iza's physique is very petite with slight curves for the seductive way she walks. Due to her daily training with her weapons master and her background as a dancer, she is able to move quickly in battle and has helped her maintain over-all body power and endurance. Her determination in battle allow her to have an unexpected bursts of strength.
Hair & Eyes
Izanie keeps her hair longer than the other women in her crew, sometimes keeping it in braided styles to keep from falling in her face while fighting. When meeting with government officials or persons of status, her hair braiding is more stylish and regal to show off her status. It takes at least 3 of her handmaidens to accomplish most of her looks. Iza's natural hair color is hidden beneath her constant want of dyeing her hair to be able to keep her identity a secret when she visits city states. She only wears her hair down when in the privacy of her cabin, on quiet nights on the deck of her ship or when she is trying to seduce a potential victim.
Her eyes are said to be a reddish brown color that turns a deep red in the heat of battle. When she smiles, if you are able to get that much out of her, her eyes glitter like rubies.
Markings & Tattoos
Iza is known for the beauty mark located on the right side of her upper lip and the large crescent moon tattoo on her Sternum which is only shown when she wears clothing thats too revealing.
Her body is covered with light scars from battles won which she wears just as proudly as her jewels.
Hygiene & Attire
Though she spends majority of her time on the seas and with her crew, Iza takes great pride in maintaining a clean and proper appearance as befitting her station as Queen. On land, she wears alot of Eastern clothing made of silk sometimes dark or gold colored. When she is aboard her ship she is known to have several Thavnairian Boleros in different colors in her trunk as they are easy to move and fight in.
When the occasion calls for it, she will wear her Bustier or she wears a cream colored sleeveless one-piece dress with the bottom similar to a sarong, a matching waist length veil which widens and spreads below her shoulders and gold sandals. Her jewelry would consists of gold bracelets, ankle bracelets, armbands and brooch.
This section is mostly intended for reading pleasure and for the Player’s own reference. Please bear this in mind! While there are a very select few instances in which players might insert their characters into past events (where they were not actually present previously), all such ideas should be discussed before implementation. Doing so without prior discussion and agreement is considered metagaming, and will be met with a cut in roleplay and possibly communications.
Izanie's childhood was very innocent for a time. Growing up on Thavnair with her siblings there was a lot to do on the island. Learning to fish, to dance, the lessons taught by her tutors, these things even though it meant little to others was the basis of who she is now. Her siblings left for Eorzea long before Izanie grew into the woman she is today. House Aequs has always been one of the most ancient and powerful families on the island and has always had a seat at anything political for the good of Thavnair. When the Garleans came for a treaty between them and the nobles that controlled Thavanir's government it was revealed in that meeting that Izanie was gifted in healing and was able to see visions of the past, present and future events. Izanie spent the remainder of childhood left to her practicing her gifts and without it being painfully obvious, used by the Garleans in predicting future battles. There were rumors about an arranged marriage between her and a high ranking Garlean most likely to be the crowned prince himself but never confirmed.
Becoming The Priestess
There is a legend that all Thavnairians and Hannish know of and that is the legend of the Zodiac Braves. The theory is that the Braves collected light to their weapons to fight against their enemies. Another theory is that the light that was collected was the souls of the slain foes they swore to protect the people against. Each soul was either of the light or of the darkness. There couldn't be one without the other. The role of the Zodiac Priestess is to be the source of the balance. There is a good and bad side to each girl named Priestess and she spends her whole life having to keep the side she chooses in check.

Izanie was chosen out of 12 other girls to become the Zodiac Priestess. Each girl represented one of the twelve Atmas:

   Atma of the Ram (Aries)
   Atma of the Bull (Taurus)
   Atma of the Twins (Gemini)
   Atma of the Crab (Cancer)
   Atma of the Lion (Leo)
   Atma of the Maiden (Virgo)
   Atma of the Scales (Libra)
   Atma of the Scorpion (Scorpio)
   Atma of the Archer (Sagittarius)
   Atma of the Goat (Capricorn)
   Atma of the Water-bearer (Aquarius)
   Atma of the Fish (Pisces) 

Iza was the Atma of the Bull. She was chosen to be the Priestess due to the connection with her Atma and the gift she's had since birth of healing and sight. Normally that would make her all knowing if she knew how to control her visions but she doesn't acquire the skill to do so. Her becoming the Priestess was a good thing for her people but also put a target on her back with the Garleans. Iza is called upon numerous times to lend her gift of sight to them.

