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Izhar'a Noukai

- - -  » Druidic Vagrant «  - - -




¦ BIRTH NAME... Noukai, Izhar'a 'Anui'


¦ CURRENT ALIAS... Izrikairin Rish.

¦ RACE & CLAN... Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon.

¦ GENDER... Male.

¦ HEIGHT & BUILD... 5 fulms, 2ilms. Leptosome.

¦ AGE & NAMEDAY... Mid twenties. Unknown.

¦ ORIENTATION... Bisexual.



¦ CLAN... Noukai.

¦ RESIDENCE... Unknown.



¦ PATRON DEITY... The Gods of the Noukai.

¦ OCCUPATION... Jack of all Trades.

¦ MEANS OF TRAVEL... By foot.

¦ TUMBLR... Arhesi Not IC

¦ THEME SONG... Hellblade, Fields

¦ ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Good.


"Irsh ana ven ak nahs enihi."


Short, scruffy and generally haggard looking, Izhar'a's appearance is a far cry from inviting. Dark blue-gray hair looks as if he cut it himself as it sticks out at horribly odd angles and his personal hygiene holds room for improvement. His dark skin is often decorated with the dried stains of mud and blood, finished off with the odd bruise or scrape here and there.
The Miqo'te's eyes are differing colors; the right a pale blue and the left a bright silver. Though it was not always so. The old scar that runs over the pale blue orb hints at an accident long past, rendering the young man half blind.
His tail is short and tipped at the end in a tuft of dark fur and highly animated. Telling his mood from the movements of ears and tail would be far quicker than reading the expressions that ever flit across his sunken features. Though his smile is often wide and welcoming, the accompanying sharp fangs somewhat lessen the warmth. Coupled still with his over enthusiastic manner, not many will stay around for prolonged conversation, opting to place themselves a safe distance from the estranged Keeper and his unsettling presence.
Iz's voice is a touch raspy, akin to the sound of one having just overcome a nasty cough. Though his Eorzean is fluent, he has an incredibly lazy way of speaking that loses much in the way of annunciation in favor of speed, making it very hard to keep up or indeed hear what he is trying to say. Most seem to attribute this as a version of Limsan dialect and the Keeper has, so far, let the assumption continue.
Occasionally, Izhar'a will break into words that are certainly not in the Eorzean tongue. Flowing and yet spoken with a peculiar harshness, no one really knows what this tongue is.
The Keeper's wardrobe consists mainly of furs and leathers. Some are worn, others relatively new, but all have the self-same handmade look to them. Throwing clothes together from things hunted and what he can trade for, Iz tends to make do with whatever he can piece together. Attached to this scruffy attire Iz commonly sports a heavy satchel and other trinkets; various vials clink as they hang from a long strap, filled with possibly dubious substances, bone charms rattle and oddly shaped pouches hand randomly from straps and belts.
He wears only two pieces of jewellery that do not count as ceremonial; a faintly glowing, ornate silver key on a long chain around his neck and plain silver cuffs in his ears.


The young male's face is decorated with symmetrical tattoos in black that hold significance to Izzy himself. They blend together with the birth markings on his cheeks, making it difficult to work out where one ends and the other begins. His back and shoulders are adorned with more black markings; hollowed circles that start over the shoulder-blades and draw in towards the spine where they become streaks of black that follow down towards the base of his tail. Such skin patterns are said to be synonymous with a certain old Keeper clan.
Besides the obvious slash over the blinded right eye, the Keeper sports a few other scars and injuries about his person. The most noticeable is the lack of pinky and ring finger of his left hand, reduced to little more than stubs where fingers should be. The second is the disfiguring scars of burns along his right arm, twisting and contorting the flesh. The last, though often hidden by clothing, is a near-fatal looking gash that slides around his left side from the edge of his abdomen to almost his spine.


Izzy's behaviour is highly sporadic. It can switch from something docile to something extremely violent as quick as a blink. His mind itself is known to be highly fractured due to some form of trauma in his past, the amount of different personalities that exist within his mind seem to be counted at a dozen on average, the information for such gathered from those he interacts with. Most often, he presents as incredibly cheerful and bouncy, with a little bit of inappropriate enthusiasm and is prone to doing things others probably would not. Though, as his mind is so in pieces, it really depends upon the situation he is in and who he is with. If one were to study his behaviour, they would most likely be there a very long time indeed. Only four individuals so far seem to hold knowledge of how he works as a whole, and their knowledge in itself has barely scratched the surface...
He doesn't seem to want for anything, possessing no apparent goals in life. He wanders the world to simply enjoy its many sights and wonders and, of course, its highly varied peoples. Though he once had a home in the Haven Lodge, it is no longer visited. After gaining an outstanding arrest warrant in Ul'dah, he has been highly elusive.
Izhar'a has very little care for the law of the city states. Shunning what they dictate as 'proper' for his way of living without so much as a second thought. Though part of him will adhere to some form of 'manners' when around those he counts among his friends, it is a rare thing. He finds the many constraints of civilisation amusing at best.