Thavnair has always had a very limited amount of outward military presence but when one would see any it would be through the active treaty with the nobles of Thavnair. Izanie noticed from a very young age how influential the Garleans were on the island. It became much clearer when the acting Legatus would frequently visit that they were always going to be an active presence on the island. Her rebellious streak started there and instead of diverting the Legatus's attention elsewhere it only made him that more aware of her presences. In the years that followed, Iza watched the Garleans bully, punish and take advantage of her people which only fulled her hatred. After her sister, Kaiyah warned her that her lashing out would only direct the empire's rage on the people, not her.
Signing of the Treaty
Against the better wishes of her father and a few opposing nobles, the city-state successfully forged a non-interference treaty with the Garlean Empire with a few exceptions that allowed Garlean presence to continue on the island. The treaty was meant to secure the independence of Thavnair as well as create an active trade for the Garleans as they were cut off from supplies to Eorzea after the failed invasion a few years prior.
The decision was not received well by Iza's family but after being out voted there was little that her family could do as her father always reminded her, to trust a Garlean was to sign a death warrant. Iza begun to throw her weight around as the Zodiac Priestess to maintain some order and have a say in the decisions that concerned the people. In exchange for these things she would have to always provide her gift of sight whenever called upon.

Early Teens
Her teens were the highlight of her life on Thavnair. She begun to be a public figure among her people and was well respected by the Garleans. As Iza grew and became more beautiful, the more attention she received from the acting Legatus and his personal guard. It was no secret that she was the most desired woman in the city-state. Between her fifteenth and seventeenth spring, Izanie watched over the land of Thavnair and those who traveled to it from distant places. She saw the coming of the White Wolf of Ishgard and the fall of the Legatus before they occurred. The true intentions of the Empire were made clear during this time and it forced her to come to a decision that would change her life forever.  
True Intentions of the Empire
[Section may contain spoilers]
During the early spring of her eighteenth year, Izanie was summoned to a private meeting with the High Legatus at the time, Varis yae Galvus. Varis came to Thavnair to meet the Seer of the Realm and get council from her. To Izanie, he came off militant, cold, and stoic, yet determined and charismatic. When questioned out right about his conquests and intentions for Eorzea, Varis believes his actions are just as he is willing to kill all beastmen to remove primals from the realm. He follows a "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" creed, stating that the condition of Eorzea and its people are of little consequence to the fate of the entire world in the quest to remove or bind eikons. He aims to restore the world to what it originally was, freeing the people of their differences to unite them.
Iza being as intelligent as she is was able to go back and forth with the Legatus and even caught him in a lie. Varis reveals his true goals are more closely aligned with the Ascians, wishing to invoke the Rejoining to restore mankind as one true perfect race devoid of differences. He believes these differences between races are what sprout feelings of distrust and hate. The revelation of his intentions and the fact that this man would one day rule as Emperor made one thing painfully clear to Izanie: Thavnair would one day lose it's independence and so would she.. The treaty the city-state worked to push through would fall under the empire one day if they were ever able to conquer Eorzea.
Leaving Thavnair
Her mind to leave Thavnair was made up when the Legatus offered his only son, Zenos as a husband. The one thing Iza feared more than her actual power was being a pawn for the empire. She heard the rumors of the monstrous things he'd done to servants and the idea of being his wife was a more frightening thought than anything. Taking only her coinpurse and some food, Izanie left Radz-at-Han in the middle of the night. It's unknown if she left a letter or told her parents where she was headed. Her main concern was the gift of sight and the power of the Zodiac Braves falling into the hands of the empire. She would be a danger to herself and the realm if she stayed. Thavnair being the large island it was leaving proved to be very difficult.
Surviving Alone
Izanie's biggest issue was finding a way off the island. She had no boat and not enough money to buy a cabin on an outgoing boat. When the news of her disappearance reached the ears of Garlemald the High Legatus demanded that search check points be made on each ship setting out the island. Iza was forced to go deep into the native jungles to live and figure a way out. In the midsts of living in the jungle, Iza gets attacked by a large animal and is saved by three coeurls who, for reasons still unknown to her, basically adopt her as one of their own. She spent weeks living with and learning to tame the coeurls, even going as far as naming them. If it had not been for the presence of the Garleans, she would have stayed there with her coeurls but she knew that wasn't possible.
On one of the occasions when she would walk on one of the beaches, she came across a hunter for hire named Akira Cross. He was originally hired to hunt and bring Iza back alive but after seeing her appearance and the three beasts who were determined to protect her, Akira decided to sneak her into one of the pubs on the way to town and get her a proper meal. It didn't take long for Akira to make a choice in helping her but he was more concerned about no matter where she went there would always be danger and someone who would drag her back to Thavnair. He tells her the only way she would be able to live is always on the move and what better place to do that then on the sea.
Akira begun to tell her the legend of a Pirate King known as Mistbeard who controlled the Five Seas and unified several pirate bands under his flagship, the Haar. The deeds and legends of Mistbeard made him immortal and feared. Akira told Izanie she had to make a choice. Live in fear or be feared.
Finding a Crew
After about 2 months of living in the native jungles, Iza was finally able to find a way to sneak on a ship with Akira's help, though he complained about her want to bring three growing coeurls with her they managed to do it. The main objective was to find a boat and hire a crew. Izanie wasn't too sure about the idea of piracy but if she took from them and gave to those that didn't have as Akira put it then it wouldn't be as harsh as keeping it all for herself. Over the course of weeks, in between physical training with Akira and learning how to use her coeurls in a fight, they looked for a crew. Against Akira's advice she wanted a crew of men and women. Who better, she thought, then the best sellswords and pirates of Limsa Lominsa?

Iza sailed to Limsa and met with Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn. After a week of negotiations and promises of secrecy, Merlwyb agreed to give her a crew of 25 skilled fighters made up of men and women as per Iza's request. Believing that Iza's cause would actually bare fruit, Merlwyb also made her swear her crew to aid Limsa in times of danger to which Iza agreed. The leader of the crew given to her was named Gahlin and he had no intention of following any orders given to him by Izanie. Akira asked for Iza to allow him to duel Gahlin for submission. Izanie declined his request over 13 times.

After commissioning a Shipwright to build her flagship, Trebor to hold more than 200 people, before she allowed the crew to board her ship Iza herself challenged Gahlin to the traditional pirate duel for control of the crew as was her right. Iza defeated Gahlin and gave him the choice to pledge loyalty or die. Gahlin at first refused but after his crew made the choice to follow the Captain who earned their respect, he had no choice but to also follow suit. As they set sail, Iza named Akira her first mate and bodyguard. He then swore to follow and make sure that her legend would be greater than Mistbeard's.
Queen of Thieves
Izanie and her crew set sail across the Five Seas, the Sea of Jade being her main domain. Having captured and stolen hundreds from hundreds of pirate and trade ships, her name and deeds became something to be feared and respected. She won the love of islands and cities she visited, handing riches to the poor and making alliances with leaders. Her crew of 25 grew to over 200 men and women from all across Eorzea. Under her flagship sailed two more ships she had captured from the Garleans. She was crowned the Pirate Queen just as Akira promised he would deliver to her but it wasn't the title she wanted. In a speech given to her crew she told them that though the world sees them as pirates that's not what she sees:

"Every Captain that has ever lived sweared that their crew was the best that ever sailed the Five Seas. They never met mine. They never fought with mine. I have been told all my life who I was to be and what I am. The same could be said for all of you! We have been shunned, labeled and feared. You followed behind me to achieve a mission. To be the greatest crew to sail these seas and liberate what the Garleans took! I am not a Pirate Queen. We will not follow in Mistbeard's footsteps. WE will be greater than him. We steal from those that tolerate Garlemald and give it back to the people. If I am to wear the title of Queen, I will be the Queen of the greatest band of Thieves to ever set sail! I am Izanie Sri Daae, first of my name, Seer of the Realm and Zodiac Priestess of Thavnair. Daughter of Radz-at-Han and from this day forward YOUR Queen of Thieves and of the Sea of Jade! I will ask more of you than any Captain has asked of his crew. Will you ride these seas with me and give back to the people? Will you kill my enemies and strike fear into their hearts? You have given me the Sea of Jade...Will you give me all of the Seas?! Will you ride with me? From this day, until our last day, now and always?!