¦ Water.
¦ Petrichor.
¦ Sleeping in odd places.
¦ Singing. Badly.
¦ Raw meat.
¦ Exploring everything.


¦ Loud, obnoxious people and noises.
¦ Most vegetables.
¦ Too much physical contact.
¦ Small spaces.
¦ Doctors and medicines.


¦ Free-running.
¦ Fishing with his hands.
¦ Sleeping for days at a time.
¦ Hunting and gathering.
¦ Chasing insects.
¦ Divination.


¦ Contortion.
¦ High natural intuition.
¦ Quick to learn.
¦ Aetheric manipulation.


¦ Easily manipulated.
¦ Ethers.
¦ All things shiny.
¦ Lack of self-control.


¦ Empathy.
¦ Amusement.
¦ Affection
¦ Chaos.



The Miqo'te is usually feral in his approach to combat, having received very little training and going mostly on instinct. He will quite literally fight tooth and claw to win. Though he has shown some knowledge of Thaumaturgy, the use of it is scattered when fighting him, almost as if he forgets he is able to do such things. If highly angered, his body acts like an overcharged conduit, aether sparking from his skin. He appears to require no focus to wield these magics.
In the last year, his skills in both Thaumaturgy and combat have come on in leaps and bounds. On good days, he is known to wield a sword as deftly as almost any blademaster, but can still regress to his previous ways of fighting from certain stimuli. His aetheric strength is reasonably high, and if wielded properly he can use it to devastating effect.
That's.. when he remembers he can.
Izzy has recently learned to wield a bow, and though his aim is not all that great, it is passable.



Not much is known of 'Izrikairin's history before the point that he was taken in by a seafaring Hyur and his growing family. The man came to be counted as family. Inquiring of events before gains little insight, the topic seemingly infandous to the Keeper. From what is known, Izzy was apparently found seven years ago when the Hyur's ship sailed a trading venture to Thanalan, near death and attacking anything as if he were possessed. He was wounded- though not by them- and so stood no chance against the ships crew. He was brought in, treated, and was with them ever since until recent years.



While causing chaos in the streets of Ul'dah, Izhar'a was apprehended and taken in by one Razeiel Venaire in an attempt to both rebuild his broken mind and to take the threat of him away from innocents. The Poet made quite a deal of progress, but, when the Blades were betrayed from the inside out and an assassination was attempted on the Miqo'te, a lot of his stability was lost again.
He was found in Thanalan, near death, by one Zorai Naccal who nursed him back to health. His stability improved a little, but not by much. He resided for a time with her in what was then the Diablos Hunting Lodge, resting and becoming more calm as his mind finally began processing the experiences from the end of the Blades' chapter of his life. After a few months, he set out wandering once more, leaving the safety of the Diablos' home to travel Eorzea. Mostly because he felt trapped in and a growing burden to those around him.
And so it was that the young Miqo'te came across one Kylin Felstar, being drafted in to help the man with procuring artifacts. He took to living in a small house in the Goblet with a group of incredibly selective mercenaries. While with them, he honed his blade skills and has became once more a little stable in time. One particular piece of him fell head over heels for a young Keeper woman; Rhuya Moui. She accepted every part of him. They hardly left each other's side and even started a family together. With her help and that of her Clan, Izzy's research into the Noukai began. The two had taken to living together in the Shroud; Rhuya taking over from her mother as a Matriarch with Izhar'a as her mate and the clan shaman, bringing his odd traditions with him.
But such peace was not to last and the Keeper once more began to deteriorate. When outburst after outburst proved to be too much, Rhuya retreated to the depths of the Shroud, taking the infants with her, leaving Izzy and his dangerous unpredictability behind her. Torn and lost, he reverted further into his fractured state and lost what little sense of self-preservation he had recently gained. The Keeper turned to a more secluded life in the Shroud for a while before he began to venture back into society with a pull towards the darker side of life. He has been seen in the company of pirates, mercenaries and even those affiliated with a known Doman crime syndicate.
His last known whereabouts are hard to determine. The Keeper has outstanding warrants for arrest in Ul'dah, as well as another two from the Twin Adders. He has been spotted all over Eorzea, even as far as Dravania, making it extremely hard to track him down for any of his charges. It is suspected that there is a home under his name somewhere in the Lavender Beds, but catching him is like catching fog. The only clues as to which home may be his is that it is owned by a supposed healer and herbalist. Information as useful as bottled air.
Whether involved in unsavoury activities or something else, the Miqo'te has been recently frequenting both the Shroud and the fringes of Gyr Abania as if searching for something.