Needless to say, they agreed to follow their Queen.

Recent Events
Coming Soon.
Izanie is portrayed as a kind, wise, compassionate, spiritual, and intelligent woman displaying strong maternal characteristics who exhibits a selfless concern for the well being of others. She is fiercely loyal and her bravery is what earned her the respect of her crew. When pushed to her limits and tested, Iza sometimes tends to slip into an alternate and more colder personality and known to have a very short temper in which pushes her to very cruel to her victims.
Iza is solicitous about the welfare of her family members and those around her, especially her subjects who would give their lives for her and vice versa.
Children: Although she has her siblings, Izanie always wanted to have a family of her own and settle down from her every day life as a pirate atleast. Whenever she stops into a village or citystate, she can always be found helping or playing with children during her free time. She hates crimes against children and is extremely violent to those that do them harm.
Ocean: The sound, the smell, the power of the ocean calls Iza to it. No matter where she ends up she can always be spotted by a body of water, looking out over the ocean.
Wayfinding: Before her own ship, Izanie had a double-hulled canoe with a group of 6 men, one of who taught her navigation with the stars and how the birds over head flew. After going from apprentice to Master, she used the skill of wayfinding to outsmart her enemies and remain out of sight.
Fruits: One of the main things that Iza eats when sailing is apples, mangos, Han Lemons and pineapples.
Books: She reads a lot, mostly books about legends, fairy tales and historical events.
Rain: On most nights when she can't sleep, Izanie will sit in the berth with some of her crew and listen to the rain.
Clear Skies
Dance: Izanie has a love for roaring fires and a deep drum beat, and is able to keep a rhythm that compliments both of them. She moves easily through the steps, but believes there is not an incorrect way to appreciate music through movement. When she is undercover, she would dance for nobles and wealthy men while her crew steals her riches.
Liars: The quickest way to piss Izanie off is by lying to her. The fact that she can feel when a person is lying is one of the major reasons why the people around her are more quick to tell her things before she finds out for herself.
Being Woken Up: Iza is not a morning person. Being forced out of her sleep state or frightened out of her sleep is not the best way to wake up in the morning for her. It is always in the best interest and safety of others to let her wake up on her own. She becomes extremely violent otherwise.
Crowds: Being stuck in a crowd of people messes with Izanie's mental and causes sudden waves of sickness. Her sensitivity to sounds and people's emotions are the main causes of such things. If she is able to avoid it, she will send one of her people on errands or to carry out a job.
Selfishness & Disloyalty: Izanie is quoted to always say "I belong to those who belong to me" which is her way of putting the cares and needs of those around her first. She hates those that do things for their own selfish gain and will quickly dissociate herself from the parties involved.
Favorite Food & Drinks
Popoto Soba: (Food) Buckwheat noodles steeped in savory broth and topped with a starchy paste created by grinding a raw mountain popoto.
Crab Croquette: (Food) Rich, buttery crab legs blended with fluffy mashed vegetables, rolled into a ball, covered in bread crumbs, slathered in a sweet sauce.
Miso Soup with Tofu: (Food) A Far Eastern Staple, often eaten multiple times a day, this soup is made by mixing miso paste with light fish stock. Bite-sized cubes of tofu are added near the end of preparation to ensure the pieces retain their shape.
Shorlog: (Food) Heavily spiced dzo meat charred to perfection over an open flame. Common fare amongst the nomadic steppe tribes.
Cockatrice Meatballs: (Food) Ground lean cockatrice meat hand rolled into bite-sized balls and fried in oil.
Tempura Platter: (Food) A selection of seafood and vegetables dipped in batter and lightly fried in oil. A Hingan delicacy.
Fish Stew: (Food) A salty broth containing balls of finely ground fish paste. A common dish in Far Eastern coastal settlements.
Sauteed Coeurl: Lean coeurl meat sauteed in creamy butter and a strong red wine to mask the gamy flavor.
La Noscean Toast: A slice of bread soaked in a mixture of buffalo milk and eggs, and then fried in creamy butter. A specialty at the Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa.
Cornbread: A fluffy yellow bread made from cornmeal. A specialty at the Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa.
Aldgoat Steak: A traditional dish of the Highland Hyur consisting of a thick cut of aldgoat chuck charred over an open flame.
Mashed Popotoes: Boiled popotoes, mashed into a smooth, creamy paste. This dish, originating in the New World, is best with a generous dollop of salty butter.


Doman Tea: An after-supper beverage naturally sweetened with dried persimmons. Widely popular in the Far East.
Doman Sake
Frozen Spirits: A cool concoction made by fermenting cloud bananas and Old World figs, freezing them with ice crystals, then mashing and mixing the fruit into a slush-like consistency.
Rolanberry Lassi: A sweet and tangy drink made from cultured milk. Popular in the Near Eastern city-state of Radz-at-Han for its ability to soothe the burn of the heavily spiced dishes.
Mint Lassi: A cool and refreshing drink made from cultured milk. Popular in the Near Eastern city-state of Radz-at-Han for its ability to offset the blistering heat of the Thavnairian midday sun.
Hot Chocolate
Spiced Cider
Steppe Tea
Social Intelligence
Self Regulation
Callous: Only in front of strangers.
Haunted Places
Not Being Able to Escape
Being Controlled
She is known to be soft-spoken in private or around people she cares about. Her crew only know her to have a loud, booming voice when addressing them and giving orders. She is known to sing very well during the late nights of sailing while helping the crew fall asleep.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Spiritually, Izanie is known for preaching her beliefs in the nature of fate and destiny, whether its through following her visions or remaining committed as the Priestess of Thavnair. She stands by the legends of the Zodiac Braves and the teachings given to her. Though she believes in Hydaelyn, she is hesitant to serve her as she has seen past visions of the Warriors of Light before her, she chooses to have a neutral stance in everything.
Iza carries herself in a regal and mysterious way. She is most of the time more logic-based and acts quite cynical.
Skills: Combat
After a few years of being on the seas, Magicks was no longer enough for Iza. She need to protect and defend herself and those around her. During her training and many battles, Izanie became a shrewd tactician. She’s used to leading people, gives short orders during the fight and expects people to obey without discussing. She will always take her time to explain new situations to a fresh warrior and will never leave them alone, sharing what she knows to avoid unnecessary troubles. She’s a fast learner and uses sounds and scents as well as her intuition to make her next moves.
Combat Relevant Skills
High|Mastery: Two-handed Weapons, Healing
Expert|Above Average: Tracking, One-handed blades
Average: Brawling
Low: Spears/Archery

Skills: Non-Combat
Non-Combat Relevant Skills
Weaver, Carpenter & Goldsmith: One of the main things Izanie does on her free time is do maintainance on her ship when its ported but also making unique clothing and jewelry for her crew usually from things they took from other ships.
Survivalist: When she left Thavnair and continued to stay under the radar from the Empire, survival skills were forced to be learned in order to live.
Hunter: A lifetime of traveling different places required learning ways to get food when there were no resources. Fishing was a main use of accomplishing this.
Hawkeye: Because her ship could be spotted and attacked at anytime, Izanie was taught by her first mate to keep an eye open during slumber, and to stay vigilant for minute details even when all was calm.
IC Miscellaneous
On Hand Inventory
These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.
Coinpurse: Izanie keeps two coinpurses on her person, each one holding a few hundred gil. Enough to buy food or clothing if needed on the go but all of her money is kept elsewhere.
Worn Leather Satchel: Dark russet brown and weathered, this bag has certainly seen better days. When venturing away from her ship, or out and about on business, she always keeps the small bag attached to her hip.
Flask: A small, silver flask that bears the insignia of the coeurl. It is dented and scratched in several places. Iza always has some form on liquor on hand. Her flask is often topped with whiskey [sometimes water] and finds placement on her belt when travelling or nestled within her bolero at times when attire does not warrant it.
Linkpearls: Izanie's first mate, Akira likes to be able to keep in contact with her at all times whether she is next to him or otherwise. Her company pearl is almost always affixed just behind her ear on a small, looped wire frame that allows her to swing it directly over her ear when needed. Additionally, she keeps her own personal linkpearls on hand in addition to those she has been given.
Rope: [Satchel] Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. Five meters of thickly woven rope, fastened in a small bundle. Enough to secure your average man or woman, or scale a small building
Dried Meat Rations: [Satchel] For those times on the go, a small wrapped package of salted dried beef is kept aside for times of need; be it for another or herself.
Hunting Knife: [Boot] A hard leather casing sewn into the lining of her two most commonly worn boots (thigh-high and knee-height) acts as a sheath for the sharpened hunting knife concealed within. Emergencies only.