For details on either of these, please send an in-game tell!




The truthfulness, accuracy, and veracity of these rumors cannot be confirmed.

? Common Rumors - Easily overheard rumors to use freely.
¦ That kid? Yeah, seen 'im running around, runs errands for that ship- Windsinger- that appears now and then. Seems lovely." - Limsan Market Clerk
¦ "Huh? Him? Twelve. Tried havin' a conversation with 'im once, could scarce understand a word." - Limsan bar patron.
¦ "That creep!? I had him kicked out of the alley behind here! Scarin' off my patrons he was!" - Ul'dan merchant.
¦ "Hm...? Oh, I think I remember him.. he never sits still. Ever been around someone and they just... give you a weird feelin' and you wanna be gone? Yeah. That..." - Gridanian Adventurer

? Uncommon Rumors - Use sparingly.
¦ "Saw him once or twice. On errands. Nervous enough to make us think he was hiding something." - Twin Adder guard.
¦ "Seen him lurking the back ways... Shifty fellow. Probably do anything for a bit of coin. Seems the type." - Ul'dan citizen.
¦ "Don't go delving too deep with that one, some things are better left buried, aye? Polite conversation and leave him be, that's my advice." - Limsan barmaid.
? Rare Rumors - Sensitive rumors. Ask before using!
¦ "He's nice enough, definitely not all there though. Should be locked up if you ask me. I'm pretty certain it was him behind that body they found outside the city gates. All shriveled and... Eugh!" - Astute Chocokeep.
¦ "Someone told me he blew up a building once.. Left no one alive either..." - Wide-eyed Delivery Boy.
¦ "Careful with that one. Heard he's addicted to aether. Such things never end well." -Wary Thaumaturge.


New rumors welcome!

? Player Character Rumors - Anything PCs might gossip about.
¦ "W-well, it'd be an understatement to say he's eccentric, and not quite there half the time...but there's nobody on Eorzea I'd rather count among my friends." - Sirilai Ruon
¦ "Izzy.. What'cha wonna know bout brothertail! He is most super shiny brothertail who we like lots and lots and lots and lots and lots, ALSO we licked him once.. tasted of tha big bloo wet stuff which reminds us of that time we also licked Pina.. But we don remember much about tat one.. she didn't taste of the Bloo wet stuff.. Or did we lick brothertail more recently than Pina... HUH! what was ta question again?" - Zorai Naccal
¦"Don't scratch his ears." -- Rhuya Moui
¦"Izz? He is.... quite odd. But a delight to have around." - Khuja'to Tayuun

On the Noukai

The Noukai Clan


"An old Keeper legend, one so old that some have forgotten if it were a true tale or myth, tells of a tribe that lived outside our ways. Shunning Menphina to follow their own and as wild as the very forest itself. They were healers, spirit-callers and by all rights estranged. Some said they could heal even death- but that, I'm fairly certain is just foolish. Yet, as in touch with the forest as they were, the wood-talking Noukai seemed to nigh vanish over night. No one knows where, or how, and very few even knew how to find the cave they called home. But the trees whisper. And to those that listen? Some say that the Noukai aren't quite gone from us yet..."

Not much is known of the Noukai to those outside of the Keeper race. A reclusive clan that lived in small caves dotting the Eastern edges of the Xelphatoli mountains and North of the Velodyna river, they were seen only during mass gatherings or if a specialised healer was required.
Identified by their silver eyes, dark skin and skin patterns. The Noukai were incredibly skilled, ritualistic healers, favoring their own brand of work and trusting to their own Gods. Many clans shunned and in some cases feared them, but there were few who would deny the talent their shamans possessed.
The Noukai have not been seen or heard of since before the Calamity.

As this is my own Keeper clan, if you wish to have any connections or dealings with them, do come to me first! There is a great deal of lore and a working conlang for them. Thank you!

{Musical Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-Rj1GS9anA }

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Player Note
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Personal RP Limits
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Potential Plot Hooks
The following types of people may have heard of Izzy. These are just some suggestions. If you have other ideas, feel free to send a tell!
¦ Shipping workers and barkeeps of Limsa Lominsa.
¦ Members of the Twin Adders and Immortal Flames Grand Companies..
¦ Fellow thaumaturges and Keepers of the Moon.
¦ Anyone who researches Keeper clans past and present.
¦ Hunter-gatherers of the Shroud.
Izzy also practices divination. If you come across him, he might be able to read your fortune! ((I also do this OOCly, if you would like one for yourself also.))