While Iza was running for her life in the jungles of the Near East she was found by three of the most dangerous creatures there while injured. Not yet grown to full adulthood the reasons why the three Coeurls spared her is a mystery in itself and one Iza herself does not question. At full adulthood these particular Coeurls grew to the size of full grown elephants which were unusual for their species. They begin to warm up to the young Queen and in their own ways protect her in her travels especially from strangers. While on land, Iza is more comfortable traveling on their backs then on horses.

Juli (Coeurl): [2/3] Juli is the second born of the three and he is the most calm under situations of battles. His fur is the basic light brown color of all Coeurls. Though he is loyal to Iza, he is the personal mount of her mentor and first mate, Akira.
Kaido (Coeurl): [1/3] Kaido stands out from his other two brothers by his black fur and red highlighting on his claws and large whiskers. Kaido had a very bad rebellious streak in the beginning of Iza's tours on the sea. He killed her enemies and also killed innocents. There is a point where Kaido refuses to acknowledge his master after being chained at the bottom of Iza's main ship and does not eat. Upon the battle at the Ruby Sea against some Garlean envoys, Kaido breaks free of his chains and joins his brothers in battle.
Achi (Coeurl): [3/3] Achi is the youngest of the three and the one with the most personality. His fur color is a light red and is told to be Kaido's headache since he sometimes nips at him for his older brother's attention.
Family Attraction Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Fenrir Iceblood, relationship: ( ) - The Black Wolf of Ishgard.
Character's Thoughts: "I believe you can love someone and be loved in return. The thought of something so much more powerful coming off of a man like him frightens me. It calls for a submission I don't want to hand anyone. I won't submit to it. Not without a proper fight."
Fenrir Iceblood, The Black Wolf of Ishgard, Leader of the Knights of the Round is .
Nationality: Ishgardian
● During one of his many battles he lost the use of one of his eyes.
Past Events
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Akira Cross, relationship: ( ) - First Mate.
Character's Thoughts: "I've been a pirate for some years and a Queen just as long. If there is one person aboard my ship that I trust without hesitation it is Akira. Without him, I would have no crown."
Akira Cross is probably one of the most dangerous men aboard Izanie's ship and the most loyal. He was a hunter for hire when he found Izanie just off the shores of Thavnair and helped her escape the prying eyes of the empire. Since then he has been a mentor, friend and brother teaching her the ways of piracy, wayfinding and combat.
Their relationship started off very rocky as when Izanie left Thavnair she trusted no one. Akira comes off arrogant and a bit of an asshole at first but as he grows to care for Iza, his true nature under the hard exterior starts to show. Only for and in front of Iza.
Akira is also the one who pushed Izanie to aim for the title of Queen of Thieves based off the success and stories of the Pirate King Mistbeard. It would make her powerful in the eyes of her enemies and provide her with the protection she needed from the Empire.
● Has a Falcon named Flint.
● Tattoos cover him from neck to waist.
Nationality: Ala Mhigan
● To see the end of the Empire in the name of his Queen.
● "How do ya want to be remembered? As a weak woman who knew everything an' was used? Or as a Queen who took what she wanted an' made men fall to their knees at her presence?"
● "Yer a strong lass. I can mek ya stronger. There won't be a man walkin' that ya can't kill when I'm finished with ya."
● "Til' the seas dry."
Past Events
Cherine Wltra, relationship: ( ) - First Lady.
Character's Thoughts: "A woman after my own heart. She reminds me of Kaiyah. She takes care of me and makes sure that although I am surrounded by men I retain the qualities that makes me who I am."
Cherine Wltra is the head Lady-in-waiting in Izanie's Queen's guard. She is in charge of the women who attends on Iza and just like Akira, she can always be spotted by her side. Iza's draw to Cherine has to do with the similar qualities that she shares with Iza's older sister, Kaiyah.
Cherine has training in melee combat and is also a similar to a bodyguard for Iza when Akira is not around. They were introduced to each other by Akira himself due to her willingness to protect the young queen. When Iza is quick to lose her temper and dish out harsh punishments it is Cherine who keeps her leveled to think most decisions through. It has been said multiple times that if Cherine were not at her side, Izanie would be known to be much more cruel and unfair.
Past Events


Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"I heard that pirate Queen is ruthless. One time she executed an entire Garlean family for one man. Not that I'm complaining but she even killed the children!"
"She's a real beauty I heard. I rarely seen a Viera but for someone so young she knows how to grab the attention of anyone looking."
"She's cut throat, ya hear?! Let me tell ya I seen the women fight! Ten on one! She fought like she was dancing an' she had this smile on her face. Enjoyed the thrill that she did! If it wasn't so beautiful I'd be scared out my wits!"
"Ya know why they call her Blackblood? In the middle of a fight one time a man did cut her. Her blood wasn't red. It was black like her soul if you believe how some tell it."

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I've heard tales of that woman. The one they call the Queen of Thieves? I've heard that she is engaged to the crown prince. She's a garlean sympathizer and she doesn't care about anyone but herself. Selfish woman. She's just as bad and I wouldn't trust her."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Coming Soon."


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.
The following documents are of Izanie's journeys and past experiences with RP partners and NPCs for reading and study pleasure only. Names and races of certain PCs maybe changed at the request of RP partners.
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Character's Thoughts: " ."

Player Information
Player Note
Hello and welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read through my character's lengthy wiki page without hanging yourself. Though Izanie is my character I have also adapted the name Izanie for my online handle and pseudonym. I am a writer on my downtime and have been roleplaying for a very long time.
My current work schedule gives me flexible time to play FFXIV and roleplay whenever. I won't spoil anything with my OOC information below are a few useful bits of information regarding my own RP that will make for a more streamlined experience.
I mostly prefer Discord for more long term Roleplay but if you happen to find me in game and send a tell thats also alright.
Please keep in mind, the below is a reflection of how I choose to roleplay and is not in any way a judgement of other people's play-styles and preferences.

I like to think of myself as a Heavy Roleplayer and will always put IC choices, words, thoughts and behaviors first. Every path Izanie takes results in the most natural action/reaction for her at the time. In Game, Walk-Ups/Tells are always loved and encouraged - Izanie is very social at times, so please don't be hesitant to approach. I generally RP in public channels (/say, /yell, /em), but also sometimes use /tell for certain narrative elements such as whispering. I will always emote what I am doing so to avoid confusion. When it comes to Combat, I'm comfortable with freeform, rolls, talking things out beforehand to decide who would realistically win, or just about anything else. I try to find that balance between overreacting and under-reacting in line with Izanie's IC personality. Injuries come and go, but I personally prefer to go that little further with the RP surrounding it.
I'm very cautious about my character being involved in romantic plots and ERP due to her personality as a whole. Flirting is fine of course however anything else most likely not going to happen but if that's something you want with Izanie you should let me know as our story together develops.

There needs to be a VERY clear separation between IC and OOC at all times. Izanie the Queen might end up disliking your character or other emotions but she and I do not share the same thoughts and feelings. She is my other half but not me entirely. Requests for RP are loved immensely (please don't be afraid to shoot me a tell in game or message me on Discord and ask if I am free to do so) and I will do my best to accommodate you as much as IC will allow, but poor reactions to unavailability and designation of time are unwelcome. I choose to spend my time with you (and I love doing so) but it is not an entitlement.

Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone (EST)
Server: Leviathan/Balmung (Will log into Balmung when asked)
Discord: Izanie Sri Daae#6771
Location: Mist - Ward 14, Plot 4 (On Leviathan)

For the sake of making sure that everyone is on the same page and no one gets uncomfortable here is a list of my preferences:
Do: All RP themes from the dark, serious, and mature (violence, sexuality, torture, murder, drug / alcohol use, etc.) to the light-hearted, humorous, and cheerful. I enjoy balance. Awesome dramatic plots. Heavy, feels-ridden plots. Elaborate, grand-scale, long-term plots. One-shot plots. Personal and private plots. Subterfuge and hidden plots. Serious injury. Temporary injury and incapacitation of mind or body. Temporary captivity or imprisonment. Combat. Ambushes. Assassination attempts. Rivalries. Deep platonic friendships. Romantic tension. Sexual tension. Coarse language.
Ask: Mutilation, Permanent-scarring, Permanent changing of characters personality/look, long term imprisonment.
Don't: Permanent Death, Loss of Limbs, Rape, Child-play, Nonsensical E-RP, One-day instant-romances, Necrophilia, Ridiculous Lore-Breaking RP.
Locale & Probability
Places where Iza can most likely be found.
Limsa Lominsa - The Drowning Wench: High Probability
Mist Residential Area: High Probability
Ul'dah: High Probability
Kugane: High Probability
The Ruby Sea: Extremely High Probability
The Azim Steppe: Moderate Probability
Yanxia: Moderate Probability
Gridania: Moderate-low Probability
Ishgard: Extremely Low Probability
Potential Plot Hooks
Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell or message on my discord so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. I'm always looking for RP, unless I'm actively spamming PvE content.
Garlean Hatred/Intel: Iza will try to hunt and kill the Garleans she comes across. Because of the Thavnairian involvement and treaty with them, she aims to see them wholly eradicated.
Fighting with/for other factions: Everyone needs help with battles and what not. Iza will always be willing to lend her men and self for battles...for the right price of course.
Meetings with other royals or lords: A queen needs allies and supporters especially when her kingdom is on the seas. When her men need to port on land for supplies, women and foods, Iza believes it's best to do those things on territories that are safe for her and her people.
Character Lore Adherance
Izanie's base characteristics and background comes from a short story/novel. I wrote 6 years ago and never finished. I've taken certain events and traits from her story and mixed it in to the world of Eorzea since I spend 90% of my time here anyway. Her name of course was different but I was finally able to come up with the proper lore, roleplay and character setup that is Queen Izanie Sri Daae.
My Roleplay Style
Paragraphs & Quotation Marks: I'm a writer. I like to set a scene, telling a narrative as I write especially if we are writing in Discord. Please don't fret if it takes me a little longer for those additional lines. Whilst I can, and do, cut down the size of my posts for public interaction and large gatherings, I am most comfortable with and immensely appreciative of being able to offer what I feel like is my personal 'best'. I welcome interactions with other paragraph writers, but do not begrudge those whom choose to write alternatively. In Game: Additionally, I tend to write everything in "Say" with the use of quotation marks. I may use /em if the action is completely free of speech, but for the most part everything I write will be done in say. I apologize if this gets confusing.
Heavy Roleplay: Descriptive. Immersion-based. Growth through interaction. Relative to Lore. Beyond mechanics. Izanie is shaped by the world around her, by the people she interacts with and the trials she undergoes. Her story and outlook is progressive, an ongoing expression of action and reaction that is tracked and developed over time. I enjoy expressing her character beyond words and rely heavily on emotes, however basic they may be. I abide by lore where possible, adhering to set examples of what is and what is not possible. Where there is no lore, I am open to reasonable flavor.
Communication and Consent: It's very important. I promise I don't bite! If there is something you are unsure of, uncomfortable with, or personal preferences (this includes the desire to fade-to-black on mature/sexual content) please let me know as it comes up. Izanie is a mature-themed character. I am more than happy to accommodate your roleplay preferences OOCly, or provide an IC 'out' within reason but I cannot know of any issues you take if you do not let me know.
Immersion: I am not above speaking OOCly (it happens often, trust me!) but there are times when I'll be completely in the zone as far as RP is concerned and any OOC presence will silence unless needed. I love talking and chatting, but I tend to avoid OOC contact where possible when engaged in serious/heavy roleplay to allow for the better channeling of imagination and reaction. OOC linkshells and FC Chat are not turned on in my "RP tab" - please don't think I'm ignoring you, it's not intentional!